How to Build a LEGO Motorcycle Sidecar – LEGO City Minis!

We’ve just posted a new video of our most recent City Mini, the Motorcycle Sidecar! It also comes with a small bonus design showing a minifigure trench-coat!

Hopefully this small build can provide some more variety in the motor vehicles bouncing around Legoverse Cities.

And if you missed last weeks video, be sure to check out Construction Barricades. Perfect for any unfinished sector of your city, or disaster zone!


The Bells of LEGO Notre Dame Des Prairies!

Caleb Flutur brings to life a sea of bluish grey greebles. All of his statues, gargoyles, and little Lego elements, come together to create a build inspired by one of the most iconic buildings in France.

One of my favorite shots is this upward angle. It shows the grandeur of the building as if from the perspective of a minifigure wandering the streets of Paris.

One of Caleb’s favorite details himself are the statues towards the top.

There’s something majestic about the craftsmanship and architecture of the time, and further more how Caleb has translated that into Lego. More simply put; Quasimodo would be proud.

LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312) Officially Revealed!

We finally have official images of the next LEGO Ideas set that will make their way in toy shelves just in time for the holidays. As announced back in July during a LEGO Community Engagement Event in Japan, the LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312) were briefly mentioned to be released this November 1st. Since then, LEGO fans were a little anxious to see how this fan-made set created by AFOL and space enthusiast Maia Weinstock (aka 20tauri over at LEGO Ideas) will turn out. This is understandable, considering the not-so-positive sentiment that most people have regarding the selection of this LEGO Ideas project above other hopefuls.

However, as it turned out, the final official set is way above expectations and a definite improvement from its original design. I have to admit that in spite of the limitations that it has with regards to play features and setting aside any political sentiments over the matter, the LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312) set will be sought after for its aesthetic appeal as a vignette-styled collectible – particularly highlighting the significant contributions of these inspiring ladies of science. Check out the images below, followed by the official announcement and product description from the LEGO Ideas blogsite.

The LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312) is a 231-piece set that will retail for $24.99, and is scheduled to be released on November 1st at all LEGO Brand Stores and at If you’re somewhere in New York on October 28, then be sure to drop by the Flatiron District LEGO store from 10AM-2PM to meet and greet LEGO Ideas set designer Ms. Maia Weinstock.

LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312)
231 pieces; $24.99/ 24.99€

Build, play and learn from inspiring women of NASA!

Follow in the footsteps of 4 pioneering women of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration—America’s space agency) with this fun and inspiring LEGO® set. Build the Hubble Space Telescope and learn astronomy with the ‘Mother of Hubble’ Nancy Grace Roman. Develop the software for space missions with computer scientist Margaret Hamilton. And launch the space shuttle with Sally Ride, the first American woman to fly in space, and Mae Jemison, the world’s first woman of color in space. Build, play, learn and one day you too could become a science, technology, engineering or mathematics superstar!

A spot of tea? LEGO Tea Dragon

It is rare that tea and dragons ever cross my mind in the same thought. So I most definitely took note when I stumbled across Anthony Wilson’s Bionicle ‘Tea Dragon’ on display at BrickFair VA this year. It strikes me as something that would come right out of an Alice in Wonderland/Tinkerbell mash-up.

You’ve simply got to love how the face ridges slope down into the nose so seamlessly. And while the strong features of a Dragon are there, the reverse sea horse curl, gives it a softer more refined tea-friendly vibe.

I Personally love the blossoming and twisting ivy horns the most.