Here Are More Details On How to Get the LEGO Hidden Side Newbury Juice Bar (40336)

Last month, we saw that the new LEGO Hidden Side theme will also be getting its first promotional set. We shared several images of the LEGO Hidden Side Newbury Juice Bar (40336) – a still yet to be announced freebie for fans of this new augmented reality sets. Thanks to some insider info shared by The Brick Fan, we now have an idea on when this gift-with-purchase set will be available.

Newbury Juice Bar (40336)

According to a tip received by Allen, it can be expected that the Newbury Juice Bar (40336) will be available in LEGO Stores and online sometime between September 2 to 15 with a minimum, single receipt purchase worth $50 and above. We’re not sure yet if purchases are limited to Hidden Side sets only, or it’s based on any set purchase or LEGO merchandise. My hunch is that it’s limited to purchase of LEGO Hidden Side sets which is the most reasonable way to obtain this freebie.

Newbury Juice Bar (40336) Newbury Juice Bar (40336)

The LEGO Hidden Side Newbury Juice Bar (40336) comes in at 127 pieces and features two minifigures: Parker and a Street Vendor. Like the rest of the Hidden Side sets, the Newbury Juice Bar also comes with a surprisingly fun play feature that allows this innocent-looking juice bar to transform into a monstrous refreshment stand. Hopefully like in the same case of the LEGO Star Wars Mini Droid Commander GWP, we will see more details about this promotional once the LEGO Store September Calendar rolls out. For the rest of the LEGO Hidden Side sets currently on sale, be sure to visit LEGO Shop@Home.


LEGO Star Wars Mini Droid Commander Promotional Coming in September

From the looks of things, there is another gift-with-purchase (GWP) set slated to be released next month to add to your LEGO Star Wars collections. If you recall earlier in April, we saw this year’s first LEGO Star Wars GWP in the form of the mini Battle of Hoth 20th Anniversary (40333) promotional set. The set features the exclusive 20 Years of LEGO Star Wars promotional tile piece, plus a nice micro-scaled build of an AT-AT and a pair of Snowspeeders. As it seems, another LEGO Star Wars GWP is on its way to LEGO Stores according to a report from Stonewars. The source of the info came from an Instagram post of what seems to be a snapshot from a LEGO Store promotional flyer highlighting the LEGO Star Wars Mini Droid Commander.

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Alright. I really like this. GWP in September.

A post shared by Landino (@childish_landino_chronicles) on

The LEGO Star Wars Mini Droid Commander can easily pass for a polybag promo coming in at approximately 40+ pieces. It features an R2-D2 minifigure, plus microbuilds of a Gonk and Mouse Droid figures atop of a brick-built platform. Similar to the Battle of Hoth 20th Anniversary set, the Mini Droid Commander also sports the exclusive commemorative tile which truly makes this microbuild standout. It’s a great display set especially if you happen to purchase its larger counterpart the LEGO Star Wars Droid Commander (75253). Here’s a rendering of the Mini Droid Commander using courtesy once again of Stonewars.

LEGO Star Wars Mini Droid Commander

Since the month of September is just around the corner, we can expect more info to trickle down the pipes on when and how we can avail of this promotional. It’s not a longshot to consider that perhaps we can expect this to be officially revealed via the LEGO Store Calendar for September. Be sure to keep tabs with us for more updates, and for the latest LEGO Star Wars sets available out there, be sure to visit

LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 (42100) More Official Images and Product Description Released

A couple of weeks ago, we had our first pair of official images for LEGO Technic’s flagship set, the LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 (42100). As we come closer to the holiday sales rush, German LEGO online retailer Lucky Bricks, now provides us with more official images and product description for this mammoth-sized brick wonder.  Coming in at 4,108 parts and motorized by LEGO’s Powered-Up technology and Control+ app, the Liebherr R 9800 (42100) is expected to retail for an equally large sum of $500.00 USD. Check out these photos for a closer look, and read on for the full product description. Please do take note that this based from a rough Google Translation so I can’t vouch for a 100% accurate English translation.  Thanks again to Promobricks for the tip.

LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 (42100)

Liebherr R 9800 (42100)

Get ready for a colossal LEGO® construction and gaming experience with the LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 Excavator consisting of 4,108 parts.

The model was developed in collaboration with Liebherr, is controlled via the intuitive LEGO TECHNIC CONTROL + app and powered by two advanced Smarthubs with 7 motors. The sophisticated app technology enables super-precise movements and impressive functions. At the same time, it offers endless authentic digital game combination options with 4 different control screens and cool graphics. The multi-functional control allows users to move the machine in all directions, rotate the body, extend and raise the boom, open and tilt the bucket, play realistic sound effects, and receive feedback in real-time, such as: For example, position, power consumption, and distances. Using the touchscreen, users can use the drag function to drag the boom, control the arm and the shovel. Custom movements allow you to select a preset command, but you can also save your own model’s movements to create complex sequences of motion. In addition, users can master challenges and receive rewards for their success.

• For a compelling and realistic gaming experience and hours of fun, the excavator model can be combined with the LEGO® TECHNIC CONTROL + app.
• The app-controlled LEGO® Technic Liebherr R 9800 excavator is controlled via a mobile device and 4 different control screens. At, you can check if your device is compatible.
• Multi-functional control: drive back and forth, steer, rotate the body, raise and lower the extendable boom, open and tilt the bucket, and get feedback on the model; B. on the position of boom and body, power consumption and distance.
• One-Touch Controls: Select commands on the touch screen and see how the excavator performs them.
• Custom Movements: Use preset commands or save actions taken by the excavator for even more complex motions.
• Challenges and Achievements: Most challenging challenges to receive rewards.
• Replica of the Liebherr R 9800 excavator with a range of true-to-life features and functions, complemented by an authentic color pattern and cool sticker details.
• Contains 3 XL motors, 4 L motors, and 2 Bluetooth-controlled Smart hubs.
• The Smarthub has a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection, an activation button, 6 axis sensors (3 gyro sensors and 3 sensors for acceleration measurement) and 4 connection options.
• The app allows users to connect multiple hubs for accurate and realistic movements.
• Download the app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Ask your parents for permission before you go online.
• Batteries are required for the excavator toy (not included). Information on the type and number of batteries can be found on the product packaging.
• With LEGO® Technic Construction Toys, LEGO Builders get to know the world of technology.
• Not compatible with LEGO® Power Functions.
• The Liebherr R 9800 excavator is 39 cm high, 65 cm long and 27 cm wide.

Liebherr R 9800 (42100) Liebherr R 9800 (42100)

Liebherr R 9800 (42100)

LEGO Seasonal BrickHeadz Scarecrow (40352) Revealed

After unveiling this year’s Halloween-inspired LEGO BrickHeadz Ghost (40351), we now have another seasonal set to watch out for just in time for Thanksgiving. This came in as a surprise actually, and thanks to Promobricks we now have a closer look at the LEGO Seasonal BrickHeadz Scarecrow (40352).

Scarecrow (40352)

If you recall, the box art of the recent LEGO BrickHeadz Ghost and those after it featured a gap between their respective box numbers, leading us to think that there is another set that is included in this seasonal series. As it turns out, we have another BrickHeadz set slated for release just before the holiday-themed triple pack LEGO BrickHeadz  Reindeer, Elf, and Elfie (40353) arrives.

Scarecrow (40352) Scarecrow (40352)

Other than these images, we’re yet to see the piece count for the LEGO BrickHeadz Scarecrow (40352). Like other BrickHeadz in its category, we can expect it to retail for $9.99 USD once it arrives in October just in time for Thanksgiving. For this year, we already saw the LEGO BrickHeadz Valentine’s Puppy (40349) and Easter Chick (40350) which are both currently available.

To know what’s up and currently available in the LEGO BrickHeadz theme, be sure to check with LEGO Shop@Home or at your local LEGO Store. Thanks once again to Promobricks for the heads-up.

Are We To See More LEGO Star Wars Busts In 2020?

It seems that more LEGO Star Wars Busts are on its way in 2020 following the reveal of the Darth Vader (75227) and Sith Trooper (77901) busts a few months ago – at least, that’s what prevailing speculations seems to suggest.

The first hint of these rumors stemmed from what LEGO fan news site Stone Wars has stumbled upon regarding several upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets slated to be released next year. And with a bit of deduction based on what is currently known, and we have a theory that likely holds water. As many of you are familiar with, LEGO and Lucasfilms both have a propensity to use codenames and temporary placeholders to any of its new projects. The Last Jedi, for example, was hidden under the codename Space Bear as Rebelscum succinctly states. LEGO as it seems also follows the same secretive trend to fend away ultra zealous truth seekers.

LEGO Star Wars Busts
Custom LEGO Stormtrooper Bust from Build Better Bricks.
LEGO Star Wars Busts
Brick rendition of Boba Fett by Tyler Clites.

But sometimes the pieces of info that you need may just be hiding in plain sight. And according to Stone Wars, two particular upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets may be pointing out to 2 additional character busts under the codenames New Adult White (75276) and New Adult Green (75277). Given that their piece count which are 647 and 625 pieces respectively, there are other trails of evidence here that suggest that these are not created with play features in mind. It’s expressed targeted demographic are older LEGO builders and fans (hence the 16+ label) that may want these sets for display and aesthetic purposes.

The New Adult White building set together with its corresponding piece count may be recognizable to most of you by now as referring to a possible Stormtrooper Bust (75276), while the New Adult Green may allude to a Boba Fett Bust (75277). With both sets coming in at 600+ pieces, its also most likely that they could be larger than the first LEGO Star Wars busts introduced this year, with the Darth Vader and Sith Trooper busts consisting between 300 to 400+ pieces.

As plausible as this theory may seem, it still stands to reason that these are simply speculative until such time that LEGO officially lifts the veil from these sets. For the meantime, you might be interested to know that Build Better Bricks are offering high-quality building instructions to create your own custom LEGO Star Wars busts based on the characters of Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Darth Maul and a Stormtrooper. I wrote a short review about them a couple of years ago so you may want to check it out as well.

Featured image: Mighty Jabba’s Collection

Christmas Is In The Air With The LEGO Toy Soldier Ornament (853907)

LEGO Shop@Home has now been updated once more to include its latest addition of holiday-themed ornaments. The LEGO Toy Soldier Ornament (853907) is set to retail for $7.99 USD, and will be available starting October 1st.

LEGO Toy Soldier Ornament (853907)

43 pieces; $7.99 USD

LEGO Toy Soldier Ornament (853907)

Bring iconic LEGO® style to your Christmas tree!

Adorn your Christmas tree with this delightful LEGO® Iconic 853907 Toy Soldier Ornament. Build the toy soldier and wrapped gifts, mount them on the round baseplate and place them inside the bauble. Then hang it with the decorative red ribbon to bring a touch of festive LEGO joy to your Christmas tree.

  • Features a buildable LEGO® Toy Soldier, 3 buildable wrapped gifts and a round baseplate, plus an opening transparent plastic bauble and a decorative red ribbon for hanging.
  • Includes building instructions.
  • Measures over 2″ (7cm) in diameter.

Like other LEGO Christmas tree decors, this latest LEGO ornament is entirely brick-built and encased in a clear, transparent Christmas ball that can be hanged with a ribbon. It features a tiny version of the iconic tin soldier and comes with three miniature Christmas presents. For the rest of LEGO’s brick-built holiday ornaments, be sure to check them out via Amazon and have your Christmas Tree decorating more fun and exciting.

Will The Next UCS LEGO Star Wars Set Be The Imperial Star Destroyer (75252)?

Other than the rumored LEGO Star Wars Rise of Skywalker sets, it seems that LEGO fans have another BIG reason to be excited about this year’s Triple Force Friday. According to some persistent, churning echoes from the rumor mill, the next LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collection Series set is about to make its landing next month. And it is something that most of us have been waiting for, for the past seventeen years to be exact. The rumors are strong that this gigantic brick rehash will be that of the Imperial Star Destroyer (75252).

Imperial Star Destroyer (75252)
The LEGO Star Wars UCS Imperial Star Destroyer (10030) from 2002.

Promobricks reports that this next UCS will be the LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer (75252), taking its cue from 2002’s set 10030. Further details are as follows:

  • Product Name: LEGO Star Wars UCS Imperial Star Destroyer (75252)

  • Number of pieces: 4,784

  • Price: 699.99 Euros or roughly $700 USD

  • Available to LEGO VIPs beginning September 18, and to the rest of the public on October 1, 2019.

It’s long overdue actually, and most LEGO Star Wars fans will agree that the Imperial Star Destroyer is one of the mega vehicles in the Star Wars franchise that truly deserve some LEGO attention. However, other than the fact that this set is considerably larger than its predecessor, one thing that left fans scratching their heads is the fact that it is far more expensive as compared to other sets in its category, piece-wise. If the price point turns out to be true, then at 4,784 pieces it is a bit short in terms of parts comparison say with the largest set of all time, the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millenium Falcon (75192). Though the latter will clearly hurt your wallet more than the rumored the Imperial Star Destroyer (75252), the price to piece count ratio with the UCS MF is clearly more cost-effective even if it costs a hundred dollars more. The MF gives you more than two thousand additional pieces for the price of less than a hundred bucks.

I’m sure LEGO has a good explanation for this. And given the tighter integration of Powered-Up technology with its sets, such as with the soon to be available LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 (42100), I definitely hope that the higher price point for the newest Imperial Star Destroyer (75252) will include similar remote play features that may be operated using the Control+ app. Needless to say, it is pretty cool to see this imposing Imperial ship have motorized parts and lights for its massive hyperdrives.

Admittedly, these are just speculations as of the moment, and we hope to hear more word about this once September rolls out.

Two LEGO Product Ideas Drops Off From the Second 2019 Review Stage

I feel this is quite peculiar and too early on for the LEGO Ideas race. After reporting on the recent 10K achievers on the LEGO Product Ideas platform, the LEGO Ideas Team gave a rather puzzling comment to two of the projects that qualified for the Second 2019 Review Stage.

The next LEGO Ideas Review stage for this year will commence next month and as of this posting, there are supposedly 12 entries that gathered the necessary votes from LEGO fans making it qualified to enter the Review Stage. However just last Thursday, LEGO has already put an end to the possibility of seeing two of these product ideas become an official LEGO set. Specifically, these are the Japanese Tea Garden by Coosey Goosey, and Gravity Falls Mystery Shack by Figura.

Second 2019 Review Stage
The LEGO product idea Japanese Tea Garden by Coosey Goosey.
Second 2019 Review Stage
The LEGO Product Idea Gravity Falls Mystery Shack by Figura.

LEGO’s official statement can be found on each of the project’s page, with the term “chosen to archive your project” as a more friendly way of saying that they will no longer consider these entries for production, even if they haven’t officially begun the Second 2018 Review Stage yet. Here’s what LEGO has to say to the respective product idea creators.

Decision on Our Ability to Produce this Project

Aug. 15, 2019

Dear Figura (Coosey Goosey),

First, thank you for building and submitting your very well done Gravity Falls Mystery Shack (Japanese Tea Garden).

Regretfully, we have chosen to archive your project and no longer consider it for production for reasons communicated to you privately. Your project will remain visible on LEGO Ideas, but in a status where it can no longer be supported or commented on. This way fans can still admire your creation.

We’re sorry to be the bearers of this disappointing news!

Frankly, as far as I can remember, this is quite unusual coming from the LEGO Ideas Team. I’m sure that they have a reasonable explanation for their decision, and that it was already privately communicated to the creators. However, I still find it difficult to think why LEGO would do such a move given the fact that they could have waited until the Second 2019 Review Stage to be concluded and simply select from any of the other 10 proposed sets. The 20,000+ LEGO fan supporters who voted for these product ideas are also somewhat kept in the dark considering that the Comments thread/section of the product ideas’ respective pages are now locked preventing any further queries about the matter. The only consolation that supporters have is that the images of these entries will not be removed from the platform.

I’m sure that builders Coosey Goosey and Figura are the only ones who can clearly explain the reasons behind this decision if ever LEGO will be mum about it, with questions still floating in the air. Does this mean that LEGO is on a tight schedule to release sets that might be based on a similar set or concept? The Japanese Tea Garden may likewise be a good candidate to be the next LEGO Architecture set, while the Gravity Falls Mystery Shack, as far I know was at some point at the center of LEGO set rumors. These are just my own speculations though.

I have to say also that this move from the LEGO Ideas Team is not something that I am happy about because it opens the possibility that other 10K LEGO product idea achievers may also experience the same. In the final analysis, other than the creators themselves, it is the fans who trusted the LEGO Ideas platform who will be the ones left feeling disappointed and disillusioned. I just hope that LEGO will shed more light into this, particularly when the Second 2019 Review Stage kicks off.

From the Rumor Mill: 8 LEGO Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Sets Arriving in October

We’re just a couple of months away before the next wave of LEGO Star Wars sets are released and thanks to some insider info compiled by LEGO detective Jedi Jac Penguin, we now have an idea on what particular LEGO Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker sets may be out there in October. It is perfectly understandable that LEGO is still keeping a tight lid on these details, with the Sith Trooper Bust (77901) revealed at Comic-Con to be the only TRS-related set ever to get screen time as of the moment. So do take note that the following rumored sets are not absolute or final, nor the descriptions that we have about them. These are speculations at its best based on the subtle hints that some of this info suggest.

  • Gun Turret (75246) – 159 pieces; $19.99 USD
  • A-Wing Starfighter (75248) – 269 pieces; $29.99 USD
  • Y-Wing Starfighter (75249) – 578 pieces; $69.99 USD
  • Speeder Bike and Landspeeder (75250) – 373 pieces; $39.99 USD
  • AT-ST (75254) – 540 pieces; $49.99 USD
  • Yoda (75255) – 1,771 pieces; $99.99 USD
  • Kylo Ren’s Starship/Shuttle (75256) – 1,005 pieces; $129.99 USD
  • Millennium Falcon (75257) – 1,350 pieces; $159.99 USD

LEGO Star Wars fans may all agree that the most interesting set among these predominantly vehicle-inspired builds is the huge Yoda (75255) set. Coming in at 1,700+ pieces, many have suggested that this might turn out to be a highly detailed and larger Yoda bust, similar to what we’ve seen LEGO did with the Sith Trooper (77901) and Darth Vader (75227) busts. The price point of the Yoda set is also kind of peculiar which is significantly lower than that of Kylo Ren’s Starship (75256) in spite of its numerous pieces. It is possible that the number of smaller pieces for the Yoda set is considerably higher than its successors to account for the fine details that that set has if it eventually turns out to be a brick-built bust. The rest of the sets in this line-up are clearly inspired by vehicles in the Star Wars franchise, which have many iterations in the past. However, since they’ve all presumably taken inspiration from the final film in Skywalker saga, then we can expect a few tweaks and surprises along the way. I’m particularly interested in seeing the minifigure characters that will be included in them, which I’m quite sure that LEGO will be very careful in revealing (tongue in cheek) without spoiling the film before it hits on theaters in December.

Again, these are speculations at its best so we will not fully know until such time they are officially revealed during Triple Force Friday promotions in October. What’s your take on these rumored LEGO Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker sets? Let me know in the comments below.

Image credit: Hue Hughes

LEGO Shop@Home Now Offers An Entire Box of LEGO Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 2 (71025)

LEGO’s online store has been busy updating its site with yet another item. After listing the LEGO CMF Series 19 (71025) which will be available starting September 1, LEGO seems to be introducing (hopefully) a way in which we can get a complete series of CMFs all throughout. A complete box of the LEGO Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 2 tagged with set number 66625, is now offered at LEGO Shop@Home containing 60 blind bags, retailing for $239.99 USD. This is a great opportunity for collectors to snag a complete set or two straight out of the box since you may recall that the Disney CMF Series 2’s box distribution guarantees 2 complete sets of the 18 LEGO Disney minifigure characters that go with it. I’m not quite sure if LEGO is just replenishing stocks or will it be offering complete CMF boxes moving forward. Or perhaps because of the rarity of the Huey, Dewey and Louie minifigs prompted LEGO to make this offer. Whatever is the case, we just have to wait and see. However, since LEGO makes it clear that this complete box set is for a limited time only, then we can expect that this particular offer might end soon.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Disney Series 2 Complete Box (66625)

LEGO Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 2

Get a full box of 60 minifigures today. Available for a limited time only.

Bring exciting new play possibilities to any LEGO® set with the LEGO Minifigures 71024 Disney Series 2. This new-for-May-2019 collection features a magical lineup of exclusive, Limited Edition Disney characters. Say hello to Vintage Mickey, Vintage Minnie, Hercules, Jack Skellington, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Chip, Dale, Jasmine, Jafar, Hades, Elsa, Anna, Sally, Edna and Frozone! Each Disney minifigure comes in a sealed ‘mystery’ bag together with one or more accessory elements, plus a collector’s leaflet and a unique display baseplate.

  • Every collectible LEGO® minifigure in this series comes with one or more accessory elements, plus a collector’s leaflet and a unique display baseplate.
  • 60 Limited Edition LEGO® Minifigures characters to build and play out your very own magical Disney adventures!
  • Includes new-for-May-2019 costumes and accessories, including hats for Vintage Mickey and Minnie, gift box for Jack Skellington, hat and armor for Jafar and a small bird for Jasmine.
  • Combine the Disney Series 2 minifigures with any LEGO® set for endless play possibilities.
  • Have fun trading minifigures with your friends to complete your collection.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Each ‘mystery’ bag contains one of the 18 Disney minifigure characters available in this collection. This box includes 60 ‘mystery’ bags, and at least one complete collection.