A Whole New Way of Teaching History Using Custom LEGO Minifigures From United Bricks

It’s common knowledge to all LEGO fan circles that The LEGO Group has deliberately veered away in creating sets that display or allude to scenes that pertain to previous war events in history, or that which has a particular military theme. Noble as it may, there are older LEGO fans who would love to see those old warships, tanks, and artillery rendered in LEGO bricks. And this is not just for the sake of building them, but also using them as interactive visual aids in teaching history and significant world events. read more

LEGO Attempts To Set A New World Record For The Tallest LEGO Brick Tower in the World

Last January, the local residents of Tel-Aviv, Israel have embarked on a grand project of constructing the world’s tallest brick-built LEGO tower. Still awaiting the final confirmation from Guinness World Records, this tower has been reported to stand stall at a staggering 118 feet. The story behind the construction of this tower is as moving as seeing the actual build itself. read more

WATCH: New LEGO Incredibles Video Game Launch Trailer

The LEGO Incredibles video game is already out, and to celebrate its release in the US (with a UK and Europe release date of July 13), WB Games has uploaded a new, live-action launch trailer that shows video game fun is best experienced together with the rest of the family. Watch this. read more

2018’s Exclusive LEGO Inside Tour Ferguson Tractor (4000025) Revealed

This year’s LEGO Inside Tour has already concluded its first three runs, with two more slated on September 12 to 14, and 19 to 21. The LEGO Inside Tour is an annual event that provides participating fans with a unique look at the inner workings of the LEGO group, and how a LEGO set is made – from its design, production and distribution, until it reaches store shelves. read more

Netflix Features the LEGO House Home of the Brick Documentary

Here’s another Netflix-LEGO video to watch together with the family this weekend. The latest Netflix documentary, the LEGO House – Home of the Brick, is now streaming over at the world’s most popular subscription-based video streaming service.  This latest documentary centers on how the famed LEGO House in the heart of Billund was created from the ground up. read more

Will The Rumored LEGO James Bond Set Finally Become Real?

LEGO caused quite a stir in the LEGO community recently with its cryptic post (which is more like a question) about their plans of coming up with a ‘special’ Secret Service model befitting of a top-notch agent. In fact, even British luxury car manufacturer car Aston Martin, and James Bond ‘himself’ joined in the discussions with their respective tweets hinting on the shape of things to come. read more