Put A Smile on Thanos’ Face With This Next LEGO Custom Character Bust From Build Better Bricks!

We’re less than 4 months away before the theatrical release of the culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Infinity War, and just before this galaxy spanning MCU event takes place on May 4, the official trailer has already become the number 1 trending video over on YouTube in just a matter of days, proving how much fans have patiently waited to see our Marvel heroes face off against their ultimate nemesis. LEGO has already covered much of Avengers: Infinity War, with six sets and four LEGO BrickHeadz specifically built for the film. Check out what we know so far about these sets right here. read more

LEGO Architecture Skylines Las Vegas (21038) Said To Be Released By The End of January.

Last December, we were informed that the next set in the 2018 LEGO Architecture Skylines series will be a bit delayed as expected. The LEGO Architecture Skylines Las Vegas (21038) set was initially thought to have a January release date, just hot off the heels of its predecessor, the exquisitely beautiful LEGO Architecture Skylines Shanghai (21039). However, due to the recent tragic events that unfolded from one its hotels, it was sensible of LEGO to hold off its planned release until supposedly sometime in April. The LEGO Architecture Skylines Las Vegas (21038) comes in at 487 pieces and will apparently retail for 39.99€ or roughly at $39.99. read more

It’s a No-Show for LEGO’s 2018 Summer Sets at These International Toy Fairs.

The 2018 London Toy Fair is ready to kick-off this Tuesday, and as much as many are excited to see what is hot and what is not among various toy companies and exhibitors, it is quite sad to know that LEGO has shied away from attending this year’s London Toy Fair as we reported a few days ago.  Whether due to its underwhelming fiscal year, or as a way of keeping a tight lid on the recent waves of 2018 summer set leaks, LEGO has decidedly written off London from its list of annual 2018 toy exhibits. read more

Glitches in Shipping LEGO Star Wars VIP Cards to Buyers of UCS Millennium Falcon (75912)

We’ve gone over a few times how much the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon set (75912) was prized by hardcore collectors, and how that huge demand tended to translate into supply issues as retailers and LEGO itself tried to keep it stocked. But there’s another reason for the interest. read more