New LEGO Creator Flower: Sunflowers (40524) Now Revealed

Much has been said about the advantages of artificial flowers, such as the fact that they don’t wilt. Those who like having flowery decorative cheer but not the hassle of changing fresh blooms would understandably go plastic. But “regular” artificial flowers can also feel “just so” and nothing more. Why not see what LEGO has to offer? They’ve already released quite a selection of buildable blossoms, some of which look quite real and colorful. LEGO flower sets may be found across several theme lines. But this new one, according to The Brick Fan, is brought to us by LEGO Creator.

If you like sunflowers and enjoy building LEGO, then LEGO Creator Sunflowers (40524) might be just for you. This 191-piece set gives you enough to build a pair of these big bright blooms. And if you’ve gotten the previous Creator flower sets then you’re set to customize your own bouquets and arrangements. This is yet another January 1, 2022 product launch, so mark your calendars.

Sunflowers (40524)

191 pieces | $19.99 | coming January 1

  • Build a sunflower display – Create a display piece for any room with the colorful LEGO® Sunflowers (40524) building kit. Includes 2 sunflower blooms with adjustable green stems and leaves
  • Combine with other sets – LEGO® Sunflowers can be displayed on its own or combined with the LEGO Roses (40460), LEGO Tulips (40461) or LEGO Flower Bouquet (10280) sets, each sold separately

Half Blood Baron’s Soyuz Rocket Gets 10-K Support on LEGO Ideas

After a lull in new 10-K supported submissions, LEGO Ideas is getting busy again. New additions to the Third 2021 Review Stage have surged. We at The Brick Show try to give each new product idea with 10,000 supporters the coverage they need. This latest aspiring set from The Half Blood Baron can be quite topical with regards to another Ideas product. The LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (92176) celebrated the American space program. This submission pays homage to the Apollo-Saturn’s Soviet/Russian counterpart, one that remains in active use today, with generational upgrades: Soyuz.

The Half Blood Baron’s Soyuz Rocket product description points out its reliable long-runner reputation in space flight. Its most recent iterations work to ferry astronauts/cosmonauts to and from the International Space Station (another Ideas set, 21321). Soyuz refers to both spacecraft and launch rocket, the latter with its distinctive first-stage blocks. All components fit together in mechanical precision. The set has the Soyuz craft in both stored and deployed forms, depending on builders’ display preference. Within the Third 2021 Review Stage, The Half Blood Baron’s Soyuz fits in well with the JWST. If it does pass review, then the Soyuz would look appropriate displayed beside the Apollo Saturn V. LEGO space geeks should dig this.

Boutique Hotel (10297) Coming January 1 for LEGO Modular 15th Anniversary

LEGO kick-started the modular building set back in 2007, when they launched Café Corner (10182). Since then it’s been a decade and a half of awesome building sets melding together into a brick-built neighborhood. That also makes the coming year of 2022 the 15th anniversary for the “Modular Building Series.” Such an occasion calls for a one-of-a-kind LEGO set, to be sure. And back in October we caught wind of rumors to that regard. This would be set number 10297, with the reported name (translated from being Hotel & Art Gallery. Brickset gives us a different name, but the set’s officially confirmed at least.

Say hello to the 15th anniversary release for LEGO’s Modular Buildings Collection, Boutique Hotel (10297). At first glance, the build looks like a quaint old European-style hotel building with outdoor bar and side boutique/gallery.  But closer details reveal that the set features call-backs some past LEGO modular sets. Boutique Hotel (10297) true to form slots into its fellow modular sets to build a seamless city block (banner picture). It will launch on January 1 as part of the New Year 2022 LEGO product storm. AFOL collectors must have earmarked this as a vital acquisition already.

Boutique Hotel (10297)

3,066 pieces | 7 minifigures | $199.99 | coming January 1, 2022

Imagine spending quality time at a luxurious hotel. Where every detail is carefully considered. Where every guest’s request is met in style. Now you can build your own hotel getaway with this LEGO® Boutique Hotel (10297) model building project for adults.

Surprises around every corner

Enjoy hours of immersive building as you craft the model’s 5 sections. With unusual triangular geometry and elegant decor, it’s inspired by opulent turn-of-the-century European architecture. Build the guest rooms and penthouse suite, lobby, terrace and staircase. Then explore all the stories packed within, including fun tributes to other models in the LEGO Modular Buildings collection. With 5 sections, including the roof with its decorative dome and skylight, plus never-seen-before elements and colors, it’s sure to delight adult builders.

  • A build for adults – Spend quality time crafting all the details of this LEGO® Boutique Hotel. With glamorous  decor, it’s a tribute to turn-of-the-century European architecture

  • Architectural details – With 5 sections, this buildable model features a wealth of design details and triangular geometry, plus highly decorated facades and interior

  • So much to build – Lose yourself in this hands-on project as you build the hotel’s guest rooms, penthouse suite, lobby, terrace and staircase, plus the neighboring art gallery and coffee cart

  • Packed with stories – The build is just the start. Have fun discovering all the adventures unfolding within the hotel in this model from the LEGO® Modular Buildings collection

  • Celebrating 15 years of LEGO® Modular Buildings – Many adult LEGO builders will appreciate all the fun references to previous modular builds. Try to spot them all

  • Includes 7 minifigures – Characters include a bellhop, receptionist, coffee vendor and gallery owner among the collection of hotel guests and staff

2022 LEGO Minecraft Sets Now Listed

Way back in September, we picked up rumors of new sets for LEGO Minecraft coming next year. This is notable considering that 2022 is 10 years after the release of the first Minecraft set from LEGO Ideas. From Ideas’ Minecraft Micro World (21102) arose one of LEGO’s most popular licensed-IP themes. It thus feels fitting to have an anniversary milestone, or so the six rumored upcoming LEGO Minecraft sets indicate. Some of the set names even hint at creatures from the original games yet to be depicted in brick-built form. Now we get to see them following their listing.

According to The Brick Fan, one of these now-confirmed sets also includes a fan vote-winning entry. This was from LEGO Con 2021, regarding a new skin for the blocky LEGO Minecraft minfigures. In this case, a Minecraft Ninja won out. Let’s take a look at him and the newly-unveiled sets:

The Creeper Ambush (21177)

72 pieces | 1 minifigure | $9.99

  • Fun-packed set – LEGO® Minecraft® The Creeper™ Ambush (21177) is bursting with characters, accessories and features to inspire endless imaginative Minecraft adventures
  • Popular characters – Includes iconic Minecraft® hero Steve, plus a baby pig, baby chicken and a red Exploding Creeper™
  • Many ways to play – Kids get creative with iron ore at the crafting table, care for animals and battle a dreaded Exploding Creeper™, which detonates when kids push a special block

The Fox Lodge (21178)

193 pieces | 2 minifigures | $19.99

  • Play-packed fun – LEGO® Minecraft® The Fox Lodge (21178) is bursting with characters, accessories and features to inspire endless creative play
  • Familiar figures – Includes iconic Minecraft® characters: a drowned zombie, fox, baby fox, Arctic fox and a hero figure in a fox ‘skin’
  • Creative and versatile – The structure’s open back and lift-off roof enable imaginative role play inside. Outside there are animals to care for, fish to catch and an enemy to battle

The Mushroom House (21179)

72 pieces | 1 minifigure | $9.99

  • Minecraft® adventures – The creative play possibilities are endless, inside and outside the fun-packed LEGO® Minecraft The Mushroom House (21179)
  • Authentic details – The set includes iconic Minecraft® characters Alex, Mooshroom and a Spider Jockey, along with cool features and fun accessories from the best-selling game
  • Inspire imaginations – Kids can lift off the roof and walls to access the house interior. Outside, there’s a mooshroom to milk and a skeleton spider jockey to battle

The Guardian Duel (21180)

255 pieces | 1 minifigure | $24.99

  • Underwater adventure – LEGO® Minecraft® The Guardian Battle (21180) takes players on a creative ocean-floor mission filled with characters and features from the best-selling game
  • Authentic action – The buildable coral reef and monument structure also feature iconic Minecraft® characters: a diver, glow squid, guardian, elder guardian and 3 axolotls
  • Hands-on play – There’s a coral-reef monument to build, treasure to find and hostile enemies to battle in a Minecraft® adventure that puts all the excitement of the game into kids’ hands

The Rabbit Ranch (21181)

340 pieces | 2 minifigures | $29.99

  • Versatile playset – LEGO® Minecraft® The Rabbit Ranch (21181) is full to the bunny ears with popular characters, accessories and features from the best-selling Minecraft game
  • Classic characters – Includes popular Minecraft® characters: the tamer, a rabbit, baby rabbit and a zombie, plus a host of fun features and amazing accessories
  • Endless play possibilities – An open back and lift-off roof enable imaginative role play inside the ranch. Outside there are animals to care for, carrots togrow and a zombie to battle

The Training Yard (21183)

534 pieces | 2 minifigures (including NINJA fan-vote winner, LEGO Con 2021) | $69.99

  • Build, play and display – LEGO® Minecraft® The Training Grounds (21183) is a rewarding building project, an exciting play experience and a spectacular model for kids to put on show
  • Iconic characters – The set includes a classic cast of Minecraft® characters: a ninja, rogue, skeleton and a bat
  • Endless play possibilities – Kids can rebuild and reconfigure this wonderfully customizable playset again and again to explore imaginative play-and-display possibilities that never end

Catch these new LEGO Minecraft sets on January 1!

“LEGO DC Super-Villains” Returning as Free Digital for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

Back in 2018 LEGO, WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales flipped the hero focus of their DC-based videogames. “LEGO DC Super-Villains” instead put the DC baddies in the spotlight, seen from the eyes of a player-controlled super-villain. With the disappearance of the Justice League, the “Justice Syndicate” takes their place. Now the player villain, called “Rookie,” must help Lex Luthor and the other rogues uncover the Syndicate’s true motives. “LDCSV” received favorable reviews from the similar multiplatform release as its predecessors, including the PlayStation 4. Now, those who missed out on the game, or missed playing it, have a digital chance.

As reported by Brick Fanatics, “LEGO DC Super-Villains” is returning this month, free for subscribers to PlayStation Plus. The official PlayStation Twitter page revealed this late last week. Three titles comprise the PlayStation Plus’ latest free digital games: “Godfall,” “Mortal Shell” and “LDCSV.” Subscribers to the paid PSN subscription service can look forward to redeem these games starting December 7. PS Plus has been giving away free games to subscribers every month, and “LEGO DC Super-Villains” looks ready to capitalize. Its emphasis on a player-created character avatar central to the games’ plot has been considered a highlight.

“Baba Yaga” Gets 10-K LEGO Ideas Support in Second Try

Baba Yaga figures as one of the most iconic (if not the most iconic) personage in Easter European folklore. Casual observers might remember the MCU’s “Ant-Man and the Wasp.” When the antagonist Ghost becomes visible besides Scott Lang/Ant-Man and his crew, his friend Kurt fearfully utters the name. A quick run-through of Russian and Slavic folktales however establishes Baba Yaga as the quintessential bogeyman of those regions. Living in her chicken-legged hut, Baba Yaga can be a child-eating monster or magical ally depending on story. And now a LEGO Ideas member is turning that mythos into a quirky product idea…again.

Russian builder Artem Biziaev is a LEGO Ideas 10K Club Member. His past three product ideas made the 10,000-support milestone only to crash during the Review Stages. This includes his original take on the Baba Yaga character and her house. Thankfully, the submission got plenty of support from Russia, so Biziaev has re-launched the build and got 10-K support anew. “The first pancake is lumpy,” he writes in the description, quoting a contemporary Russian saying. Not much has changed in the re-submission, if any. The chicken-legged hut remains, alongside Baba Yaga herself, her mortar, pet cat, and human visitor/intruder Vasilisa.

We at The Brick Show can’t help but admire Artem Biziaev re-submitting his product idea without any visible alteration. Here’s hoping then that his second pancake, as it were, won’t be as lumpy as the first. Still, a hut with chicken legs certainly “stands out” among the other building sets included in the LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage. But surely somebody would get a product idea that isn’t a building in here. Well, let’s see about that another time.

In other news, The LEGO Ideas Ninjago 1-Button Game contest announced its winners last week.

LEGO Technic January 1-Launching Sets Now Up

Yep, the LEGO January 1, 20222 set launch mass-reveal has no breaks. After all, what better time to unleash all-new LEGO sets than at the beginning of a New Year? By the way, you may recall last week that we found the first images of some 2022 polybags. We don’t know yet if they’ll be standalone purchases or GWPs. They do however serve as nice teasers for what the full sets would be like. Take for instance the LEGO Technic polybag Volvo Wheel Loader (30433). Some of its big brothers for 2022 evoke similar tell-tale Technic looks, and much more.

German LEGO news source gives us the lowdown on the Technic sets due to usher in the coming year. We have three 2-in-1 builds, two of which join a couple more based on real cars in having pull-back action. And young builders get first-hand looks at the mechanics that make each vehicle go. That’s how LEGO Technic teaches/entertains, as they have done for years:

Motorcycle (42132)

163 pieces | $12.99

  • Looking for a treat for kids? – This LEGO® Technic™ Motorcycle 42132 toy is designed for motorcycle fans who love to build models and then play with their creations
  • Realistic details – The Motorcycle model includes a 3-cylinder chain-driven engine, moving pistons, rotating chain, and steering
  • A 2-in-1 build – The toy Motorcycle model rebuilds into an Adventure Bike, giving kids even more opportunity for creative role play

Monster Jam Megalodon (42134)

260 pieces | $19.99

  • Exciting monster truck build – Kids will love building and racing this LEGO® Technic™ Monster Jam™ Megalodon™ 42134 toy truck. With pull-back action, this 2-in-1 toy offers hours of immersive play
  • Interactive play – Use the pull-back feature to send the truck racing along before recreating cool monster truck tricks
  • 2-in-1 toy – The fun goes on as kids can rebuild their truck into a lusca Low Racer low rider car toy, inspired by another legendary sea monster

Monster Jam El Toro Loco (42135)

247 pieces | $19.99

  • Perfect for monster truck fans – Kids will love building and racing this LEGO® Technic™ Monster Jam™ El Toro Loco™ (42135) toy truck. With pull-back action, this 2-in-1 toy offers hours of fun
  • Pull-back action – Kids can easily use the pull-back feature to send their toy truck racing along. This robust vehicle is perfect for recreating cool monster truck jumps and tricks
  • 2-in-1 toy – With 2 builds in 1, there’s lots to discover. Kids will love rebuilding their truck into a Rock Racer all-terrain race vehicle

Formula E Porsche 99X Electric (42137)

422 pieces | $49.99

  • Build a Formula E® racing icon – Motorsport fans will love building this LEGO® Technic™ Formula E® Porsche 99X Electric (42137) set
  • Augmented reality – Download the LEGO® Technic™ AR app to scan the model. Then use the pull-back function to launch the car using your foot and see it come to life in exciting races
  • Pull-back function – Using the 2 pull-back motors, kids can judge how much energy to put into the car toy before making the perfect start to the race using the trigger
  • A coolway to play – The pull-back function combines with the LEGO® Technic™ AR app. After scanning the car in the app, pull it back by hand then use your foot to launch the car and watch the result

Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 (42138)

544 pieces | $49.99

  • Build an icon of drag racing – Race car fans will love building and exploring this action-packed LEGO® Technic™ Ford Mustang Shelby® GT500® (42138) drag race car toy set
  • Pull-back function – With 2 pull-back motors, controlling this cool car toy is easy. Just pull back and then release to send your car speeding along
  • Epic AR (augmented reality) experience – Use the LEGO® Technic™ AR app to put the car to the test on a virtual racetrack. Check out the challenges for more fun ways to play

All sets above will come out with the avalanche of LEGO launches this January 1. Technic collectors can rest assured that the theme is well represented for the coming New Year.

New LEGO Creator “Postcard” Sets Revealed for 2022

LEGO sets for the most part are classified by themes, whether LEGO originals or those from licensed IPs. Within those themes we might get sub-themes, sets in a line following distinctive build designs. These sub-themes could also pop up as new in one LEGO theme or other. For instance, LEGO Creator has given us the high-rebuild value 3-in-1 sets and the grown-up-geared Creator Experts. Now, as Brick Fanatics tells us, LEGO Creator is introducing a new decorative sub-theme. If you like the “skyline” sets from LEGO Architecture you might enjoy these artistic builds evocative of retro postcards. And that indeed is the Creator sub-theme’s name.

For your consideration, here are two sets of LEGO Creator’s Postcard series. In contrast to LEGO Architecture’s free-standing skylines, Creator Postcard has the structures come up as relief from their backgrounds. These sets shine nationalistic flavor too, with one depicting America’s Big Apple and the other, the capital of China:

New York Postcard (40519)

253 pieces | $14.99 | coming January 1, 2022

  • Take a trip to New York – A 3D buildable postcard of one of the world’s most iconic cities, which kids aged 9 and up can decorate with 2 fun stickers
  • Enjoy the sights – New York Postcard (40519) features some of the city’s most famous landmarks: the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the One World Trade Center

Beijing Postcard (40520)

280 pieces | $14.99 | coming January 1, 2022

  • Take a trip to Beijing – A 3D buildable postcard of the Chinese capital, which kids aged 9 and up can decorate with iconic flowers and 2 stickers
  • Enjoy the sights – Beijing Postcard (40520) features some of the city’s most famous landmarks: the Great Wall of China and the Summer Palace

If this is a new LEGO Creator set series, then the first two are promising indicators of what comes next. Catch these items among the myriad of LEGO product launches in the coming New Year.

2022 LEGO Polybag Images Revealed

As you may have noticed, LEGO is now announcing sets coming this 2022, left and right. The reveals range across all popular themes and licensed IPs, as well as size. From sprawling city skylines to towering sci-fantasy rockets to adorable BrickHeadz, the January 1 launch window’s pretty packed. That goes also for the extremely small end of the LEGO set spectrum. Beyond a new LEGO Star Wars Microfighter we’ll also be seeing a selection of polybags. Granted, this particular LEGO reveal is sparsely detailed in comparison. We have no idea if the polybags are purchasable as is or GWPs instead, and when they’ll even appear.

While the following next-year LEGO polybags haven’t even got a listing, we at least know how they look now. Particularly noteworthy is the Technic polybag. Early in November the UK-published “LEGO Giant Series” Technic Mag featured a polybag in the cover. Their product numbers are even close enough by a few tens. Apparently they’d be the first Technic polybags to come out since the last ones in 2000. Sounds like it’s certainly worth collecting, along with the rest, as covered by The Brick Fan:

  • LEGO Friends Market Stall (30416)

  • LEGO Technic Volvo Wheel Loader (30433)

  • LEGO Star Wars AT-ST (30495)

  • LEGO Monkie Kid Monkie Kid’s Underwater Journey (30562)

  • LEGO City Kids’ Playground (30588)

That’s all we have for now, but we’ll bet more LEGO polybags will follow throughout 2022.

150th BrickHeadz Ahsoka Tano (40539) Confirmed Coming January with Three Other Sets

We knew it. We told you so and it happened just like we learned it. Yesterday we talked about the LEGO teaser for what/who the 150th BrickHeadz set would be. The theme/franchise was voted on last year: “Star Wars.” The remaining question was who in the Galaxy Far, Far Away would be given a BrickHeadz depiction. Jedi Padawan/survivor Ahsoka Tano was the leading possibility, and now LEGO has confirmed it. Even better, good old Snips isn’t the only BrickHeadz scheduled to launch in January next year. We have Brickset to thank for this notable update.

According to them, there are four LEGO BrickHeadz sets coming on New Year’s Day 2022. There’s the milestone set #150, Ahsoka Tano (40539). Immediately following in product number is a seasonal personage for Chinese New Year, Lion Dance Guy (40540). Finally, the next two are cute paired doggie BrickHeadz Pets, namely the St. Bernard (40543) and French Bulldog (40544). But enough blurb. Let’s see them:

Ahsoka Tano (40539)

164 pieces | $9.99

Lion Dance Guy (40540)

239 pieces | $9.99

St.Bernard (40543)

236 pieces | $14.99

French Bulldog (40544)

237 pieces | $14.99

January 1 next year is shaping up to be a big LEGO launch day as to be expected. These new and upcoming BrickHeadz, with Ahsoka in the lead, certainly makes for a great milestone celebration for this particular LEGO theme.