Which LEGO Thor Minifigure Do You Like Better

In this episode of Minifigure Madness we look at the LEGO 2012 Thor vs. the 2014 Thor. The 2012 Thor minifigure was released in 3 sets and depicts the Thor from The Avengers movie. The 2014 Thor minifigure has so far been released in 1 sets and depicts the character from the Avengers Assemble TV show. Vote below on which one you like better:

LEGO Thor Minifigures

3 thoughts on “Which LEGO Thor Minifigure Do You Like Better”

  1. “The Avengers Thor” is better by far in my opinion, it’s decals and design overall is superior to the “Avengers Assemble Thor” and the colours on the “Avengers Assemble Thor” clash too much and is a massive turn off for me.

  2. Avengers Thor is better, but unfortunately, I was too late too get him. I do have the other Thor though and he is pretty cool.

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