Two Large LEGO Technic Sets Coming 2019: A Remote-Controlled Racer and a Porsche

LEGO must be enjoying how its fans are eagerly snapping images of its new sets that are supposed to be released next year, only to already be seen in retail shelves well ahead of time. Among these spoiler reveals are a wave of LEGO Technic sets from a speedboat, a chopper and two cars made for a high-speed chase scene.

While the above-mentioned sets were found in some of Canada’s Mastermind Toy stores, two more have been discovered and shared this time on German LEGO news source Promobricks. And these are some big and impressively detailed complex builds for the hardcore Technic crowd. They are:

  • Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer (42095) – moves on tracks, has two main configurations (monster truck and racer), uses Power Functions

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  • Porsche 911 RSR (42096) – Bugatti Chiron (42083) not your type? Check out a Porsche in Technic instead

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The Technic Stunt Racer (42095) carries a price of €79.99 ($91) in the European market while the Porsche is a steeper €149.99 ($170.75). While both Technic sets are now on display, they won’t start being available for purchase until December’s end or starting January 2019.

Another Guinness WR 2019 LEGO Set Giveaway: Eiffel Tower (10181; Tallest Iron Structure)

If the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192), LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309) and the LEGO Maersk Line Container Ship (10241) can be likened to the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films, then what comes next is the counterpart for On Stranger Tides: not much novelty anymore, but it’s still there.

At this rate, Guinness World Records will end up offering one copy of each LEGO set featured on their 2019 Edition Book of Records. Now we have Guinness trivia contest number 4 and the prize LEGO set’s a bit more monumental in scale this time.

By that we mean GWR is giving away a LEGO set of the Eiffel Tower, which originally carried the record for tallest man-made structure (beaten by the Chrysler Building in 1930) and to this day, the record holder for tallest iron structure (300 meters, excluding a 1950s-era 24-meter TV antenna).



Judging from the LEGO build photo in the Eiffel Tower’s Guinness 2019 entry, this is probably the 1:300 LEGO set (10181) and not the more abstract-looking LEGO Architecture version (21019). To win it, any Guinness website visitors from Canada, Ireland and the UK can go to the Eiffel Tower info page and answer the trivia question to the right, plus their name, address and email.

Eligible entries must be sent before the deadline of Friday, November 23, 11:59 PM GMT.

LEGO White House on Display at White House (Visitors Center)

Last month, Australia’s Parliament House celebrated the 30th anniversary of its opening by, among many activities, playing host to a LEGO rendition of itself by Aussie LEGO Certified Professional Ryan “Brickman” McNaught. This November saw America’s turn to immortalize an important government building in LEGO, displayed at its real-life counterpart.

Last Monday, a LEGO scale model of the White House was unveiled at the real White House’s Visitors Center. The monumental MOC was a project envisioned by the National Park Service and White House Historical Association, with respective representatives and that from the Danish Embassy presiding over the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Actual design of the LEGO White House was courtesy of project coordinator Andrew Little from exhibit consultant Creatacor. No less than four LEGO Master Builders went to work assembling the 1:30 scale brick-built model at the LEGO North America HQ itself in Enfield, Connecticut, a process that took over 825 hours assembling over 100,000 pieces.

NPS Superintendent John Stanwich hopes a LEGO version of the White House would spark interest about the national landmark and Presidential residence in a new generation of children. Andrew Little himself noted that during the ribbon-cutting, Visitors Center security had to cordon curious families from approaching the exhibit table until the ceremony was over with.

The LEGO White House is part of a larger LEGO Exhibit of models of other historic structures called the Americana Roadshow, opening February next year in Albany, New York. This model will remain in the White House Visitors Center until the end of January 2019, before it joins the other LEGO models in Albany in time for the Roadshow opening.

LEGO Forma Spotlight: Ease of Changing “Skins”

Earlier this month, LEGO celebrated a successful crowd-funding campaign for its new hybrid-medium product line, Forma. Having a near-Technic level piece-built internal framework over which to fit a colorful “skin” that could be moved by mechanism, has been a very attractive concept to the AFOL side of the LEGO fandom.

One of the features advertised by the LEGO Forma line was that the skins could be interchangeable between sets. Granted, seeing as the skins are made of glossy materials, there is concern that swapping them out might cause them to tear while being detached from their connections to the framework.

Thankfully the Forma design team has thought about that, and made sure that the holes on the skin which fits over the internal pieces have plenty of give to allow for motion. This was achieved by making the holes somewhat triangular in shape, enabling the skin to stretch around connectors when being put on, when the set is in motion, and when being taken off.


It certainly makes for a greater amount of replay value and interchangeability between LEGO Forma sets to have even a minute design detail reducing the risk of damage during assembly and disassembly. We certainly look forward to the Forma line’s official release next year to see if the triangular holes are as helpful as advertised.

Here Are Seven Things That I Noticed After Watching The LEGO Movie 2 Official Trailer

A few hours ago, Warner Bros. Pictures has unleashed another trailer that will make 2019 more awesome. The LEGO Movie 2 official trailer has been uploaded over the internet and in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the clip that shows a handful of new brick-built, and minifigure characters to watch out for.

As expected, the TLM2 official trailer is jam-packed with details that we could have easily missed if not for that handy pause and screen capture button. And now that the cat is out of the bag, here are some of the things that I’ve noticed that are either surprising or puzzling about the events that took place in Bricksburg following the aftermath of the infamous Taco Tuesday. Not only that, but also the presence of some of the main characters that we saw in the first LEGO Movie are noticeably absent in the trailer such as Good Cop/Bad Cop and his boss President Business.

These and other interesting, details are outlined here which will hopefully be answered when the sequel arrives in theaters on February 8, 2019.

The city of Bricksburg will never be the same again.

As Lucy mentioned in the trailer, they need to be tough in order to survive the hard, cruel world where they now live in. After five years since the events of Taco Tuesday, the good ol’ people of the city eventually learned to adapt to their apocalyptic world as seen on how they carry their usually brooding themselves – except probably for Emmet. Most of the city’s landmarks were also drastically changed, and even Batman’s abode was never sparred. The good thing though is that the highly fortified Batcave has now become a saferoom for the residents of the city in the event of another Duplon attack.


Unikitty has a new look – and she can even transform at will.

We already know that Unikitty is the epitome of good vibes and happy feelings. It’s therefore interesting to note that even with the apparent destruction of Cloud Cuckoo Land in the first LEGO Movie film, such catastrophic destruction of her kingdom did not forced her to go through a metamorphosis in such a way that we now see her in the person of Ultrakatty. When the first sets from TLM2 were revealed last July, most LEGO fans assumed that Unikitty simply grew up to become what she is now, like she suddenly had a growth spurt of sorts. However, as we can see from the trailer, she can transform herself at will to become a fierce-looking battle cat whenever needed. The first LEGO Movie clearly established that Unikitty’s moods can alter her appearance, and now her capability to completely transform to a battle-ready feline is perhaps another step to her abilities.


MetalBeard also gets a couple of battle-ready builds.

This is no longer a secret, considering the recent reveal of the new TLM2 sets particularly the MetalBeard’s Heavy Metal Motor Trike (70834) and Battle-Ready Batman and MetalBeard (70836). However, we can surely expect to see the dauntless pirate captain suit up additional brick-built gears later on in the film. LEGO is yet to reveal it’s LEGO Movie 2 D2C set which we hope to see another version of MetalBeard later on.


Where on earth did Rex Dangervest came from?

The first LEGO Movie film clearly established how the various LEGO themes (such as those from LEGO City, Superheroes, and Classic Space and Kingdoms), are all somewhat related to each other and has existed within the LEGO Movie world on multiple dimensions. Given this context, it is understandable how the Duplon that invaded the city of Bricksburg came to be. In a similar vein, the existence of the Systar System can also be explained through this “multiple dimension” theme that runs across the film. So it begs the question: from where did our galaxy defending, archaeologist cowboy and raptor wrangler came from?

The trailer did not leave us any answer of Rex Dangervest’s origins since we only see him arriving in the scene where Emmet gets caught up in a nasty asteroid belt. Is he a true friend to our brick heroes, or does he have another agenda of his own? Plus, his mean looking ship gives me the same feeling such as that when I first saw Thanos’ Sanctuary ship in Avengers: Infinity War. It just doesn’t feel right in a sort of way. I guess we just have to wait and see when the film arrives in February.


What’s up with Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi?

The official trailer now gives us a close look at the film’s main antagonist, and new character Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi. From the looks of it, the Queen of the Systar System seems to have a lot of explaining to do on why Lucy and the rest of the gang ended up kidnapped by Sweet Mayhem and brought in her kingdom. Watevra Wa’Nabi may look simple and unassuming in the surface, but like any other LEGO build, can offer a lot of possibilities – even change to a mean, scary looking brick monster that even makes Batman cringe.

So what is the story behind Queen Wa’Nabi and her kingdom, and what is her ultimate goal? We’ll soon find out.


The Systar System is like a brick fantasy world.

Sweet Mayhem’s single overarching goal is to capture Bricksburg’s fiercest leader for no apparent reason yet, except to bring them to the Systar System at the end of their known brick universe. What is puzzling right here is the very nature of the Systar System itself. From what we saw from the trailer, it is somewhat like a dream land where all the previous places and builds that our protagonists have previously known and loved can be found. We saw a goofy and dreamy looking Superman and the rest of the Justice League. We also see a semblance of Cloud Cuckoo Land at one point in the trailer where we find Unikitty enjoying herself, with the rest of her kind. And with the reveal of the Benny’s Space Squad (70841) set where good ‘ol Benny gets to see some of his Classic Space pals, it further strengthens the notion that the Systar System is like a place where minifigure dreams can come true. So what kind of place exactly is the Systar System and what dangers or opportunities will it bring to our heroes?


So… what happened to the Man Up Stairs?

The LEGO Movie introduced us to its own version of breaking the fourth wall when Emmet traveled through dimensions to eventually meet the Man Up Stairs. As Emmet soon realized, everything that he knew about his brick-built world is created by the Man Up Stairs and his children. As you may recall, these live characters represent two extreme school of thoughts within the LEGO building spectrum: the fixed and permanent builds characterized by the father; and the adventurous, experimental builds as symbolized by his son. These seemingly opposite school of thoughts in LEGO building were soon reconciled when the father realized the value of the LEGO brick for creative play and expression. He relaxed some of his ‘rules’ in playing with LEGO bricks, allowing his son and daughter to play in their LEGO hobby room.

Now given that five years have passed since then, and the yet to be revealed daughter of the Man Up Stairs may have outgrown her toddler years of playing with Duplo bricks, could it be that she is now introduced to minidolls as her next LEGO set? If that is the case, then that will somehow explain the presence of the minidolls in their LEGO universe, mixed with several 4+ and Duplo sets. My best guess is that the Man Up Stairs may no longer be actively involved in the movie, but instead it’s his children that now play a major role in the events of The LEGO Movie 2. Well, it’s a fan theory so I will have to wait until February if my theory will hold or not.

We still have less than 3 months to see how The LEGO Movie 2 will turn out, and like its predecessor, we can be sure that it will be filled with all manners of twists and turns that will appeal to all LEGO fans regardless of age. And similar to the first film, we can expect that it will touch on themes like fostering creativity and letting go of expectations to welcome new and endless possibilities.

So do you have any particular question in mind about The LEGO Movie 2? Let us know in the comments section below and let’s talk about it.

New The LEGO Movie 2 Sets Revealed!

Everything is becoming more awesome, especially right after the official trailer of The LEGO Movie 2 has just dropped over the Internet. And finally, we now have official images of nineteen – yes, 19 – new The LEGO Movie 2 sets known so far.

We first had a sampling of things to come with regards to these TLM2 tie-in sets when the first three of them were revealed just in time for the San Diego Comic Con last July. This time around, we can now clearly see how the LEGO designers in Billund explored and stretched the possibility of LEGO’s full range of sets, combining them in one sandbox of a theme. It’s like creative play in action and the outcome can never be more awesome!

I’m looking forward to most of these sets already: we have now have an idea where to find that new teal brick separator (if you’re the completionist type), and I can just imagine how many AFOLs will love to have their hands on that new line of space minifigures. And as expected, LEGO is definitely pushing forward for a more noticeable developmental approach in offering their sets, with a new 4+ and Duplo set included in the theme.

We’ll, enough of my comments. Let’s just feast our eyes on these new The LEGO Movie 2 sets which will be available to the public starting December 26, 2018. Be warned though, that some of these sets and their descriptions might be a bit spoilery about the film which slated to arrive in US theaters in February 8, 2019.

Emmet and Benny’s ‘Build and Fix Workshop’ (70821)
117 pieces | Ages 4+ | $19.99 USD

Specially designed for younger builders ages 4 and up, this playset lets kids use the tools to fix Benny’s Spaceship and Emmet’s Escape Buggy. Kids can “pump gas” into the vehicles and launch them into orbit, then use the spaceship’s buggy to explore new planets! Includes Emmet and Benny minifigures.

Unikitty’s Sweetest Friends EVER! (70822)
76 pieces | Ages 5+ | $9.99 USD

Builders can pretend to enjoy a drink and a snack with this fun building set featuring 3 buildable LEGO MOVIE 2 figures—Unikitty, Ice Cream Cone and Chocolate Bar—plus a tea trolley with teapot, coffee cup and cake accessory elements designed to inspire creative play.

Emmet’s Thricycle! (70823)
173 pieces | Ages 7+ | $9.99 USD

Kids can raise their master-building ability to another level with Emmet’s Thricycle! This awesome building set features a minifigure seat, 3 vertically stacked rubber tires and foldout stabilizers. It includes a fuel station, with a buildable gas pump, catapult function and parking spot for the Thricycle, plus THE LEGO MOVIE 2 characters—an Emmet minifigure and a brick-built alien invader with a chomping mouth and rotating cyclops eye. Includes Emmet minifigure and buildable Alien Invader.

Introducing Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi (70824)
115 pieces | Ages 6+ | $9.99 USD

Join Lucy and meet the shape-shifting Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi for the first time with this fun building set that features a brick-built Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi in horse form with a rotating platform, plus 5 interchangeable face expression decorations for rebuilding the shape-shifting queen into pile-of-bricks form. Set also includes a buildable Banarnar character, Sweet Mayhem and Susan minidolls, and a Lucy minifigure.

Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi’s Build Whatever Box! (70825)
455 pieces | Ages 6+ | $39.99 USD

Kids can build and rebuild THE LEGO MOVIE 2 shape-shifting star Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi in 15 different forms with this open-ended creative building box! This set has instructions to build each version of the shape-shifting queen, from a grumpy volcano to a happy butterfly or colorful rocket, and also includes inspirational ideas for young master builders to create their own shapes.


Rex’s Rextreme Offroader (70826)
230 pieces | Ages 7+ | $29.99 USD

Kids can display their master building versatility when they rebuild the 3-in-1 offroader and Recon Rex-o-saurus into the Rex-o-saurus Quad or Execu-Rex-o-saurus. The offroader seats 2 minifigures and has a rotating rear turret with 2 stud shooters, while the Recon Rex-o-saurus features snapping jaws, posable legs, 2 stud shooters and a buildable removable gun (non-shooting) that can also be used as a minifigure weapon. Includes Rex Dangervest and Emmet minifigures and a buildable Plantimal character.

Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy! (70827)
383 pieces | Ages 8+ | $29.99 USD

Kids can ride into battle against the alien invader with this building set. Ultrakatty features a minifigure cockpit, a posable head which can be rebuilt for 3 different facial expressions, and a posable tail and legs. This awesome building toy includes Lucy and Emmet minifigures, plus a brick-built alien invader with a chomping mouth and rotating eye, to recreate action-packed scenes from the film.

Pop-Up Party Bus (70828)
1,013 pieces | Ages 9+ | $79.99 USD

Kids can board the Pop-Up Party Bus and party on with Chad, Amber and Zebe. This fun building set features an opening cockpit for the Zebe figure, opening roof and sides for easy play, foldout loudspeakers, a LEGO light brick to light up the rotating dancefloor and a flip-up disco ball with translucent colored elements. Includes Unikitty, Chad and Amber minidolls and a brick-built Zebefigure.


Emmet and Lucy’s Escape Buggy (70829)
549 pieces | Ages 8+ | $49.99 USD

Kids can escape danger by building Emmet and Lucy’s Escape Buggy, featuring seats for 2 minifigures, opening doors and hood, foldout arrow gun (non-shooting) and suspension. This fun-packed construction toy also includes a buildable base with an explode function, 3 minifigures and 3 buildable figures—MetalBeard, Star and Heart—with cool weapons and accessory elements.


Sweet Mayhem’s Systar Starship (70830)
500 pieces | Ages 9+ | $69.99 USD

Kids can help Emmet and Lucy evade capture by Sweet Mayhem’s Systar Starship, featuring an opening cockpit for a minidoll or minifigure, retractable landing gear, disc shooter, a roll of stickers and an opening prison cell. This fun construction toy includes 2 minifigures, a minidoll figure and buildable Star and Heart toy figures to role-play action from the film.


Emmet’s Dream House/Rescue Rocket (70831)
706 pieces | Ages 8+ | $69.99 USD

This 2-in-1 building set features Emmet’s home which can be rebuilt into a rocket. The house toy opens out for easy interior play and has a detailed living room/kitchen and attic. Remove the roof and use parts from the water tower and barricade to create a rocket with spring-loaded shooters and adjustable engines. Includes Emmet, Lucy, and Rex Dangervest minifigures, plus buildable Planty and Warrior Kitty characters.

Emmet’s Builder Box (70832)
125 pieces | Ages 5+ | $29.99 USD

Open a world of master building adventures with this versatile builder box, featuring 3 buildable models—Emmet’s digger vehicle, house and construction mech. The digger has an adjustable front bucket to lift rubble elements, the mini-build house features an opening door and the rotating construction mech has a minifigure cockpit, 4 posable arms and 2 demolition balls. Includes an Emmet minifigure and a brick-built alien invader for endless role-play fun.


Lucy’s Builder Box (70833)
141 pieces | Ages 5+ | $29.99 USD

Give your young master builder hours of fun with this versatile builder box! This creative toy features 3 buildable models—Lucy’s motorcycle with a ramp, a rotating dance stage and the Unikitty spa with spa bath and washstand. Includes a Lucy minifigure and a brick-built Unikitty figure for endless role-play fun.


MetalBeard’s Heavy Metal Motor Trike (70834)
458 pieces | Ages 7+ | $59.99 USD

Builders can power into battle against Sweet Mayhem and Star with this fun set that features a built-in MetalBeard minifigure head, rotating turret with adjustable shooting cannons, adjustable shark shooter with snapping jaws, crow’s nest and flag and a huge front wheel. Includes an Apocalypse-borg Benny minifigure and a Sweet Mayhem minidoll figure with cool weapons and accessories, plus a brick-built Star figure to recreate action-packed adventures from the film.

Rex’s Rexplorer (70835)
1,172 pieces | Ages 9+ | $119.99 USD

Kids can team up with Rex, Emmet and the raptors against the Plantimals with this building set. The Rexplorer features 2 opening cockpits, spring-loaded and stud shooters, rotating engines, an opening rear compartment for interior play, and a removable speeder. Features 2 raptor figures with a brick-built mountable stud shooter and raptor skateboard, plus 2 brick-built Plantimals (including one with a trap function). Includes Rex Dangervest and Emmet minifigures.


Battle-ready Batman and MetalBeard (70836)
168 pieces | Ages 6+ | $19.99 USD

Builders can scuttle into action against Star with this action-packed Batman playset featuring the famous pirate MetalBeard in crabmech form, with a built-in LEGO MetalBeard minifigure head, opening treasure chest with MetalBeard’s internal organ elements, flip-down crow’snest with a flag and posable legs, plus a Batman throne with an adjustable ‘You’re Welcome’ sign. Includes 2 minifigures, a brick-built Star figure, and weapons and accessories.


Benny’s Space Squad (70841)
68 pieces | Ages 5+ | $9.99 USD

Kids can join forces with Benny’s Space Squad for fun adventures in outer space. This action-packed building set features a spaceship toy with a minifigure seat and a lunar buggy with 2 minifigure seats. Role-play scenes from THE LEGO MOVIE 2 with this space toy for kids including 4 LEGO astronaut minifigures with assorted accessories.


LEGO Movie Maker (70820)
482 pieces | Ages 8+ | $49.99 USD

Kids can make their own movies with this versatile building set, featuring a movie stage, camera stand for a  smartphone device and plenty of cool action props! The stage features a frame with sliding, adjustable arms at the top to hold and animate props, characters and accessory elements, a double-sided backdrop with alternative scenes, plus a platform with built-in sliders to move characters around. Young film makers can attach the camera stand to any of the 3 special points on the stage for different angles and camera panning movements. This THE LEGO MOVIE 2 set also comes with action props like Emmet’s Escape Buggy and Rex’s Rexplorer, 3 minifigures, a minidoll figure, 4 brick-built figures and a raptor figure for creative play.


Emmet and Lucy’s Visitors from the DUPLO Planet (10895)
53 pieces | Ages 2+ | $29.99 USD

Introduce toddlers to the color and creativity of THE LEGO MOVIE 2 with this fun preschool building set. Little fans of Emmet and Lucy will love helping them defend against the easy-to-build alien invaders! Then mix all the bright and chunky DUPLO bricks up so young children can create more aliens of their own, developing imagination and fine motor skills on their journey to becoming the next master builder! Includes 2 LEGO DUPLO figures: Emmet and Lucy, plus 4 buildable alien invaders.

Retiring Set Alert: LEGO “Ghostbusters” Firehouse Headquarters (75827)

Sooner or later, all LEGO sets, several years on after their release if they’re popular (or less than a year if they’re not) will be retired from production. Sometimes it’s one set taking a bow; other times its’ a lot like the wave of announced retirements we covered weeks ago.

It turns out they were just the tip of an iceberg’s worth of retiring LEGO sets. No less than 200 individual sets from across all LEGO product lines are looking to bow out sometime soon. No less than one LEGO Ideas set and a LEGO Star Wars UCS was listed.

Soon we must say goodbye to the likes of the Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310), the UCS Snowspeeder (75144), and the LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters (75827). A sci-fi spaceship and two building sets (one from a franchise) are among the most prominent of the 200 LEGO sets announced for retirement.

If there are any LEGO collectors who haven’t acquired any of the three above, or are worried that an un-bought set was included in the list, they should start checking Shop@Home and major retail platforms like Amazon.

The usual practice is that when LEGO announces a set retirement, their factories have already stopped making them; and when Shop@Home has run through their stock of those sets, that’s when the Retired label appears on the listing.

Shop@Home Now Discounts All 2018 LEGO Advent Calendar Sets

November is coming to a close and the first Sunday of Advent is drawing near. But well before all that, LEGO’s already gotten their 2018 Edition Advent Calendars sets out to their ever thankful and excited fandom. With themes ranging from cities to girl-friends to Star Wars, there’s an Advent Calendar just right for everyone.

In fact, several online retailers that offer LEGO on their platform has already given nice discounts to some of these Advent Calendar sets. This time LEGO Shop@Home takes its turn to making these products even more within reach, or at least for the UK market.

LEGO shoppers in Great Britain can now avail of the LEGO City (60201), LEGO Friends (41353) and LEGO Star Wars (75213) Advent Calendars at reduced prices online. To list them:

  1. LEGO City Advent Calendar (60201) – £22.99 £18.39
  2. LEGO Friends Advent Calendar (41353) – £22.99 £18.99
  3. LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75213) – £24.99 £19.99

There hasn’t been any word on if this 2018 LEGO Advent Calendar discount at Shop@Home would also find its way stateside. Well, at least UK patrons who haven’t scored any of these seasonal sets yet will already be getting better deals for them.

After Windows and Console Debut, “LEGO The Incredibles” Coming to macOS via Feral Interactive

While it may have been overshadowed by the (technically) more “original” LEGO DC Super Villains, another of WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales LEGO videogame releases for 2018 hasn’t been a slouch either. LEGO The Incredibles takes players on a double adventure that spans the two Disney-Pixar Incredibles films for a superhero family-sized epic fun quest.

While already available in Microsoft Windows and the current lineup of home videogame consoles, there’s one platform that LEGO The Incredibles hasn’t arrived in, on macOS. That however is going to change as the Traveller’s Tales LEGO title will be brought to Mac at last.

Handling the macOS version of LEGO The Incredibles is Feral Interactive, which released a statement announcing the fact, along with a trailer showcasing everything players on PCs and game consoles loved about the game, spiced with the promise that soon, even Mac owners can get the Incredible experience as well.

LEGO The Incredibles will be released on the macOS this coming November 21. Aside from the plot adaptations of the original 2004 movie and its 2018 sequel, the game also boasts some cool cameos from characters all over the Disney-Pixar library. One can preorder the game now for $39.99 here.

LEGO Ideas Awesome Submission: Working Brick-Built Commodore 64 by Perifractic

If you thought the pinnacle of building with LEGO according to the imagination was already reached with the life-sized road-worthy LEGO Bugatti Chiron, then you haven’t seen anything impressive yet. There’s a product idea on the LEGO Ideas platform that is generating lots of curiosity, and questions on hardware licensing.

You see, LEGO Ideas member Perifractic is giving the brick treatment to the current trend of reviving retro videogame consoles. Gaming fans may know of the “Classic” min-versions of the NES and SNES, and of Sega’s attempt to do the same with the Genesis, but Perfifractic is interested in an older, more best-selling, gaming system.

Perifractic was set on his path one day when he first saw a miniature Commodore 64 mockup made out of LEGO. Being aware of present-day emulation efforts for the C64 computer, he was inspired to go all-out in designing and building a functional LEGO Commodore.

Features intended by Perifractic on his project include a working sprung keyboard Power Functions power pack, LED lights and even a brick-built C64 motherboard with all the original’s chips installed. He even has variants of his product Idea in mind: one a full-mockup (that’ll be the most likely for set conversion), another being a brick casing for an original C64 motherboard and keyboard, and a third swapping the motherboard with a Raspberry Pi for emulation.

This is a fairly new submission on LEGO Ideas. One does wonder how, even if it gets 10K support, Perifractic’s “fully functional” design versions could see the light of day as an official LEGO set, as it is trying to copy a long-discontinued computer from a defunct company. At the least, only the full-brick toy mockup might get a pass, but only the future knows.