WATCH: World’s Largest LEGO Millennium Falcon Used More Than 200,000 LEGO Bricks


When it comes to scaling, there are basically two ways in which LEGO master builders can make your jaw drop in amazement. Either have a super small but highly detailed MOC which is the path of least resistance obviously for practical reasons, or go massive with a build that is so impressive in size that people will just go crazy wanting them to be installed on their front yard.


Father and son LEGO master builders Dan and Chris Steininger opted to choose the narrow, but superfun path of coming up with a build that is surely hard to beat. Their choice of build? A 200,000-piece rendition of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy: the Millennium Falcon. In honor of the highly celebrated Star Wars Day, the father and son duo came up with this ambitious project together with the help from visitors of LEGOLAND Malaysia. The building process took approximately 30 working hours across a span of three days, not including the actual man hours exerted by the theme park’s visitors. According to Chris Steininger, “If you include all the man hours that the kids are putting in… there’s probably hundreds of hours going into this model.” Watch this.

This massive LEGO Millennium Falcon model was built using “four-times building bricks,” LEGO blocks that are four times the size of regular bricks and that have been assembled by visitors using regular blocks. Imagine scaling up a typical 2×4 brick 4 times its normal size. As a result, more than 200,000 bricks were used to build this one-of-a-kind model that measure 16 feet long and weighs at 500 kg. Impressive as it may look, this LEGO Millennium Falcon must grow larger if it wants to take the title of the largest Star Wars starship ever made using LEGO from its full-scale, 5.3 million pieces, X-Wing counterpart back in 2013.


According to Dan Steininger, a lot of iconic Star Wars starships and vehicles (such as the TIE Fighter and the Death Star) were considered for the project, but none of them truly resonated with the older and younger generation of Star Wars fans the way the Millennium Falcon does.  He explains, “Everybody likes the Millennium Falcon,” he explains. “I think the Millennium Falcon is iconic, not just for old people like me who saw the first movie when it came out, but now, in the latest movie, the Millennium Falcon plays a pretty pivotal role and so young kids will be able to connect to the Millennium Falcon as old kids like me can.”


In addition to viewing Dan and Chris’ LEGO Millennium Falcon, visitors of LEGOLAND Malaysia will also see two TIE Fighters replica made similarly from LEGO bricks, which will be built by the resort’s own Model Builders.



Source: Gizmag


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