Catch These Pre-Black Friday LEGO Deals For Up to 30% Discount

We’re just a couple of days shy before this year’s Black Friday LEGO deals officially kick in. And if you want to get a head start on these upcoming deals over at Amazon, you might be interested to know that there are several Pre-Black Friday LEGO deals that are up for grabs for as much as 30% off their listed price.

Ranging from homegrown LEGO Ideas and LEGO City sets to licensed themes such as LEGO Minecraft and Star Wars, these are some of the sets that you might have missed since their release early this year and late 2021.

Check these out via their affiliate links below, and in case you make a purchase using these links, we get a small commission to help us keep our website up.

LEGO Minecraft The Illager Raid (21160)

562 pieces | List Price: $59.99 | Amazon: $39.49

Black Friday LEGO


LEGO Minecraft The Training Grounds (21183)

534 pieces | List Price: $79.99 | Amazon: $63.87


LEGO Ideas Fender Stratocaster (21329)

1,074 pieces | List Price: $119.99 | Amazon: $99.90

Black Friday LEGO


LEGO Ideas Winnie The Pooh (21326)

1,265 pieces | List Price: $99.99 | Amazon: 94.99


LEGO Marvel Tony Stark’s Sakaarian Iron Man (76194)

369 pieces | List Price: $34.99 | Amazon: $27.99


LEGO Classic Around The World (11015)

950 pieces | List Price: $49.99 | Amazon: $39.99



LEGO City Police Prisoner Transport 60276

244 pieces | List Price: $29.99 | Amazon: $24.49

LEGO Star Wars The Mandalorian Imperial Armored Marauder (75311)

478 pieces | List Price: $39.99 | Amazon: $34.98


LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett’s Starship (75312)

593 pieces | List Price: $49.99 | Amazon: $38.00


LEGO Star Wars Death Star Trench Run Diorama (75329)

665 pieces | List Price: $69.99 | Amazon: $55.99

Black Friday LEGO



LEGO CMF Series 24 (71037) Officially Revealed! has officially revealed the new cool and quirky characters that will grace it’s LEGO CMF Series 24. The LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 24 (71037) is its next wave of offering included in its Q1 2023 lineup.

LEGO CMF Series 24

LEGO CMF Series 24 comprises 12 new characters packaged in an all-pink motif. This new series includes a T-Rex Costume Fan, Rococo Aristocrat, Robot Warrior, Potter, Newspaper Kid, Orc, Football Referee, Falconer, Conservationist, Carrot Mascot, Brown Astronaut, and Spacebaby (this one is definitely on my CMF must-have-list), and Rockin’ Horse Rider.

LEGO CMF Series 24

Series 24 is expected to arrive in January 2023 and will retail for $4.99 per blind bag. Take a look at their official images below and get ready to feel your way through each of these blind bags. The Spacebaby and T-Rex Costume Fan are on the top of my list right off the bat. How about yours? Let me know your fave in the comments below.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 24 (71037)

$4.99 per blind bag | Arriving on January 1, 2023

Football Referee

LEGO CMF Series 24

Robot Warrior

Brown Astronaut and Spacebaby

LEGO CMF Series 24

Carrot Mascot


T-Rex Costume Fan

LEGO CMF Series 24




Rococo Aristocrat

Rockin’ Horse Rider

Newspaper Kid



Everything Has to Go for 25% Off in this Early Black Friday Deal at The Brick Show Shop!

Heads up brick fans! Our official storefront, The Brick Show Shop, is now running an Early Black Friday where everything (I mean absolutely everything) is for sale at 25% off. This storewide discount applies to everything that you see in our store: from custom LEGO vending machines to LEGO collectible minifigures. This super-saver deal also applies to other non-LEGO collectible items as well.

The 25% discount will be reflected on your shopping cart upon checkout. You have to be quick though because this super saver deal will run for a limited time only. This is a great way to kick off this year’s Early Black Friday deals if you’re hunting for custom LEGO accessories to spice up your MOC.  Be sure not to miss out on these great savings on custom floor and wallpaper tiles, custom LEGO candy pack series, arcade sets, and more.

While you’re at it, you might also want to join in tonight’s Whatnot auction with Stephen where you can get $10 worth of credits to spend (for first-time members) during our TBS auction tonight at 9 PM EST for a chance to win an uber valuable LEGO Star Wars Death Star 10188 from 2008.

Catch These Awesome LEGO Star Wars Giveaways in Today’s @whatnotcollectibles Raffle!

Would you rather miss out on this one, or join Stephen in another exciting raffle over at Whatnot tonight? The pips over at The Brick Show Shop is going big on its LEGO Star Wars giveaways and you certainly don’t want to miss out on this one.


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♬ Star Wars – Produced – Ettore Stratta

If you’re new at Whatnot, it is a community-focused online selling and auction platform for collectibles and other hard-to-find items. And for LEGO enthusiasts, it’s a great place to gather around and bid your way for that one super rare LEGO set or minifigure that you’re raring to have. For tonight’s auction, The Brick Show Shop is also giving away $10 worth of Whatnot credit for first-time users. When you click on this invite link and sign-up, you instantly get $10 to spend at our shop later in the auction.

And perhaps the best part of this is that when you win an auction, your name will be automatically added to the raffle for a chance to win any of these sealed, premium LEGO 18+ sets.

The LEGO Marvel Black Panther 76215 (with 2,961 pieces valued at $350) will be the first one to be up for grabs to kick off the auction.


Next on the prize list is the LEGO Star Wars Master Builder Series Mos Eisley Cantina 75290 from 2020 (with 3,187 pieces, 21 minifigures, and valued at $400)


And finally, tonight’s grand prize will be a sealed, super-rare LEGO Star Wars Death Star 10188 from 2008. Coming in at 3,803 pieces and 24 minifigures, its current market value is anywhere between $800 to $1,100.


Tonight’s auction will start at 9 PM (EST), and remember to jump in using our sign-up link above (if you’re new to joining Whatnot) to collect your free $10 worth of credits to spend throughout the show. Stephen will be onboard to auction away tons of collectible LEGO sets and minifigures, so be sure to stick around Whatnot later this evening.

So which LEGO set or minifigure are you hoping to find in tonight’s auction? And which of these awesome set LEGO Star Wars giveaways are you looking forward to winning? Hit that comment button below and let us know what you think. See you later at 9 PM!

ICYMI: LEGO Eiffel Tower 10307 Is Now the Tallest LEGO Set Ever Made

Earlier this week, the LEGO Group unveiled its tallest build yet. In all of its breathtaking grandeur, the iconic Paris landmark can now be yours in gorgeous LEGO form with the arrival of the LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower (10307).

Rumors about this set started to circulate as early as September, and this time around, we get to see this latest LEGO offering up close. Touted to be the tallest and one of the largest LEGO sets ever made in terms of piece count, the LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower (10307) is the third of its kind following previous builds such as sets 10181 from 2007, and set 21019 from the Architecture theme released in 2014. Towering at an unbelievable height of 58.5 inches (almost 5 feet tall), its base measures 22.5 inches both in terms of width and length.

LEGO Eiffel Tower

The LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower (10307) is slated to be available on LEGO Stores and online beginning November 25, 2022. Read on for this mammoth set’s official product description below. And if you wish to add this to your collection, be ready with a hefty amount of cash to burn, and plenty of space in your LEGO display room.

LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower (10307)

10,001 pieces | $629.99 | Available starting November 25, 2022

LEGO Eiffel Tower

Ready for an awe-inspiring challenge? Standing at almost 5 feet tall, the LEGO® Eiffel Tower (10307) set for adults is the flagship model in the LEGO Travel & History series. And it’s not just one of the tallest LEGO sets ever, it’s got one of the largest piece counts too – with 10,001 pieces for an immersive experience from start to finish. It also makes a top gift idea for travel or history lovers.

A journey to the top
Just like the original construction, this collectible model is assembled in 4 sections. The process closely follows the way the real tower was built, giving you a unique insight into Gustave Eiffel’s engineering brilliance. Discover true-to-life details throughout, including landscaping, 3 observation platforms, elevators, and a broadcast tower, topped off with the French flag.

Where will you go today?
Travel somewhere new with LEGO sets for adults. Discover some of the world’s greatest landmarks with LEGO Travel & History sets, recreated in incredible detail.

  • A build like no other – Get ready to break records with this LEGO® Eiffel Tower model set for adults. Standing at almost 5 feet tall and with 10,001 pieces, it’s a collectible piece to cherish forever
  • Recreate history – You’ll assemble this Eiffel Tower (10307) model in 4 parts, reminiscent of the original monument’s construction, and learn novel building techniques to delight LEGO® fans
  • Faithful geometry – This 360° model closely follows the real Eiffel Tower’s decor with arches, supports, cross bracing, railings, and even a faithful view when looking up from beneath
  • Set the scene – Take your time crafting the Esplanade, where ground-level details include Parisian lampposts, benches, trees, and shrubs 
  • Ascend the tower – Head skyward as you assemble the 4 plinths, 3 observation platforms, elevators with cabling, Gustave Eiffel’s private office at the top, and broadcast tower
  • Separates for transportation – This LEGO® Eiffel Tower model separates into 4 parts and features carry handles so you can move and display your build
  • Dimensions – The model measures over 58.5 in. (149 cm) high, 22.5 in. (57 cm) wide, and 22.5 in. (57 cm) deep, making it one of the largest ever LEGO® model sets

LEGO Eiffel Tower LEGO Eiffel Tower

Mega Construx Halo Infinite Series 4 Microfigures Now Available at TBS Shop!

Mega Construx is back with another exciting wave of its highly popular video game microfigure franchise. Following the success of last year’s Halo Infinite Series 3, Mega Construx now offers its next iteration of Spartan soldiers and Banished warriors. You can now purchase the Halo Infinite Series 4 microfigures over at our official storefront, with the option to feel your way at each blind bag or to have that ultrarare minifigure right off the bat.

Mega’s Halo Infinite Series 4 offer six particular characters from the video game franchise. Check out their details by following the links below.

Sealed Case of Mega Construx HALO Infinite (Series 4) Microfigure Blind Bags (32 Ct) – $139.99

Microfigure Blind Bag – $3.99

UNSC Marine – $9.99


Jackal Sniper (Active Camo) – $10.99


Spartan Anubis – $7.99


Grunt Imperial (Purple Armor) – $7.99


Buildable Sentinel – $9.99


Spartan Recon – $9.99


I assume that the ultrarare in this collection is the Jackal Sniper in active camo. If you’re a fan of the series, then you may want to grab this one as well.


Hurry! Last Chance to Get Your Custom LEGO Minifigures at 15% Off! 

Just a quick heads up in case you missed it: our official storefront is running a barrage of sales for custom LEGO minifigures. In fact, ALL of our custom minifigs are currently on sale with an enticing 15% off for each of them. This particular Brick Show Shop sale will only last until the end of the day.

From pop culture icons to your favorite Marvel and Star Wars characters, you’re sure to find those custom minifigs that you’re raring to have in your collection. Be sure to take a look at The Brick Show Shop, and while you’re at it, you might as well check this top 15 list of custom LEGO minifigures that fans add to their carts. Just click on their respective links for more details about these awesome customs.

Templar Crusader Knight


Tigershark Pilot Trooper (Phase 1) Clone Army Customs


Jason (Friday 13th)


Flash (Wally West)


Paul Stanley (KISS)


Zandalf, Zombie Wizard


Zombie Nurse


Moon Knight with Display Case


Recon Marine Woodland Camo MARPAT


Post Apocalyptic Gunner


Stan Lee


Zombie Santa


CCT Air Force Special Forces OCP


Sensei – Kobrick Kai


Custom Darth Revan 


LEGO Lunar New Year 2023 Sets Officially Listed

After unveiling its upcoming collection of LEGO Lunar New Year 2023 sets a few days ago, LEGO’s home shopping portal has been updated with listings of these new sets. We can now have a complete look at their beautiful intricacies, including their product descriptions as well.

These LEGO Lunar New Year 2023 sets include two seasonal ones, a massive Monkie Kid mech, and a Duplo set for budding LEGO builders – all scheduled to be available in LEGO stores in January next year. The LEGO Money Tree is yet to be listed and will let you know once it’s officially available.

Lunar New Year Display (80110)

872 pieces | $89.99 | Arriving January 10, 2023

Create 2 spectacular Lunar New Year Display models packed with traditional festive symbols, with this colorful LEGO® set (80110) for ages 8 and up. These decorative, buildable models can be displayed together or individually around a home or workplace. One has buildable golden ingots in the traditional Yuan Bao design, koi fish for good luck, red pockets symbolizing good wishes and fortune and the “Zhao Cai Jin Bao” greeting that welcomes fortune and treasures into the home. The second model has a large buildable moutan peony flower, small moutan peony flowers, plus the “Hua Kai Fu Gui” greeting, meaning blooming prosperity and happiness.

LEGO Lunar New Year 2023


Lunar New Year Parade (80111)

1,653 pieces with 18 minifigures | $129.99 | Arriving January 10, 2023

Celebrate the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit with this LEGO® Lunar New Year Parade building set (80111) for ages 8 and up. A delightfully playful festive centerpiece, it features 3 connectible toy parade floats. Push the floats with rabbit and LEGO themes to animate the buildable rabbit and dragon, and push the musicians’ float to make the on-board drummer minifigure drum automatically. The set includes separate instructions for each model, so family members and friends can build together.

LEGO Lunar New Year 2023


Monkey King Ultra Mech (80045)

1,705 pieces with 6 minifigures | $159.99 | Arriving January 1, 2023

Get kids aged 10 and up excited about classic legends with this brick-built LEGO® Monkie Kid™ Monkey King Ultra Mech (80045). The set recalls the original Monkey King Warrior Mech, with updated features and functions to extend play, including rear rocket boosters, a new armor design, newly designed Golden Sight power with a light brick, a staff and other weapons that can be transformed into a jet.


Learn About Chinese Culture (10411)

124 pieces | $69.99 | Arriving January 1, 2023

Enjoy fun-filled hours teaching toddlers aged 2 and up about traditional life with LEGO® DUPLO® Town Learn About Chinese Culture (10411). This beautiful brick-built set comes with a café, temple and an activity area packed with authentic details.


EDIT: has been updated to now include the LEGO Money Tree (40648), slated to launch this December 25, earlier than expected. The rest of the LEGO Lunar New Year 2023 sets are scheduled to be available in January 2023. Check out its product description and images below.

LEGO Money Tree (40648)

Celebrate Chinese New Year with this brilliantly detailed and attractive Money Tree (40648) adorned with riches and rewards. The set features a tree decorated with 20 tangerines, 14 red envelopes, and 10 coins for ages 9+. In Chinese culture, it has long been believed that a money tree brings abundance, prosperity, and good luck. The model makes an eye-catching display item and adds extra fun to Chinese New Year celebrations. 



ICYMI: Entire Range of LEGO Avatar Sets Now Listed at

Avatar: The Way of Water is one of the highly anticipated films of this year. And with LEGO jumping in with a fantastic line-up of tie-in sets, the bold, colorful world of Pandora is now yours to build with this entire range of LEGO Avatar sets.

With an initial wave of sets released last month, the latest LEGO theme has come full circle with the release of five more sets slated to be available in January 2023.

Check out the complete range of LEGO Avatar sets below, including those that are part of LEGO’s Q1 2023 sets. I also included links to their Amazon counterparts for those that have been released already in case you’re a Prime member. These are affiliate links and any purchase you made through these helps support our site.

This is an exciting time for all LEGO fans since LEGO is gradually unveiling its 2023 Quarter 1 line-up. We’re surely excited to see what LEGO has in store for us so stay tuned.

Neytiri & Thanator vs. AMP Suit Quaritch (75571)

560 pieces, minifigures include Neytiri and Colonel Miles Quaritch | $44.99 | Amazon: $44.94


Jake & Neytiri’s First Banshee Flight (75572)

572 pieces, minifigures include Jake Sully and Neytiri | $59.99 | Amazon: $59.98


Floating Mountains: Site 26 & RDA Samson (75573)

887 pieces, minifigures include Jake Sully in human and Na’vi forms | $99.99 | Amazon: $98.99


Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls (75574)

1,212 pieces, minifigures include Jake Sully, Neytiri, Mo’at and Tsu’Tey Na’vi | $149.99 | Amazon: $149.90


Ilu Discovery (75575)

179 pieces, minifigures include Tsireya and Tuk | Arriving January 1, 2023


Skimwing Adventure (75576)

259 pieces, minifigures include Tonowari and Jake Sully | Arriving January 1, 2023


Mako Submarine (75577)

553 pieces, minifigures include Neteyam, Ao’nung, Spider, and RDA Quaritch | Arriving January 1, 2023


Metkayina Reef Home (75578)

528 pieces, minifigures include Neytiri, Kiri, Ronal, and Tonowari | Arriving January 1, 2023


Payakan the Tulkun & Crabsuit (75579)

761 pieces, minifigures include Lo’ak, Tsireya, and Crabsuit Driver | Arriving January 1, 2023

LEGO Avatar


LEGO Lunar New Year 2023 Sets Unveiled

The LEGO Group has revealed its LEGO Lunar New Year 2023 sets following its official press release. Since their debut back in 2019, these Chinese New Year inspired-sets eventually had a global following for their novelty and aesthetic appeal.

Though initially intended to be a theme on its own, LEGO opted to include elements of the Lunar New Year incorporated to the rest of its portfolio. We can expect these sets to be officially listed anytime soon over at, but for the meantime lets take a look at what they have to offer.

Lunar New Year Display (80110)

LEGO Lunar New Year


Lunar New Year Parade (80111)


Monkey King Ultra Mech (80045)


Learn About Chinese Culture (10411)


Money Tree (40648)

Expect more of their official images to roll out anytime soon, especially that we’re closing in at the end of this year and LEGO is expected to release its full line-up of Q1 2023 in the next few weeks. Be sure stay tuned and subscribe to our notifications for more future updates.