Will These Minifigs Be The 2016 SDCC LEGO Exclusives?


Marvel fandom is now celebrating 75 years of Captain America, and with it comes a trove of controversies and revelations that surrounded the person of the ol’ red, white and blue superhero. It may no longer come as a surprise, albeit it may still have some shock value to some extent, that Marvel Comics came up with an earthshaking plot twist to the much revered comic book icon of patriotism. For almost a month, fans have struggled with the revelation that Captain America is, and has always been a Hydra Agent. Needless to say, most fans were not really happy or intrigued by this turn of events, but more of disgusted by the idea. Now that Issue #2 of Steve Rogers – Captain America, Marvel seems to convince fans that Cap is just a victim of the Red Skull’s schemes of altering Steve Roger’s past.

Captain America - Steve Rogers (2016-) 001-000 Captain America - Steve Rogers (2016-) 001-031

But this seems to be the case with a recent rumor currently circulating within Eurobrick’s forums. Since last June, there were several hints pointing towards a glorified Hydra remake of Captain America and DC Comic’s Atom as seen from the CW Network, both of which will debut in their LEGO minifigure forms during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con beginning July 21.


Though we must consider it for what it really is, a guess based on a rumored leak, a casual search over at eBay will yield several finds that will somehow make you wonder if all these guesses were somehow correct. This is what Minifigure Price Guide sets off to discover when it reported that several knockoff versions of Hydra’s Captain America minifigure are now being offered on eBay. Together with these bootlegs of Cap is another rumored SDCC LEGO minifig exclusive which is DC’s Atom (CW). These knockoffs are known for being notoriously accurate with their renditions, with some minor modifications on how it looks like for them to get off the hook from certain copyright issues. Here are some LEGO minifig knockoffs that MPG has found over the Internet.


Using similar search phrases, we also found these ‘alternate’ minifigure versions of Hydra’s Cap and DC’s Atom. Please bear in mind that impressive as these may seem on screen, these are still illegal copies of LEGO minifigs, and does not in any way represent any LEGO product.


Having a guessing game for each year’s SDCC LEGO minifigure exclusive has been sort of a ‘tradition’ among LEGO fan forums. Though someone will likely point out that they have insider info on these exclusives, we must always hold on to our salt shakers and take these things with a whole lot of salt. Now that we’re just two weeks away from SDCC, we just have to wait and see, and relish the surprise.


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