Will This LEGO London Bus Be A New Polybag Promotional?


We’re just a couple of weeks away before the LEGO Creator Big Ben 10253 is released via VIP access and now, LEGO seems to have more in store for those who want to recreate the splendor of the 16-storey Gothic clock tower. Brickset recently reported what could be a promotional polybag to perfectly compliment the LEGO Creator Big Ben. As seen on the streets of London, the LEGO London Bus 40220 is an excellent companion for the brick-built version of the towering landmark.

We do not have complete information yet on the details of 40220’s distribution, though it was highly suggested over at Reddit that this could be a promotional that may go together with the LEGO Creator Big Ben. Furthermore, LEGO seems to be in the habit of early releasing either in part, or the full version of their promotionals’ building instructions (such as that of the LEGO 2016 Rio Olympics Mascots 40225 and LEGO Dimensions Supergirl 71340) through cache.LEGO.com. Check out the link below to have a look at the LEGO London Bus.


Download building instructions for LEGO London Bus 40220.


The LEGO London Bus is highly reminiscent of an earlier promotional, in-store exclusive that the LEGO Store in Westfield, London has given for free with any purchase from the said LEGO Store in February 27, 2011. Though both sets are based on the iconic red two-floor bus, the more recent LEGO London Bus 40220 is more impressive in spite of possibly using stickers for its decals. The smoother, overall design of the roof down to its wheel detailing makes 40220 a better build. Check out these photos courtesy of Brickset.


We’ll keep you posted on the recent developments on this possible new LEGO promotional so be sure to stay tuned here at the Brick Show. Thanks to Minifigure Price Guide for the tip.

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