LEGO 2K Drive Open-World Driving Adventure Coming Soon in May 2023!

It looks like we have another case of a classic slip-up. After releasing its teaser for its latest upcoming video game dubbed LEGO 2K Drive, it is understandable that media outlets such as IGN and others are already prepping the news for this big reveal. However, it looks the announcement came in a bit earlier.

Because earlier today, video game media giant IGN released what seems to be the official announcement for the LEGO 2K Drive, only to take it down in just a few minutes. However, other outlets were quick to catch on, giving us a few details on what to expect from this high-flying LEGO video game.

According to video gaming site Gematsu,  the LEGO 2K Drive will available across major video game platforms and will come in three editions:

Standard Edition

lego 2k drive

$69.99 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, $59.99 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

Awesome Edition ($99.99)

lego 2k drive

Includes a new vehicle, vehicle flair, in-game minifigure, and the Year 1 Drive Pass.

Awesome Rivals Edition ($119.99)

Includes multiple vehicles, a vehicle flair, multiple in-game minifigures, and the Year 1 Drive Pass.

Introducing the Year 1 Drive Pass

To keep the excitement going, LEGO 2K Drive introduces the Year 1 Drive Pass, which includes a new biome and four seasons of post-launch content. Each season will feature new vehicles and themes to keep players engaged and entertained. The Year 1 Drive Pass can also be purchased separately, giving players the flexibility to choose what they want.

Aquadirt Racer Pack

lego 2k drive

Pre-orders for LEGO 2K Drive include the Aquadirt Racer Pack. This pack includes the Aquadirt Racer Street Car, Off-Road Car, and Racer Boat. Regardless of pre-order, the pack is included in the Awesome Edition and Awesome Rivals Edition. With the Aquadirt Racer Pack, players can add some excitement to their races with these unique and powerful vehicles.

Customization System

lego 2k drive

One of the most exciting features of LEGO 2K Drive, like any other LEGO video game, is the customization system. With over 1,000 unique LEGO pieces, players can build any vehicle they like, allowing for a truly personalized racing experience. The game features cars from LEGO City, Creator, Speed Champions, and even the McLaren Solus GT and F1 LM. This vast selection ensures that players can create their ultimate brick-built car, making the game even more exciting.

Multiplayer Experience

lego 2k drive

LEGO 2K Drive offers a range of multiplayer experiences, including co-op gameplay and competitive multiplayer for up to six players. Players can also enjoy two-player split-screen multiplayer, allowing them to play with friends and family.

LEGO is still mum about its official announcement, but we can expect one anytime soon considering that this latest video game offering is expected to be released on May 19, 2023. And while waiting, you may check out the rest of the game’s image gallery below.

lego 2k drive lego 2k drive lego 2k drive lego 2k drive lego 2k drive


LEGO 2K Drive Teaser Revealed Ahead of Its March 23rd Release Date

LEGO has just announced across social media that a new open-world world racing game will be officially announced anytime soon. In typical LEGO humor, the company just released a LEGO 2K Drive teaser, hinting at a partnership with Take-Two Interactive Software. The new LEGO video game is hinted to be LEGO’s newest offering that will be announced to the world this March 23.

The LEGO 2K Drive teaser announcement was made by a reluctant ANN minifigure news anchor Vicky Wheeler. The teaser features a steamroller wreaking havoc through a construction site with a stunning mountainous backdrop. While it’s not clear whether players will be able to drive the steamroller or explore the construction site, the tantalizing glimpse of the game has left fans speculating.

The game is a result of LEGO’s partnership with 2K, which has already been hinted at’s Intellectual Property Notice page. Previous leaks from last year also revealed that a minifigure polybag featuring the 2K logo will be offered as a possible product tie-up with the LEGO 2K Drive racing game. If you recall, Take-Two Interactive Software, or 2K, is the company that also gave us highly successful video game franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, NBA 2K series, Red Dead Redemption, WWE, and more.

The LEGO Finnius Dash (30629) minifigure has been previously rumored as a tie-in polybag that will be offered alongside the LEGO 2K Drive video game.

What the LEGO 2K Drive Teaser Says About Its Open-World Racing Game

The upcoming open-world racing game from LEGO and 2K is set to be a game-changer for fans of both franchises. Here are some of the expected features and gameplay elements that fans are hoping to see in the game.

A Vast Open World to Explore

The teaser footage already showcases a stunning open world with a construction site, mountain, and steamroller. Fans are hoping to see more of this vast world with various terrains and environments to explore, making the game an immersive experience.

Customizable Vehicles

LEGO’s previous games have always offered a high level of customization, and fans are expecting the same from the upcoming racing game. Players will likely be able to customize their vehicles with LEGO bricks and design them to their liking.

Diverse Racing Modes

A racing game wouldn’t be complete without various racing modes, and fans are excited to see what LEGO and 2K have in store. Players can expect to compete in races against the clock, other players, and AI-controlled opponents.

Iconic LEGO Characters

Fans are hoping to see some of their favorite LEGO characters make an appearance in the game, either as playable characters or NPCs. It would be exciting to see how LEGO 2K Drive will integrate all of LEGO’s licensed and non-licensed franchises into the game’s storyline and world.

The LEGO 2K Drive teaser announcement has fans eagerly anticipating its official launch. The footage provides a tantalizing glimpse into the game’s vast open world and gameplay features, leaving fans speculating and excited for more. The LEGO 2K Drive’s official announcement on March 23 is sure to reveal more exciting details, and we’ll sure to keep our radars open to see what the game has to offer.

21 Largest LEGO Mech Builds That You Can Add to Your Collection Today 

If you’re a fan of LEGO and mechs, then you may notice that LEGO mechs have been around for a long time and have always been popular among fans. But if you’re looking for the largest LEGO mech builds, then stay tuned because I’ve compiled a list of 21 of the biggest and most impressive ones you can add to your collection today. These builds range from towering titans from LEGO Monkie Kid to agile combat machines from LEGO Ninjago, each with its own unique style and design.

Tracing back the roots of these largest LEGO mech builds or sets goes way back to the time of LEGO classic themes. When LEGO launched its LEGO Space theme and introduced our very first Cybernaut (6951: Robot Command Center) made of LEGO in 1984, brick-built robots became a staple across LEGO themes and sets.  And if you’re a fan of LEGO mechs, then you have probably noticed that the past 5-7 years have seen a steady increase in the number of these largest LEGO mech sets. Simply put, there are a ton of amazing mech builds out there that you can add to your collection today.

LEGO bricks have always been associated with wonder and creativity, and the introduction of this largest LEGO mech sets into the mix (as far as minifigures are concerned) has taken it to a whole new level. With the ability to create complex, articulated figures with hundreds of LEGO pieces, the possibilities are virtually endless.

And in case you’re wondering where we are right now in terms of LEGO mechs, you may also notice that the majority of these official LEGO mech sets are coming from homegrown themes such as LEGO Ninjago and LEGO Monkie Kid, and licensed ones such as LEGO Marvel Superheroes.  As a rule of thumb, I only considered those sets with more than a 700-piece count in this listing of the largest LEGO mech builds around. Most of these are still available at and Amazon, so if you’re interested to add them to your LEGO mech collection, then you may also click on their respective affiliate links below.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in and check this out.

LEGO Ninjago Dawn of Iron Doom (70626)

704 pieces | Minifigures include Jay, Lloyd, Wu Sensei, Krux, Acronix, and Commander Blunck | Released: January 2017 | Available via Amazon 


The LEGO Movie Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech (70814)

708 pieces | Minifigures include Emmet, Unikitty (Angry Kitty), and Robo Skeletons | Released: June 2014 | Available via Amazon


LEGO Jurrasic World T. rex vs Dino-Mech Battle (75938)

716 pieces | Minifigures include Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Danny Nedermeyer, Vic Hoskins, T.rex, and Baby Raptors figures | Released: June 2019 | Available via Amazon 


The LEGO Ninjago Movie Garma Mecha Man (70613)

747 pieces | Minifigures include Lloyd, Shark Army Great White, Lord Garmadon, and Pat | Released August 2017 | Available via Amazon


LEGO Ninjago Titan Mech Battle (70737)

754 pieces | Minifigures include Zane, Jay, Samurai X (Nya), Scythe Master Ghoultar, and Blade Master Bansha | Released June 2015 | Available via Amazon


LEGO Ninjago Jay’s Titan Mech (71785)

794 pieces | Minifigures include Jay, Nya, Pixal Bot, Bone Knight, Bone Hunter, and Bone King | Released January 2023 | Available via and Amazon


LEGO Ninjago Zane’s Titan Mech Battle (71738)

840 pieces | Minifigures include Jay, Zane, and Ghosts | Released January 2021 | Available via and Amazon


LEGO Ninjago Lloyd’s Titan Mech (70676)

876 pieces | Minifigures include Lloyd, Zane, General Vex, Blizzard Warrior, Blizzard Archer, and Blizzard Sword Master | Released June 2019 | Available via Amazon


LEGO Monkie Kid Evil Macaque’s Mech (80033)

893 pieces | Minifigures include Monkie Kid, Mei, Sandy, Savage, and Evil Macaque | Released January 2022 | Available via

Largest LEGO Mech


The LEGO Ninjago Movie Fire Mech (70615)

944 pieces | Minifigures include Kai, Zane, Lauren, Henry, Jelly, and Hammer Head | Released August 2017 | Available via Amazon

Largest LEGO Mech


LEGO Ninjago Fire Stone Mech (71720)

968 pieces | Minifigures include Kai, Cole, Nya, Munce, and Moe | Released June 2020 | Available via Amazon

Largest LEGO Mech


LEGO Ninjago Nya’s Samurai X MECH (71775)

1,003 pieces | Minifigures include Jay, Samurai X (Nya), Wu Sensei, Lil’ Nelson, General Pythor, The Mechanic, Vengestone Warrior, Garmadon (Oni) | Released in June 2022 | Available via and Amazon

Largest LEGO Mech


LEGO Monkie Kid Demon Bull King (80010)

1,051 pieces | Minifigures include Monkie Kid, Pigsy, and Princess Iron Fan | Released in May 2020 | Available via Amazon

Largest LEGO Mech


LEGO Ninjago Ninja Ultra Combo Mech (71765)

1,104 pieces | Minifigures include Jay, Kai, Cole, Zane, Boa Destructor, Cobra Mechanic, and Wu Bot | Released in January 2022 | Available via and Amazon

Largest LEGO Mech


The LEGO Ninjago Movie Quake Mech (70632)

1,202 pieces | Minifigures include Cole, Mike the Spike, Misako, Fred Finley, and Crusher | Released in December 2017 | Available via Amazon

Largest LEGO Mech


LEGO Marvel Superheroes The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition (76105)

1,363 pieces | Minifigure includes an Iron Man Mark 43 Armor | Released in March 2018 | Available via Amazon

Largest LEGO Mech


LEGO Icons Optimus Prime (10302)

1,508 pieces | Release in June 2022 | Available via and Amazon.

Largest LEGO Mech


LEGO Monkie Kid Monkey King Warrior Mech (80012)

1,629 pieces | Minifigures include Monkie Kid, Jia, An, Ironclad Henchman, General Ironclad, and Monkey King | Released in May 2020 | Available via Amazon

Largest LEGO Mech


LEGO Monkie Kid Monkey King Ultra Mech (80045)

1,705 pieces | Minifigures include Monkie Kid, Mr. Tang, Monkey King, Yellow Tusk Elephant, Azure Lion, and the Golden-Winged Eagle | Released January 2023 | Available via

Largest LEGO Mech


LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311)

2,321 pieces | Released in August 2018 | Available via Amazon

Largest LEGO Mech


LEGO Marvel Superheroes Hulkbuster (76210)

4,049 pieces | Minifigure includes Tony Stark | Released November 2022 | Available via and Amazon

Largest LEGO Mech


Our Take on the Best LEGO Podcasts That You May Want To Listen To

If you’re like me who is pretty into music whenever I’m creating the next ‘big’ LEGO Idea concept (perhaps like a massive 18,000-piece custom LEGO Fortress of Solitude), or simply while sorting out my long, neglected LEGO bricks, having something to listen helps focus your energies at any task at hand. Perhaps an even better alternative is to listen to a podcast – much more if it is geared toward everything LEGO. As the BrickBlogger aptly observed, there are not many very dedicated podcasts for LEGO fans around, but there are some that are faithful to the craft. Here are some of them that are not just informative, but kind of funny and entertaining as well.

All Sorted

Though their last episode was aired way back in 2018, the content that these two stay-at-home Canadian dads are just classic gold. If Jeff and James are not busy taking out the garbage or mowing the lawn, you can find them chatting their way and running three separate podcasts back then: Breaking Dads which ran every Monday dealing with the lighter side of parenting; Epic Gumdrop which talks about video gaming and airs every Fridays; and of course, All Sorted every Wednesdays. For their last episode, this dynamic dad duo focused their sights on everything LEGO Helicopters. And though it’s quite unfortunate that they are no longer running this podcast, All Sorted still deserves a spot on our list of best LEGO podcasts out there. With topics that are thoroughly researched, Jeff and James can communicate them in a way that is uniquely LEGO: fun and engaging. You can listen to their past episodes via YouTube and iTunes.


Beyond the Brick

Joshua and Matthew started Beyond the Brick back in 2011 with the goal of having a thought or two from the world’s leading LEGO builders and designers and as a platform to showcase awesome LEGO MOCs. Highly respected within the LEGO community, the tandem has already produced more than 150 podcast interviews and shared recent developments within LEGO’s brick world. Each episode is around 30 minutes to an hour and features some minimal video and images depending on the topics being discussed. You may catch them through their YouTube channel. Though Beyond the Brick seems to have replaced their usual podcast with the video interview format, you can still catch their collection of podcasts from 2013-2016 via their YouTube channel’s playlists.


Cali Brick Clique

The Cali Brick Clique Podcast is a group of California-based AFOLs dedicated to all things LEGO. Their passion for the brick and the amazing communities surrounding it is unparalleled. Listeners are invited to join the crew as they discuss everything LEGO, including the latest sets and themes, as well as the ups and downs of the LEGO world. The podcast offers something for everyone, with the crew’s fun and informative discussions. Aside from their YouTube channel, you can also find this one of the best lego podcasts over at Spotify.


Extra Pieces

Two respected names in the LEGO fan community have come together to share their love for the brick. Based in Australia, Jay from JaysBrickBlog, and Richard from the Rambling Brick, are two dedicated LEGO fans who use their blogs to share their experiences, reviews, and insights about the world of LEGO. Listeners are invited to join them as they have a chat about their latest findings and thoughts on the LEGO world. At Extra Pieces, they discuss trends, review sets, and explore the endless possibilities of the LEGO brick. You can find their podcast over at their Pinecast platform and iTunes.


Full of Brick

Full of Brick is a podcast dedicated to Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs) who are passionate about all things LEGO. Hosted by Nik, Maria, Harold, and Errvin, the podcast features weekly discussions about their experiences with LEGO, show-and-tell segments, and the latest LEGO news. The crew shares their experiences with LEGO, discussing their builds, projects, and the challenges they face as AFOLs. Their show-and-tell segments are a highlight of the podcast, as they showcase their latest builds and discuss the inspiration behind them. You can catch them every week over at Audacy and iTunes.

Best LEGO Podcasts


Bricks & Banter

Hosted by Billy, Bricks & Banter is a podcast dedicated to custom LEGO creations, designed for Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs). The podcast provides a platform for real talk and no-holds-barred discussion from the custom LEGO community. Listeners can expect engaging and informative discussions about LEGO customization, including techniques, tools, and the latest trends. The team shares their own experiences with custom LEGO creations, discussing their builds, projects, and the challenges they face as they explore the endless possibilities of the LEGO brick. Listen to Bricks & Banter over at iTunes and Spotify.

Best LEGO Podcasts


I hope you enjoy these cool podcasts for LEGO fans as much as I do. If you happen to stumble upon a similar LEGO podcast, be kind enough to hit the comment button and let us know.

Is This Custom LEGO Mechatrobot the Future of Transportation?

Billed as the “world’s smallest Mechatrobot for children”, the Mechatro WeGo is Japan’s take on the future of children’s school commute. Playfully conceived by Sentinel Co. Ltd. as the ‘ideal’ mode of transportation in extremely mountainous areas and a new way of engaging in various recreational purposes, all of these may sound pretty cool more so if they can be actually real. We don’t know much about this mechanical wonder – where it came from, or what is its ultimate purpose. But one thing is for sure: it caught the attention of our mecha-genius LEGO designer Moko. We featured his transforming LEGO brick a couple of days ago, and now another robotic creation sprung into life from his workshop – the aptly named custom LEGO Mechatrobot.

Custom LEGO Mechatrobot

Moko’s custom LEGO Mechatrobot is a brick rendition of the fictional Mechatro WeGo. The build seems to be unassuming at first, but not until you start peeling away the layers of this build will you see the depth of Moko’s inventiveness.

Custom LEGO Mechatrobot Custom LEGO Mechatrobot Custom LEGO Mechatrobot

Like his transforming LEGO brick, Moko’s custom LEGO Mechatrobot is similarly articulated, and capable of various poses and gestures.

You may follow Moko through his blog and same as before, it will be very, very helpful to hit Translate in Google Chrome’s address bar. In case you are still a bit confused about this wonderful piece of Japanese pop culture, RocketPunchArmy has a pretty neat product review on the actual Mechatro WeGo toy. Check this video.


LEGO Storage and Organization – Some Tips and Photos to Inspire You

Let’s face it: perhaps the most daunting task of being a LEGO fan is when it all comes down to that point where you’re simply lost on how to give order among that chaos of bricks and pieces. There is nothing more troublesome than a disorganized collection that can easily dampen your motivation in pushing through with your next big MOC. So how do we go around in this business of LEGO storage and organization, and making sense of this sea of bricks?

Reality check: the internet is riddled with much good-intentioned advice on how to organize your rainbow-colored abyss of plastic bricks. But truth be told, there is no single, most effective way of LEGO storage and organization. The possibilities are endless and when you think you struck gold in discovering what works for you, humbly bear in mind that it may not be the best for that next-door neighbor who is now pulling his hair for stepping into that 2×4 brick for the nth time.

However, not having a gold standard for putting things in order doesn’t mean that we don’t have to start somewhere. Jennifer at TheBrothersBrick understands this very well. She gives five practical tips that will make life easier for you and for those around you who share the house with a LEGO fanatic. Check out these useful tips. Some of these may also feature affiliate links, so clicking and making a purchase through these links can help us a lot.

Tip #1: Use containers.

Using containers is one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep your LEGO bricks organized. You can use transparent bins or drawers to easily see and access your bricks. Dividing your bricks into different containers based on their size, color, or type can help you quickly find what you need. For instance, you could use one bin for flat bricks, another for slopes, and a third for minifigures. These storage cabinets from Akro-Mils may just be the storage solution that you need.

Tip #2: Label these containers.

Labeling your containers will make it easier to identify what’s inside each one. You can use labels or stickers to indicate the contents of each bin or drawer. Labeling your containers will save you time when you need to find a specific brick, and it will also help you keep your collection organized over the long term. If you need an ideal labeling solution to go with your LEGO bins, then you may want to take a look at Avery’s removable labels.

Tip #3: Don’t procrastinate.

Procrastination is the enemy of organization. When you’re finished building, make sure to put your bricks away in their designated containers right away. Don’t let them pile up on your work surface or in a corner of the room. By taking care of your bricks immediately, you’ll prevent clutter from accumulating and make it easier to find what you need the next time you want to build.

Tip #4: Create some ‘white noise’ while sorting.

Sorting your LEGO bricks can be a tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be boring. You can make the process more enjoyable by listening to music or a podcast while you work. By creating some background noise, you’ll stay focused on the task at hand and make the time fly by.

Tip #5: Fine-tune your LEGO storage and organization system.

Your LEGO storage and organization system should be customized to meet your unique needs. If you find that one system isn’t working for you, don’t be afraid to switch things up. Experiment with different containers, labels, and sorting methods until you find a system that works well for you. You may also find Tom Alphin’s comprehensive LEGO Storage Guide very helpful at this point.

Inspiration to Get You Started

If these tips are not enough to roll up your sleeves and start that brick-picking work, sometimes the best way to push yourself is to be inspired by those who made it. Take a look at these 7 glorious examples of LEGO workspaces that will hopefully challenge you to do the same, without turning green out of envy. And if you like what you see here, please do our brick heroes a favor by following their Flickr page as well.

Now, if I can just find the vacuum cleaner…

Jeff VW (LEGO Panorama)

lego storage and organization


Gary McIntire (My Workbench)

My Workbench


Joel Finch (The Wall)  

lego storage and organization


Mark Kelso (Storage and Sorting)

Storage and Sorting


Chris Maddison (Sorted!)



Fred Beck (LEGO Room Build) 

lego storage and organization


Matt De Lanoy (LEGO Room 2015)

lego storage and organization

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared last March 14, 2016, and has since then, been updated. Banner image courtesy of Chris Giddens.  

WATCH: Where Can You Find the Hardest To Reach LEGO Store?

The LEGO Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90 (10317) has just been revealed and to celebrate the occasion, LEGO dares us to travel what it refers to as the hardest to reach LEGO Store in the world. Well, that is for two highly competitive adventurers willing to take on the college.

The scene is somewhere in the remote Scottish Highlands, where two of the most adventurous travelers go head-to-head to be the first to land at the hardest to reach LEGO Store on the planet.

As you can see, it’s not the typical LEGO Store that we are used to. The LEGO Group came up with the idea of placing a brightly colored yellow Land Rover on top of the Scottish Highlands (complete with its iconic logo and signboard) and see who will be able to first reach this remote location.

It’s a showdown between two fierce adventurers – Raha Moharrak, the first Saudi woman to climb Mount Everest and the Seven Summits, as she takes on Aldo Kane, a native Scottish explorer and extreme locations expert, in a thrilling competition to reach the remote LEGO Store and build the new set. Watch this.


It’s a pretty cool marketing ad actually, keeping in line with the sense of awe and adventure that comes with the Land Rover brand. And now that we have another building set to celebrate the adventurer in us in the form of this latest brick-built offering, it’s time to grab those bricks again and embark on your very own building adventure.

The LEGO Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90 (10317) is slated to arrive in (actual) LEGO Stores starting April 4, 2023. For more information, visit

LEGO Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90 (10317) Coming in April!

The LEGO Icons’ portfolio has been expanded to include another attractive set to inspire your next off-road adventure. Based on the classic design of the Land Rover, the release of the LEGO Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90 also marks the iconic vehicle’s 75th anniversary.

If this build is somewhat familiar to you, you might recall that this is the 2nd time LEGO will offer a set based on the Land Rover. A similar LEGO Land Rover Defender (42110) set was released last year under the Technic theme. However, this recent offering gives it a more adventurous tone with its classic green sage look, and tons of traveling and camping gear.

The LEGO Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90 (10317) comes in at 2,336 pieces and will be available starting April 4, 2023, retailing for $239.99. Read on for the set’s full product description and take a closer look.

LEGO Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90 (10317)

2,336 pieces | $239.99 | Coming Soon on April 4, 2023

LEGO Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90

LEGO Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90

Fuel your creativity with the LEGO® Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90 (10317). This immersive building project for adults lets you build one of the most famous vehicles in off-road history before taking it for a spin.

Get your Land Rover ready for adventure
Staying true to the original 1983 model, this car collectible is sand green with a white roof, black wheel trims and a brown interior. It features functional steering, working suspension and a choice of 2 engines. Car-lovers can keep the basic vehicle as a Land Rover Estate or customize it for an epic off-road adventure using accessories such as a roll cage, fire extinguisher, roof rack, an engine snorkel and traction plates for crossing muddy terrain.

Take the scenic route
As well as being the perfect gift for Land Rover fans and car collectors, this building set provides a rewarding project for adults who appreciate outstanding design.

  • Indulge your creativity – Build and display a LEGO® Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90 (10317 ), an immersive project that lets adults create, customize and display their own collectible car
  • Authentic details – The model features functional steering, opening doors, working suspension and a hood that opens. Inside there are accurate interior details and a coffee cup for the driver
  • Ready for adventure – Customize this car collectible with off-road accessories including a roll cage, fire extinguisher, jerry cans, toolbox, working winch, mudguards and traction plates
  • Choose your drive – Build the car as a left-hand or right-hand drive vehicle. It comes with the choice of a diesel or a petrol engine, plus 3 different hood options
  • Gift for car fans – This building set makes a gift for car-lovers and collectors, as well as anyone who likes cool vehicles and display cars
  • Dimensions – The clean version of the model measures over 6 in. (16 cm) high, 12.5 in. (32 cm) long and 6 in. (16 cm) wide


LEGO Star Wars Spider Tank (75361) from The Mandalorian Has Arrived!

In case you missed it, has been updated to include yet another LEGO Star Wars set inspired by the latest season of Disney+’s The Mandalorian. The LEGO Star Wars Spider Tank (75361) features a brick-built version of the mechanical behemoth deep from the Mines of Mandalore.

This latest offering comes hot on the heels of last week’s Pirate Snub Fighter (75346) set also taking inspiration from The Mandalorian’s 3rd season. The LEGO Star Wars Spider Tank clocks in at 526 pieces and features a mechanical, alien-like, spider build with highly articulated legs, a cockpit, and a hatch with stud shooters. What is interesting is that this set also features a new Darksaber accessory that is close to the original design.

Unfortunately, we only have one official product image to show as LEGO seems to have more in store in the future. The launch date for the LEGO Star Wars Spider Tank (75361) is still way off in August, so we can certainly expect more images from LEGO before then.

For now, check out the rest of the set’s details. You may also pre-order this set using our affiliate link below.

LEGO Star Wars Spider Tank (75361)

526 pieces | $49.99 | Minifigures include Din Djarin with a new Darksaber accessory, Bo-Katan Kryze, and Grogu | Pre-order this item today, it will ship from August 1, 2023

Play out exciting battle action from Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 3 with this LEGO® brick-built Spider Tank toy (75361) for ages 9 and up. It features flexible legs, grabbing claws, an opening cockpit with space for a LEGO minifigure, and an elevating hatch with 2 stud shooters. The set also includes 3 popular Star Wars™ characters – The Mandalorian with a darksaber, blaster pistol and jetpack element, Bo-Katan Kryze with 2 blasters and a jetpack element, plus a LEGO figure of Grogu (the character affectionately known as “Baby Yoda” by fans).

A helping hand
Let the LEGO Builder app guide your youngster on an intuitive building adventure, allowing them to zoom in and rotate digital 3D versions of the construction model as they build, track their progress and more.

Gift idea
This premium-quality building toy makes an awesome gift for kids who like to be part of the latest trends. It’s part of a huge range of LEGO Star Wars building sets that will thrill Star Wars fans of all ages.

  • Buildable Spider Tank toy playset (75361) – Kids can team up with their heroes to battle against a detailed, stud-shooting LEGO® brick model of the Spider Tank from Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 3
  • 3 LEGO® Star Wars™ characters – The Mandalorian with a darksaber, blaster pistol and jetpack element, Bo-Katan Kryze with 2 blasters and a jetpack element, plus a Grogu LEGO figure
  • Built for action – The Spider Tank features flexible legs, grabbing claws, an opening cockpit with space for a LEGO® minifigure, and an elevating hatch with 2 stud shooters
  • Fun gift idea for kids aged 9 and up – Give this 526-piece building toy as a holiday gift, birthday present or special reward to Star Wars: The Mandalorian fans
  • Build and play – The buildable Spider Tank model measures over 3.5 in. (9 cm) high, 7.5 in. (20 cm) long and 6.5 in. (17 cm) wide

Is the LEGO Indiana Jones The Temple of Doom (77014) Set Cancelled?

Earlier today, LEGO fans all over were buzzing with excitement as the highly anticipated LEGO Indiana Jones 2023 sets were finally revealed. Despite a few leaks from the rumor mill since 2022, fans were thrilled to finally get an official reveal of what the sets would entail. However, eagle-eyed enthusiasts quickly noticed that one anticipated set that was announced was conspicuously missing from this lineup. Unfortunately, it seems that the LEGO Indiana Jones The Temple of Doom (77014) will not be making its debut eventually.

LEGO Indiana Jones The Temple of Doom
Is the LEGO Indiana Jones The Temple of Doom (77014) set canceled eventually? Image courtesy of Brickset.

As you may recall, a previous version of The Temple of Doom has been offered by LEGO back in 2009 with set 7199. And since early leaks of a remake of this set have circulated already, fans were already expecting that four LEGO Indiana Jones should be in order. In fact, images and box art of the modern LEGO Indiana Jones The Temple of Doom set have also been shared online months prior to the theme’s official comeback. So it’s understandable, to say the least, that such an absence of the set in question left most LEGO fans a bit perplexed.

LEGO is yet to make an official statement about The Temple of Doom’s absence, but a word from the LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN) may give us a hint about the future of this set.

Throughout 2022, the LEGO Group worked closely with Lucasfilm to optimize our planned product line up for the upcoming LEGO Indiana Jones product launches in April 2023. As an outcome of this, we consolidated the launch to focus on three products (77012, 77013, 77015 ) that feature some of the most iconic scenes from the Indiana Jones franchise. We hope our fans love the new range and can’t wait to get their hands on them.

Well as always, LEGO is neither denying nor confirming anything about the future of the LEGO Indiana Jones The Temple of Doom (77014) set in this statement. But reading between the lines, it’s quite apparent that LEGO purposively left out this set and will most likely not launch this product anytime soon.

From a corporate perspective, I understand LEGO’s seemingly apprehensive stance about the release of this controversial set. Well, it’s not that the set itself is controversial, but the film or scene from the film that it recreates. Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom was released in 1984, back in those days when racial stereotypes abound in Hollywood films. That scene in particular when one of the film’s antagonists, Mola Ram, is included and eventually made its way as an official minifigure in 2009, is something that the LEGO Group may be weary about. Not only because of the gruesome ritualistic sacrifices that this character in the film did (like tearing away a beating heart from a live human sacrifice), but also the potential harm that culturally inaccurate portrayals may do to people of color and other communities.

The first LEGO Indiana Jones The Temple of Doom (7199) set was released in 2009.

These set cancellations are not really new as far as the LEGO group is concerned. There were numerous occasions in the past when LEGO needed to cancel a set that was eventually slated to be officially revealed. But in case you’re curious about what the LEGO Indiana Jones The Temple of Doom (77014) has to offer, what we do know is that it comes with 6 minifigures including the characters of Short Round, Willie Scott, Indy, Mola Ram, and two Temple Guards. It is also expected to retail between $85-$90 and clocks in at 801 pieces.

As I’ve mentioned, the LEGO Group itself has not released any official statement regarding this missing (or perhaps, canceled) set. It is also understandable if LEGO will eventually forego the idea of offering this re-release all throughout as it doesn’t align with their values. And also as a way of avoiding further criticism as well. We just have to wait and see in the following weeks.