Rumors of 2018 BrickHeadz Sets for “Minecraft” and “Back to the Future” Among Others

We’ve pretty much covered every important announcement of note by LEGO regarding their upcoming sets across their multiple product lines from the New York Toy Fair this month. One of them is the new LEGO BrickHeadz set Go Brick Me (41597), promoted as the most customizable BrickHeadz set ever conceptualized. read more

Target Now Has LEGO City Hot Dog Stand (30356) Available

It can be so amazing to find small yet detailed LEGO brick-build models and sets that come not out of a box, but a polybag. One such set is part of a new wave of polybag releases that are arriving in the US after an earlier Shop@Home appearance in Europe. read more

2018 LEGO Friends Pods Official Images.

It looks like the pod craze has slowly gained a following. First introduced as a part of the LEGO Batman Movie theme, the minifigure pod has extensively included other mainstream LEGO themes such as Ninjago, Nexo Knights, and Star Wars. This time, LEGO has thrown in more collectible pods into the mix coming from the LEGO Friends gang. These pods are now available at and features all five of the girls, each with a pod that reflects their interests and personality. Similar to previous pods, each set comes with a front, lenticular sticker, a couple of LEGO pieces and accessories, and each of the LEGO Friends minidoll character. Check out these LEGO Friends pods images and product description below. Each of these pods will retail for $8.99, and will be available starting March 1. read more

LEGO Boost + LEGO Ninjago Stormbringer Demo @ the 2018 New York Toy Fair.

A couple of days ago, I reported on one of the newer things that LEGO highlighted at the ongoing New York Toy Fair 2018. One in particular is the LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox (17101) expansion that allows certain LEGO sets to integrate with the Boost system and to bring these sets play features to an entire new level. One in particular is one of the upcoming LEGO Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu sets, the Stormbringer (70652), which was put on display at the LEGO booth. The idea behind this integration is to add a variety of movement and interactive play to any LEGO set in which the LEGO Boost can be added upon. Though I mentioned that the representatives at the LEGO Booth during that time did not demonstrate these features, as it turned out, the tech savvy guys from Tom’s Guide managed to bring the Stormbringer alive using the LEGO Boost system. Online Editorial Director Avram Piltch, was at the LEGO booth at the Toy Fair and managed to demonstrate how the LEGO Boost can be used with the LEGO Ninjago Stormbringer expansion kit. Using the usual LEGO Boost components such as the Move Hub, motor, color sensor, and the LEGO Boost app, Avram was able to program the Stormbringer to exhibit a variety of behaviors, taking advantage of Boost’s block-based programming. Watch the demo right here. read more

LEGO World Expo in Copenhagen Features “Flying Brick” Tech and Control System.

The LEGO Group is among those companies actively pushing the boundaries of toy technology, and we’ve seen the results of their own breakthroughs such as the impressive LEGO Boost line that’s already set to receive a new wave of product sets compatible with it. read more