New LEGO Monkie Kid Stuff: Galactic Explorer (80035) and New Content on Apple Arcade’s “LEGO Brawls”

For fans of LEGO action themes wanting more variety outside Ninjago, Monkie Kid was a breath of fresh air. A fantasy-futuristic take on the “Journey to the West” isn’t new; anime fans have “Dragon Ball” for starters. But a fantasy-futuristic “Journey to the West” rendered in LEGO and animated in 2D? LEGO had a winning recipe with this. Both the sets and the animated series generated massive hype, as had the announcement that the theme will continue. As affirmation of this, LEGO showed a new Monkie Kid set at the Chinese International Import Expo. Some videogame content was revealed elsewhere.

First, let’s have a peek at the new upcoming LEGO Monkie Kid set. It’s called the Galactic Explorer (80035), and is the most openly sci-fi set of the franchise yet. We get a space rocket in distinct LEGO Monkie Kid aesthetics. As for minifigs, Monkie Kid looks to be teamed with Mei, Tang, Sandy, and his cat Mo. They appear to be fighting the Monkey King’s rival, Macaque, who has used his cloning magic (explaining “two” Macaques). We’re not sure yet if this set ties into the planned third season of the “Monkie Kid” series.

Meanwhile, Brick Fanatics has it that Apple Arcade’s “LEGO Brawls” is getting some Monkie Kid content. As can be seen in the trailer above, not only do MK and his friends join the roster. The platform-fighter mobile game developed by Red Games Co. will also be getting a new stage: Flower Fruit Mountain. “LEGO Brawls” gives a gorgeous adaptation of the LEGO Monkie Kid set (80024). The LMK stuff is now available on that title, playable on Apple Arcade with a monthly subscription. LEGO Monkie Kid is, indeed, continuing strongly.

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