LEGO Marvel “Spider-Man” Buildable Figures Listed; Coming September

This week we got a sneak peek at the next new LEGO Marvel sets launching very soon. These three items take after the early-2022 Iron Man (76206) buildable figure, but focused on the “Spider-Man” character line. We have Germany’s JB Spielwaren retailer to thank for early images and info on the Spidey LEGO buildable figures. It still wouldn’t beat the official feel of putting up a product listing on their website though. And good thing they didn’t keep us waiting for much longer. Promobricks got the scoop on these three sets and now we’ll take a closer look ourselves.

Miles Morales Figure (76225)

Age 8+ | 238 pieces | $24.99 | Coming September 1

  • A treat for Spider-Man fans – Put web-slinging Super Hero adventures into the hands of Spider-Man fans aged 8 and up with this LEGO® Marvel Miles Morales Figure (76225) building toy
  • Iconic Marvel hero – Kids assemble the 238-piece figure to create a realistic recreation of Miles Morales from the Spider-Man Universe
  • Fully jointed – All parts of the buildable Miles Morales are articulated, so kids can move, position and pose the figure just like the real thing

Spider-Man Figure (76226)

Age 8+ | 258 pieces | $24.99 | Coming September 1

  • A hands-on Spider-Man – Put the web-slinging Super Hero into the hands of Spider-Man fans aged 8 and up with this LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man Figure (76226) set
  • Iconic Marvel hero – Kids assemble the 258-piece figure into a realistic recreation of Spider-Man from the Marvel Universe
  • Fully jointed – All parts of the buildable Spider-Man are articulated, so kids can move, position and pose the figure just like the real thing

Venom Figure (76230)

Age 8+ | 297 pieces | $24.99 | Coming September 1

  • Super villain action – Put the big-toothed, claw-fingered alien from the Spider-Man movies into the Super Hero adventures of kids aged 8 and up with the LEGO® Marvel Venom Figure (76230) set
  • Classic Marvel character – Kids assemble the 297-piece figure into a realistic recreation of Venom, the alien enemy of Spider-Man
  • Fully jointed – All parts of the buildable Venom are articulated, so kids can move, position and pose the figure just like the real thing

LEGO Explains Further Target’s VIP Points Availability Promo

When the month of August started, LEGO made waves with collectors regarding their latest deal with retail giant Target. This involves the initiative making points from LEGO’s VIP program available when buying sets at Target stores. It’s an impressive deal considering that, while limited-time only, the promo lasts until the end of January next year. If US LEGO shoppers have Target stores nearby, they can earn VIP points (if members) over a six-month period. But for all the convenience there are of course some conditions regarding the LEGO VIP-Target availability.

Brick Fanatics brings us some additional specifics regarding being able to get VIP points buying LEGO from Target. One caveat, actually revealed upon the announcement, was the $=point difference between purchases direct from LEGO and from Target. Where $1 becomes 6.5 VIP points when buying from or LEGO Stores, Target has a $1=1 point rate. This is rather mitigated when one considers Target’s many discount possibilities with their LEGO set offerings. One new condition concerns the buyers. The VIP points promotion is effective within US Target stores only. Specifically, those availing the offer must have VIP accounts from US, not elsewhere. That’s unfortunate as Canadians or Mexicans can’t just travel stateside to join.

To avail VIP points from LEGO products bought at Target, VIP members must snap a picture of their Target receipt. Provided it has a LEGO item listed, sending the image to VIP Rewards Center will credit the VIP points. LEGO hasn’t said anything yet. But perhaps if the test with Target in the US is successful, they could partner with other retailers worldwide. It may not follow soon enough after Target, but it could happen perhaps in the future.

“Garfield 2-in-1” by Yang Yang Gets 10-K Support for LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review

Name, on short notice, popular animal characters from the most globally recognizable US syndicated comic strips. Chances are the top critters will be a dog (beagle, specifically) and a cat. The latter will most definitely be “Garfield”, the fat lazy yet lovable tabby created by Jim Davis. He loves lasagna, sleeps every chance he gets, dreads Mondays and squishes spiders on sight. His animated series are hits, his live-action adaptations less so. And fans love him enough to make “Garfield” merchandise sell like hotcakes. LEGO might join in on the merchandising bandwagon, if this fully-supported LEGO Ideas submission passes review.

Yang Yang, a LEGO Ideas 10-K Club Member, has another product idea to reach the magical 10,000 supporters. His latest submission to make review is Jim Davis’ “Garfield” in his natural habitat. Rather, make it two natural habitats in one. First, we have Garfield on an armchair, phone on one side, popcorn and remote in his hands. Pose him in front of a TV and he’ll fit in. Alternatively, the chair is transformable, becoming his box bed to sleep in. Either way, this cat smiles his self-satisfied grin as he sits or snoozes in comfort.

With LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review getting really crowded, attaching a licensed IP to a submission seems might improve success chances. Problem is, there are quite the number of pop-culture product ideas in this batch too. This Garfield 2-in-1 build by Yang Yang will be in for a great run for recognition. We at The Brick Show look forward to success.

LEGO Starts Listing Advent Calendars for 2022: Friends, City, Harry Potter, Star Wars

August is as good a month as any to start hyping Holiday seasonal products. LEGO certainly thinks so, with the first previews of their seasonal sets starting this week. The holiday sets for 2022 are rather adorable, especially the polar bears. But they’re just the tip of the iceberg, and there’s a particular LEGO product line in the spotlight. Advent calendars? Longtime LEGO collectors will always look forward to new minifigures and trinkets to have with these sets. This year’s editions are shaping up to expectations, if The Brick Fan’s reports on each are any indication. LEGO’s already got them listed on their online Shop, so let’s check them out.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar (41706)

Age 6+ |312 pieces | 4 minidolls | $34.99 |Coming September 1

  • Construct and play Advent Calendar – Build the excitement to Christmas with the LEGO® Friends Advent Calendar (41706), containing buildable characters, activities and accessories
  • Packed with play for kids – Comes with 3 LEGO® Friends characters, Santa and a reindeer, a sleigh piled with Christmas presents, plus fun Christmas activities
  • Kids join Olivia’s fun family Christmas – Kids tour the fun stalls of the market with Olivia, enjoying all the fun Christmas activities before visiting Santa and his reindeer

LEGO City Advent Calendar (60352)

Age 5+ | 287 pieces | 6 minifigures | $34.99 | Coming September 1

  • Packed with festive fun – Kids aged 5 and up can enjoy imaginative play as they count down to the big day with the 2022 LEGO® City Advent Calendar (60352)
  • Featuring 5 LEGO® City Adventures TV series characters – Minifigures include LEGO City TV characters Billy, Maddy, Mr. Produce, Tippy and Raze, plus a Santa minifigure
  • Fun playmat – Kids can fold down the back of the calendar to set the scene for imaginative adventures in a winter wonderland

Star Wars Advent Calendar (75340)

Age 6+ | 329 pieces | 6 minifigures | $44.99 | Coming September 1

  • 2022 LEGO® Star Wars™ Advent Calendar (75340) – Build festive spirit during the Christmas holidays with this Advent calendar, featuring Star Wars characters, mini build toy vehicles and accessories
  • 8 LEGO® Star Wars™ characters – C-3PO and R2-D2 in festive outfits, Darth Vader in a summer outfit, plus Luke Skywalker, a Clone Trooper Commander, Snowtrooper, Battle Droid and a Gonk Droid
  • 10 mini build vehicles – Republic Gunship, Droid Trifighter, ARC-170 Starfighter, Bad Batch Shuttle, Luke’s Landspeeder, T-16 Skyhopper, V-35 Landspeeder, B-wing, TIE Interceptor and Hoth AT-ST
  • 6 other mini builds – Moisture vaporator, a beach scene, ammo rack, Hoth defense turret, Hoth laser cannon and a Wampa cave

Harry Potter Advent Calendar (76404)

Age 7+ | 334 pieces | 7 minifigures | $44.99 | Coming September 1

  • A magical buildup to Christmas – Behind every door of the LEGO® Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar (76404) is a surprise toy from the Harry Potter movies
  • Includes 7 minifigures – Harry Potter™, Sirius Black™, Moaning Myrtle™, Lord Voldemort™, Horace Slughorn, Nymphadora Tonks™ and Neville Longbottom™, plus iconic items from the Harry Potter movies
  • Movie scenes to build – Toys from the first 3 days make a scene from the first movie, the next 3 days make a scene from the second movie, etc. Kids can also conjure up endless adventures of their own

LEGO VIP Offers Pirates and Treasures (40515) Polybag as GWP

It’s been years since the last prominent instance of pirate-themed AV media, in film, TV series or videogames. The same goes perhaps for LEGO, with the Pirates of Barracuda Bay (21322) Ideas set launching last 2020. But does this mean that pirates have lost its luster in popular imagination, much less LEGO building? Probably not if this new gift with purchase from LEGO is any indication. True, it’s only a polybag and also a VIP member exclusive. But its contents could enhance a LEGO collector’s pirate-themed building time. As Stone Wars has it, here’s LEGO VIP’s latest GWP giveaway promo.

The Pirates and Treasure VIP Add-On Pack (40515) is exactly what it says on the polybag. It’s a massive pile of pirate accessories and accouterments. Add these to any brick-built project to give it an undeniable pirate-y flair. From Jolly Rogers to tricorne hats, treasure chests to minifig skeletons, cannons to sharks, this pack’s got it all. And it can be had by VIP members for LEGO purchases of at least $50. The promo runs until September 30 or supplies of VIP Add-On Pack 40515 last. So Arrrrrh, what’re ye VIP Cap’ns still waitin’ for?

JB Spielwaren Reveals Upcoming LEGO Marvel Buildable Figures of “Spider-Man” & More

In late 2021, when LEGO was beginning to tease its upcoming 2022 sets, their Marvel line had a surprise entry. The Infinity Saga Iron Man figure (76206) stood out quite nicely. After all, it contrasted the cartoony Mech Armor sets that were simultaneously revealed with it. The brick construction made LEGO Iron Man fully poseable. Not to mention being battery-powered so his Arc Reactor can light up. As the year passed it felt like 76206 might be the only release of its sort for 2022. Then Brickset caught wind of new similar sets being listed on a German online retailer.

We’ve encountered JB Spielwaren before on The Brick Show. When they showcase upcoming LEGO sets before LEGO does, they really grab attention. There are more LEGO Marvel buildable figures on the way, and this time they’re of a Spidey variety. That’s right; Spider-Man and Friends (well, a friend and frenemy) are getting the Iron Man (76206) treatment. Check out these dynamic figures. They’re perfect for rendering in LEGO’s buildable-figure system.

Miles Morales (76225)

Spider-Man (76226)

Venom (76230)

These LEGO Marvel Spider-Man figures look to be releasing in time to celebrate Spider-Man’s 60th Anniversary. Yep, our Friendly Neighborhood wall-crawler’s been protecting Marvel Comics New York for six decades. Marvel itself is hyping that milestone with the theme “Beyond Amazing”. And it shows in these LEGO tie-ins; they’re amazing like the comic-book legend they’re based on. Anyway, JB Spielwaren pegs these sets to release September. Now we wait for LEGO to confirm and show their product listings. Offers Free Alternate Building Instructions for Galaxy Explorer (10497)

The 90th anniversary of LEGO brought with it a series of brick-sets evoking popular themes from its decades-spanning past. The medieval aesthetics of Lion Knights Castle (10305) throws back to LEGO Castles. The blocky contours of Galaxy Explorer (10497) hearken back to the simple builds of old-school LEGO Space. Even the iconic LEGO spaceman minifigs are at the controls. By now Galaxy Explorer is fully available following its August 1 launch. Longtime LEGO builders or more recent fans by way of the “LEGO Movies” would certainly snap this up. And would you believe it; LEGO can make the experience better.

Brick Fanatics shares with us this neat extra treat or two, courtesy of LEGO, for the Galaxy Explorer set (10497). The Building Instructions portal at features two official alternative builds for the already cool-retro brick-built space vehicle. The alternates turn Galaxy Explorer into close approximations of two oldie LEGO Space sets. With the instructions you can turn the Explorer into a Space Cruiser (924) or Spaceship (918). These alternates slim down the Explorer and also swaps the cockpit between two-seater or solo. Only the pieces from Galaxy Explorer (10497) are needed to recreate 918 or 924, which is brilliant.

Both alternate building instructions for the Galaxy Explorer can be downloaded at free. We’ve already linked them to the names above. Of course, you need to have purchased the actual set 10497 to make use of these PDFs. That’s pretty much the point.

LEGO Marvel “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” Sets Now Listed Online

Marvel Studios had a heck of a challenge producing a sequel to “Black Panther” following lead star Chadwick Boseman’s death. Judging from the first trailer to “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” shown in SDCC 2022, they show great promise. And just as promising are the merchandise tying into this upcoming MCU blockbuster. LEGO as expected is not slouching on their tie-in sets. We got a glimpse of them from the Building Instructions page. Now, the Shop has got the official product listings up according to The Brick Fan, so let’s have a look now.

Shuri’s Sunbird (76211)

Age 8+ | 355 pieces | 4 minifigures | $49.99 | Coming October 1

  • Wakanda forever! – Put the LEGO® Marvel Shuri’s Sunbird (76211) into the hands of a Black Panther fan and take their imagination to Wakanda and far beyond
  • 4 characters – Includes Shuri, Ironheart MK1, Nakia and Attuma minifigures, plus a spear, fighting rings and jetpack. The buildable Sunbird includes 2 stud shooters, rotatable engines and foldable wings

Shuri’s Lab (76212)

Age 4+ | 58 pieces | 2 minifigures | $9.99 | Coming October 1

  • Made for kids aged 4+ – LEGO® Marvel Shuri’s Lab (76212) features fun activities and imaginative play possibilities with Black Panther and Shuri
  • Super-Hero characters – Includes Shuri and Black Panther minifigures, a disc shooter, accessories and a Starter Brick to make the building quicker so there’s more time to play

King Namor’s Throne Room (76213)

Age 7+ | 355 pieces | 3 minifigures | $34.99 | Coming October 1

  • Black Panther submarine – LEGO® Marvel King Namor’s Throne Room (76213) takes Black Panther fans’ imaginations on an underwater adventure
  • Marvel characters – Includes Shuri, Attuma and King Namor minifigures. The buildable submarine and throne room also includes seaweed and fish accessories

And yes, we pegged the launch period down pat for October. Wakanda Forever!

PeterKeith’s Medieval Watchtower Gets 10K Support for LEGO Ideas Review

While no longer a headlining theme for LEGO, medieval knights and castles remain a definitive look for the brand. No surprise then that a castle numbers among the 90th Anniversary sets coming out this year. The Icons Lion Knights Castle (10305) certainly looks impressive since its official reveal at LEGO Con 2022. Nostalgic LEGO builders must be waiting for its official launch next week, August 8. While not deliberate, LEGO Ideas Review stages also abound with castles and medieval buildings. Any lucky submission could one day join Lion Knights Castle to make a medieval LEGO setting. Just like this one.

Ideas member PeterKeith presents us a product idea that would look good next to Lion Knights Castle (10305). Of course, it still needs to pass review. But at least it already accumulated the needed 10-K supporters to join the Second 2022 Review Stage.


Medieval Watchtower looks like a LEGO-building study on space conservation. How compact can you make the building and still provide enough room for minifigures? A knight (and his horse) plus three tower guardsmen can certainly make themselves at home here.


The watchtower boasts a stable, armory, living quarters and a ladder to the ramparts. There’s even a storage shelf under the sloping roof. Now that’s some detail.

Given the number of thematically-similar castle/medieval submissions on LEGO Ideas, maybe LEGO could try to review the Castle theme. A limited run to test the waters might not hurt. The Ideas Lion Knights Castle (10305) could make a good start. In the meantime, we wish PeterKeith luck with his submission on LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review. He’ll need it too with the massive playing field already in place right here.

LEGO Seasonal Sets of 2022 Now Listed

We’re now on the second month of the second half of year 2022. From a normal point of view there’s still quite a lot of the year left. But for LEGO, the Holiday season is more like a stone’s throw away. So, there’s no better time than now to begin hyping up what they’ve got in store for 2022’s seasonal sets. Besides, these seasonal sets are launching before December anyway. Promobricks gives us the lowdown on these LEGO holiday offerings. Interestingly, their European release is right next month, while the US will have to wait until October. Anyway, let’s look at their official product listings:

Wintertime Polar Bears (40571)

Age 9+ | 312 pieces | $12.99 | Coming September 1 (Europe) and October 1 (US)

Celebrate the holiday season with this adorable LEGO® Wintertime Polar Bears (40571) model set. The baby polar bear is having fun on a sleigh, while the adult polar bear watches on proudly. See the polar bears turn when you rotate the base of the model. The set also includes a Christmas tree to complete an enchanting display piece.

Penguin & Snowflake (40572)

Age 7+ | 139 pieces | $9.99 | Coming September 1 (Europe) and October 1 (US)

Celebrate the holiday season with these sweet Christmas decorations. The buildable penguin and snowflake come with string so you can easily hang them on your Christmas tree – or anywhere around the home. This set makes a great gift idea for kids aged 7 and up, or a treat for anyone who loves the Christmas season or unusual decorations.

Christmas Tree (40573)

Age 12+ | 784 | $44.99 | Coming September 1 (Europe) and October 1 (US)

Create an eye-catching festive display with this beautiful LEGO® Christmas Tree (40573) building kit. The colorful tree is adorned with ornaments and candles and sits on a decorative mat. Add the yellow star to the top for the perfect finishing touch. With this 2-in-1 model, you can choose to build 1 tree or 2 smaller trees.

And these are just the LEGO-original seasonal sets. As for the licensed IPs? Stay tuned.