LEGO Art “Jim Lee Batman Collection” (31205) Revealed

Earlier this week LEGO teased on social media an upcoming LEGO Art set, or DC Batman set…or both. We know it’s a LEGO Art product because the preview showed the telltale tiles-on-décor-plate. We can also be certain of it being a LEGO Batman set because it featured the DC character’s logo. What we conjectured was that this LEGO Art for Batman may be a tie-in for film “The Batman.” Its question “Who Framed the Batman?” indicates Batman rogue the Riddler, who is a major antagonist in the upcoming movie. Now, LEGO has unveiled the set and…two out of three correct guesses aren’t all that bad.

Brick Fanatics tells us that now lists the DC-themed LEGO Art set, Jim Lee Batman Collection (31205). So, it’s not a tie-in to Warner Bros.’ “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson. It instead features DC Comic art from legendary artist and current DC publisher-chief creative officer Jim Lee. Lee’s pencils and colors by Alex Sinclair produce five pieces depicted into LEGO Art. This collection contains three headshot portraits of Batman, the Joker and Harley Quinn. We also get a larger upper-body shot of the Dark Knight, or a landscape dual headshot of him and Catwoman.

LEGO Artists can assemble either the three smaller pictures, or combine them for either Batman or the Bat-Cat pairing. Display them on surface or by means of two hanger elements. Preorder the LEGO Art Jim Lee Batman Collection (31205) today, with shipping beginning March 1:

Jim Lee Batman Collection (31205)

Age 18+ | 4,167 pieces | preorder available now; will ship starting on March 1

Superhero or Super-Villain fans, we have got the set for you. Create 1 of 3 art portraits with this LEGO® Art Jim Lee Batman™ Collection (31205) kit. As you build, you’ll develop other meaningful experiences, such as mindfulness. A zone of joyful zen. Calm focus that enhances creativity as you click each tile into place in this collectible decor piece.

Stand for something
Build 1 of 3 portraits of iconic DC comics characters: Batman, The Joker™ or Harley Quinn™. Can’t choose? Combine sets to make 1 of 2 ultimate memorabilia pieces. As you create, scan the QR code and listen to the Soundtrack, with nearly 2 hours of content tailor-made to really immerse you in the hobby project. Finish the art with a special signature tile, ready to display on a wall or shelf.

Tales of the Space Age LEGO Art Build Gains Entry to Ideas First 2022 Review

The latest Review Stage on LEGO Ideas is filling in rather nicely. The variety of product ideas that got 10,000 supporters in this period already check most general LEGO set types. Structural builds, from modern to old-western to medieval; and vehicles real or fantastic. We even have a buildable animal, a brick-build working clock replica, and…a toilet. All of these are free-standing builds. But there’s one niche LEGO theme that now has representation in the First 2022 Stage: LEGO Art. We can thank Ideas member john_carter for giving us this nifty and artistic set, in multiple senses of the word.

Here we have “Tales of the Space Age,” no less than three LEGO Art pieces created by john_carter. Each portrait-oriented artwork depicts three space-age events in raised relief via LEGO pieces. A rocket launches towards the stars. A lander probe traverses the surface of Mars. Finally, radar telescopes monitor the movement of comets and meteors. They can be displayed individually or side by side. Even their means of display can be varied. Let them stand like plaques on surfaces, or hang on the wall using hook slots made from Technic lift arms. At 10.4cm x 14.7 cm, the works are big enough for prominent visibility.

It’s good that a LEGO Art-esque build has joined the entries for Ideas review this early part of 2022. Whether it’s good and unique enough to convince the expert reviewers is another matter. But we’ve been surprised at chosen official LEGO Ideas sets before. Maybe “Tales of the Space Age” will surprise us later on.

Ideas Contest “Galaxy of Celebrations” Crowd Vote Begins

The 2021 Yuletide season saw the duration of one of the longest LEGO Ideas contests in recent memory. It was “A Galaxy of Celebrations,” where contestants must make a brick-film of LEGO Star Wars characters celebrating Earth holidays. The Ideas crew awaited entries from interested members from mid-November to mid-January this year. We could understand why the contest eventually attracted plenty of brick-film entries. After all, who wants to pass up a chance to win the awesome UCS AT-AT (75313)? Anyway, it’s been two weeks since the idea intake phase for “Galaxy of Celebrations” ended. Now, the fans will vote.

Starting this past Friday, January 27, the Crowd Vote for LEGO Ideas’ “A Galaxy of Celebrations” contest has begun. The Ideas review crew already helped by pruning the 195 initial brick-film entries to 20, further divided into four categories. Our featured Earth occasions celebrated by the LEGO Star Wars cast are: Father’s Day, May the 4th, summer and the Holidays. Fans on LEGO Ideas can vote for their favorites on each category until February 3. The category winners will win an initial batch of prizes and undergo a second fan vote later. The ultimate winner gets that sweet UCS AT-AT.

You can check out the “semifinalist” brick-film entries on LEGO Ideas’ blog post concerning the “Galaxy of Celebrations” fan vote. Voting will be done on the official contest page here. The second crowd vote will be on February 13 after a three-day second Expert Review period of the category winners. And after nearly four months, we’ll know the final results of this contest February 24.

LEGO Star Wars Defense of Hoth (40557), GWP Vintage Taxi (40532) All Available

Last week, some LEGO Star Wars stuff that got held back from the January 1 release blitz finally became available. One of them, Clone Trooper Command Station (40558), complements the massive UCS AT-AT (75313) from last year. That vehicle build has a massive passenger section to carry multiple Imperial Stormtroopers for a Battle of Hoth scene. Of course, that key event from “The Empire Strikes Back” wouldn’t be complete without Rebel Alliance combatants. Thankfully, as The Brick Fan reports, the Rebel counterpart of the above set, Defense of Hoth (40557), officially launched this past Wednesday.

In a heroic mirror to Clone Trooper Command Station, Defense of Hoth also features three Rebel troopers. Like the Stormtroopers from 40558 with their command station, the Rebels from 40557 are augmented with heavy-weapon emplacements. Both sets are also priced at $14.99 for proper symmetry. Collect both to play out the heroic but doomed defense of Echo Base from the Original Trilogy, or change things around. It’s up to you.

On a more recent note, the gift with purchase for LEGO Creator Expert Boutique Hotel (10297) is active. That would be the Vintage Taxi (40532) set we showcased earlier this week. As Brickset reminds us, this GWP goes for LEGO purchases over $200 from Friday, January 28 to February 13. This is a LEGO-fied depiction of the 1930s Citroen Traction Avant, which goes nicely with Boutique Hotel’s retro styling. Collectors who’ve already purchased Boutique Hotel (10297) might be bummed at the late arrival of Vintage Taxi (405320). Still, surely there are other new LEGO sets that might be enough to get you the needed threshold.

Functioning Kit-Cat Klock Wins 10-K Support on LEGO Ideas

In 1932, the Oregon Allied Manufacturing Company produced a wall clock that became a symbol of art deco home furnishings. It was a novelty redesign of the classic pendulum clock. Make the clock look like a cat with the pendulum as its tail. Then, rig a mechanism so that the cat’s “eyes” move in sync with the “tail.” This clock remained in production even as the manufacturer since moved to California. But only in 1982 did the clock face display its trademark name: Kit-Cat Klock. Nothing like a novelty clock to be converted to a 10K-supported LEGO Ideas product idea.

10K Club Member Mukkinn presents to us his Kit-Cat Klock LEGO-brick build for Ideas Review. The timing can’t be more auspicious considering 2022 marks the retro appliance’s 90th anniversary. Sure, LEGO has more than enough mechanical elements to replicate a wagging tail-pendulum and swinging eyes. But where’s the fun in that? Why not use LEGO pieces to build a fully-functioning clock that tells time, in addition to the cat motions? Mukkinn uses 15 gears powered by motor to drive the hands on the face plus the eyes and pendulum. Add the stylish black-cat clock casing (with trademark) and the parts total runs up to 1,300.

If you were waiting for a truly mind-blowing new 10-K supported set on LEGO Ideas First 2022, here it is. Kit-Cat Klock makes the first motorized entry for this batch of submissions aspiring for official set-hood. Future entries to the First 2022 Review Stage will really need to kick things up a notch with builds like these finally making appearances.

UK-Euro “LEGO Star Wars” Mag March 2022 Issue Offers Free Clone Trooper Minifig

Back in 2020, LEGO Star Wars released a set said to be the most fan-requested at the time. It was a set depicting the Clone War-era 501st Legion Clone Troopers (75280). It featured four Republic Clone Troopers with two of their vehicles, squaring off against two Separatist Battle Droids. The 501st Legion happens to share its number-name with the global “Star Wars” fan club/organization of Imperial Stormtrooper/variant enactors. That would explain the fan appeal somewhat. Clone Trooper minifigures in 501st colors are also uncommon enough. But now, those looking for 501st Clones beyond just buying set 75280 may have an alternative from Europe’s LEGO magazines.

According to Brick Fanatics, Clone Trooper minifig collectors must mark the March 2022 issue of UK-Europe’s “LEGO Star Wars Magazine.” Issue 81 of this official LEGO publication by Immediate Media will include a 501st Legion Clone Trooper minifigure. It’s the same minifig as included in the Clone Troopers set (75280) two years ago. If the £24.99/€29.99 asking price of the set is too much for UK/European collectors, the magazine’s somewhat cheaper. Three copies of the upcoming March issue (£4.25/€4.50) would run to only £12.75/€13.50. True, you miss out on the set’s vehicles (and one Clone Jet Trooper). but if you only need the minifigures then it’s fair enough come March.

Immediate Media publishes official LEGO magazines monthly in UK and Europe. The latter gets new issues a month ahead of the UK. So the March issue of “LEGO Star Wars Magazine” in the UK actually releases February in European newsstands. The current UK issue has a free Imperial Snowtrooper. Meanwhile the current release in Europe includes a micro-Millennium Falcon build.

LEGO Art for “The Batman” Teased on Twitter

Brace yourself, Bat-fans. The latest Warner-DC live-action adaptation of the Dark Knight is coming over a month from now. “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson as the titular Caped Crusader of Gotham premieres on March 4. But if these Batman fans are LEGO collectors as well, they’d already be quite happy waiting. After all, the LEGO tie-in sets for “The Batman” are already long available before the film’s (pandemic-delayed) release. But have we seen the last LEGO releases related to this film? If this recent post on their social media is any indication, there’s more. Fancy some “The Batman” LEGO Art?

Brickset shares with us this LEGO tweet dated January 25. It shows the question “Who framed Batman?” in a reference to Gotham baddie Riddler, principal villain for “The Batman.” And yes, the text and bat-logo are rendered in LEGO pegs in a black baseplate background, a la LEGO Art. With this little tease, we can be somewhat certain that LEGO will do an official reveal sooner than later. In the meantime, LEGO news sources are speculating and offering theories/rumors. The most probable set number they claim is 31205. It’s been floated since late 2020 and is consistent in LEGO Art sequencing with World Map (31203).

The earlier part with the Twitter tease for LEGO “The Batman” is a sure thing. What isn’t sure is the latter part about it being LEGO Art set 31205. That’ll have to wait until a full unveiling by LEGO, and that requires waiting some more.

Ideas 10K: Steampunk Airship Joins First 2022 Review

This past weekend saw a blitz of product ideas on LEGO Ideas getting the needed 10,000 supporters for review. Much like past weeks, we’ll feature these additions to the First 2022 Review Stage once per day. Anyhow, our next 10-K submission is the second vehicle set-build for this batch, and a fantasy-themed ride too. Anyone who has played early “Final Fantasy” videogames would recognize this. Given that the creator is a 10K Club Member, we can expect wicked details here. In fact, this product idea could start a theme with a Third 2021 Stage passer. Both of them are Steampunk.

Courtesy of 10K achiever BrickHammer, Steampunk Airship looks to impress LEGO Ideas reviewers after gaining support. BrickHammer freely admits to being inspired by fantasy airship designs to make this set. He also made the call to theme this airship as a research vessel, rather than the familiar/popular pirate ship.

The ship is carried in the air by a zeppelin-shaped balloon, propelled forward by steam vents astern. For protection against air pirates, the airship packs two cannons, deployable at either port or starboard. Bubble windows provide views to crew inside the decks be they at quarters, Captain’s room or engine section.

To man the Steampunk Airship, BrickHammer provides four minifigures: captain, first mate/navigator, engineer and gunner. They’ll get a lot to do with the vessel with how busy and prop-filled it is.

All in all, we’re looking at a good candidate for passing the LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review Stage. If it does, along with Steampunk Explorers from Third 2021, could we be looking at a LEGO Steampunk line? Now that’s a nice possibility to ponder.

Next LEGO GWP: Vintage Taxi (40532) Coming Jan-28

Late last year, we got the first bits of news regarding an upcoming LEGO Creator Expert set, a modular one. Said set would mark the 15th anniversary of these modular building sets that began with 2007’s Café Corner (10182). This was unveiled in December 2021 as the Boutique Hotel (10297) that launched this January 1, 2022. But the earlier rumors noted that the set would be paired with a 15th anniversary GWP, numbered 40532. Boutique Hotel came out without word of 40532, which was said to become a GWP sometime this month. As January comes to a close, we finally have info on this item.

Courtesy of German LEGO news sources Promobricks, we now know GWP set 40532 as Vintage Taxi. To match with the retro aesthetics of Boutique Hotel (10297), Vintage Taxi (40532) does look like a classical taxicab. The vehicle is all yellow and black with room for driver and a backseat passenger. Said cabbie looks like he drives in the streets of Paris a few decades ago. The 163-piece GWP set also includes elements to make a roadside taxi stop and garbage can. This GWP will supposedly launch on January 28. It’ll be available with minimum LEGO purchases of €200, which matches Boutique Hotel’s European SRP (US$199.99).

Do note that this GWP info must be considered a rumor until LEGO gives us official word.

LEGO Pizza Tile Made Real on Twitter

LEGO’s near-infinite variety of pieces also includes elements depicting food items for the minifigures. These range from beverage glasses and cups, to pieces shaped like fruits and vegetables, to tiles representing plates. That last group would also include one familiar LEGO food piece: pizza. Believe it or not, the LEGO pizza tile can be used to check the evolution of detail in LEGO sets. The most recent iterations of the pizza piece can be found in two sets that launched this past New Year’ Day. And surely some builders have looked at a LEGO pizza tile and wondered: How does it look like when life-sized?

Well, Brick Fanatics tells us that a Twitter user went and recreated a LEGO pizza piece in 1:1 scale. Did we mention the de-fictionalization was made of edible ingredients? User girlpatched space dog (@dogs_on_mars) posted photos of her efforts on Twitter Sunday, January 23. As seen in the photo above @ dogs_on_mars made an actual pizza, using food colorings to achieve the right tile colors. The crust is a bright yellow, while cheddar slices went under the tomato sauce. The green spots, which the creator believes are green-colored pepperoni, were replicated with green food color.

As if that wasn’t enough, girlpatched space dog decided to take things full circle. She scanned her actual LEGO pizza in Bricklink Studio to make a custom pizza piece. The results can be seen in the second tweet series above. The green pepperoni apparently didn’t translate well, and commenters offered that the green stuff was probably basil. But hey, we appreciate the experiment. At least we now know how LEGO minifigs perceive their pizza tiles.