Here’s A Sneek Peek at the LEGO Ideas Tree House (21318)

LEGO Ideas Treehouse (21318)

By now, the internet is rife with a handful of images of the next LEGO Ideas set to watch out for. If you recall back in October last year, the LEGO Ideas Treehouse project was approved for production together with the recent LEGO Ideas Flintstones (21316) set. However, the former’s release date was pushed further to give way to another Ideas set which is the classic Steamboat Willie (21317)Now thanks to a certain reader and follower of the LEGO German fan site, Promobricks, we now have our first look at what to expect from the impressively huge LEGO Ideas Treehouse (21318). Before we dive in, I guess a disclaimer is in order – according to Promobricks, these images were sent by a certain Roger from Belgium who claims to have bought this set at a Dreamland Toy Store in his country. So with that in mind, I guess all is fair game when it comes to sharing these box art images. So let’s take a look.

LEGO Ideas Treehouse (21318)

LEGO Ideas Treehouse (21318)

LEGO Ideas Treehouse (21318)

What impresses me about this set other than being in an almost minifig scale, is the vast array of new leaf elements that are available for the builder. I love how the leaves of the tree can be changed to reflect the seasons (autumn to be exact) using these new LEGO elements. The LEGO Ideas Treehouse (21318) also features a removable canopy and roof that reveals the intricate details of the tree’s various rooms. I’m sure that we’ll better appreciate this set once LEGO releases its official, hi-res images.

21318 3

21318 4

21318 8

21318 6

21318 7

21318 5

The set is believed to be scheduled for a VIP release date later this month, with a regular release date of August. It comes in at 3,036 pieces making it one of the largest LEGO sets out there. It is also expected to retail for 199 Euros or roughly at $200 USD. Thanks once again to our friends from Promobricks for sharing these images.

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  1. This is trash compared to the original design. So disappointed. I’d like to get the original instruction and build it all by myself.

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