Huge 2018 LEGO Friends Set Images Revealed!

Never let it be said that LEGO products are mostly for boys. The best-selling Women of NASA (21312) set makes that old notion very much outdated. This time, LEGO has revealed new sets coming out in 2018 for their LEGO Friends theme. Noted for their larger, more detailed minidolls that are distinct characters in the setting, we’re seeing more LEGO Friends sets that offer more play features that may prove attractive not just for girls, but for all LEGO enthusiasts and builders alike.

Our last set of reveals for today features an impressively huge wave of new LEGO Friends play sets coming out in 2018. Once again, Swiss website World of Games managed to get the inside scoop on what these sets are, along with photos and the lowdown on which of the five LEGO Friends cast is the star of each set.

From buildings to bedroom layouts, to businesses and vehicles, interested builders will be well on their way to making a town with these new sets from LEGO Friends. Check these out.

Mia’s Bedroom (41327)

Features bed and storage space for Mia, w/ pet rabbit.

Stephanie’s Bedroom (41328)

With bed and dresser for Stephanie, w/ pet dog and indoor kennel.

Olivia’s Bedroom (41329)

Features a bed, computer workstation and coffeemaker for Olivia.

Stephanie’s Sport Park (41330)

With goalpost, ball with launching machine for Stephanie, w/ pet dog.

Emma’s Art Stand (41332)

Features Emma’s mobile artwork exhibit, and her pet cat.

Olivia’s Mission Vehicle (41333)

Features a tech van for Olivia, w/ her pet dog,

Andrea’s Park Performance (41334)

Features outdoor stage, park benches and hotdog stand for Andrea with Steve and baby Diana, w/ pet parrot.

Mia’s Tree House (41335)

With tree-house hangout for Mia with Daniel, also includes assorted pets.

Emma’s Art Cafe (41336)

Features an art-deco style snack bar for Emma with Ethan.

Stephanie’s Sports Arena (41338) 

With assorted sports facilities and grandstand for Stephanie and Vicky.

Mia’s Camper Van (41339)

Features a lovely, and colorful mobile home for Mia and Stephanie, including their horse.

Friendship House (41340)

The ultimate LEGO Friends apartment, includes Andrea, Olivia and Emma.

LEGO Disney 2018 Official Images Released!

This has been a very busy day of reveals from LEGO especially with the latest Star Wars, Creator and Ninjago sets, and this time, World of Games opted to list a handful of sets that caters to the Disney fan inside us. Previously named as Disney Princess, LEGO rebranded the theme and simply called it LEGO Disney. It is kind of similar to the LEGO Friends theme primarily because of its use of minidolls instead of the standard minifigure.

These latest LEGO Disney sets also stand out because of the inclusion of several unique LEGO pieces. I was thrilled to see Sebastian finally getting the LEGO treatment with a minifigure of his own. Some of these sets also highlight a modular kind of Build and Swap play feature, similar to what we see from modular LEGO Creator sets. Another appealing set from this theme is the Cinderella Dream Castle which looks like a nice, smaller version of the LEGO Disney Castle (71040). It will be neat to have these two Disney castles placed side by side and see how designers managed to scale these sets in their respective proportions.


Mulan’s Training Day (41151)


Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle (41152)


Ariel’s Royal Celebration Boat (41153)


Cinderella’s Dream Castle (41154)


Elsa’s Market Adventure (41155)

More 2018 LEGO Creator Set Images Released!

Last October, we saw the first wave of LEGO Creator sets that are expected to hit toy stores next year. In fact, as we have reported on an earlier date, these sets have already started to appear at several Toys R Us branches. Jason and the rest of the Brick Show managed to get their hands on some of these sets as soon as they were available. Be sure to check out their awesome reviews right by clicking on the links below.

This time around, we now have additional images coming from Dutch online shop 2TToys, and Brickset that give us a glimpse of additional LEGO Creator sets that are scheduled to be released during the first half of next year. As it seems, we’ll be seeing more multibuilds and mini modular sets later on. Take a look.


Mythical Creatures (31073)


Rocket Rally Car (31074)


Sunshine Surfer Van (31079)

Modular Winter Vacation (31080)

Images Out Now for LEGO Technic 2018 Set: Mack Anthem Truck (40278)

LEGO would like very much to be able to follow their child builders as they grow, and over the years they have developed several product lines that increasingly scale in complexity for older ages. Perhaps the most prominent line in this trend is LEGO Technic, with its new additions of gears for moving mechanics, and even motors to power said mechanics.

Much like with their other products, LEGO has made deals with certain motor companies to have actual vehicles replicated as LEGO Technic models. The latest of these to add its name is none other than Mack Trucks Inc., and their first king of the highway to get a Technic set is none other than their very latest too, the 2017 Mack Anthem.

The newest in a proud line of heady-duty haulers, Mack’s new Anthem is the successor to their Pinnacle sleeper on-highway tractor, most specifically the Axle back model. The LEGO set version, numbered 40278, is easily one of the beastliest large vehicle kits you can assemble out of LEGOs, especially in Technic.

When LEGO says authentic Technic replicas, they sure mean it. The Mack Anthem 40278 is packing some of the most impressive mechanical functionalities ever designed for a Technic vehicle model. From support struts to mechanical cranes and arms, this kit’s got it all, and its sleek color scheme of black, grey, white and green is very eye-catching.

However you might customize it, from container hauler to garbage collector, the Anthem 40278 from LEGO Technic will look snazzy all the same. It’s set to become available in January 2018, and is already available to order right now on the UK Lego Shop online, for €142,99.

2018 LEGO Ninjago Box Art Images Released.

It looks like Swiss online toy store World of Games is on a roll. After the reveal of the latest LEGO Star Wars sets slated for release at the end of this year, it has updated its database once more to include several, new LEGO box art images. We saw the official set images for 2018’s LEGO Ninjago sets a few weeks back, and now, we have images of its respective box art. What interest me the most is the new characters included in the Temple of Resurrection (70643), which also happens to be the largest set in the series. These latest box art images from LEGO Ninjago comes in a predominantly red and black color scheme which is a bit hard on the eyes in my opinion, with LEGO using two dark colors to convey a subtle, sinister plot in the upcoming Season 8 of the TV Series entitled, Sons of Garmadon. Check these out.

Katana V11 (70638)


Street Race of Snake Jaguar (70639)


S.O.G. Headquarters (70640)


Ninja Nightcrawler (70641)


Killow vs. Samurai X (70642)


Temple of Resurrection (70643)