Home Media Release Dates for “LEGO Movie 2” Announced

It’s been over a month since the premiere of “The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.” Compared to its original film from 2014, the sequel had been a stark underperformer throughout its theatrical run. Perhaps the onslaught of movie spinoffs in the intervening years resulted in franchise fatigue for LEGO and Warner Bros’ key audiences.

In any case, there’s not much that can be done to increase the $171 million worldwide box office of “LEGO Movie 2.” The best course now is to transition towards home media. That means releasing in the two general formats of “digital” and “physical disc.”

Warner Bros. Pictures has pegged April 16 for the release of the digital version of “LEGO Movie 2.” This can be preordered right now on both iTunes and Google Play, with a guaranteed arrival on release day. In the meantime, the physical home media versions of the film (4K UHD, Blu-Ray and DVD) will release two months onward, May 7th.


“The LEGO Movie 2” reunites most of the star-studded 2014 cast such as Chris Pratt (reprising main character Emmet and voicing a new character at the same time), Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett, plus newcomers Tiffany Haddish and Stephanie Beatriz. It involves Emmet going on a trip to save his friends who were abducted by the alien Duplons from the Systar System, before a mysterious cataclysmic event can take place.

The 4K UHD and Blu-Ray home versions of “LEGO Movie 2” have these bonus features:

  1. Everything is Awesome Sing-along
  2. Filmmakers’ Commentary
  3. They Come in Pieces: Assembling “The LEGO Movie 2”​ – voice cast featurette
  4. Emmet’s Holiday Party: A LEGO Movie Short
  5. LEGO Sets in Action“LEGO Movie 2” tie-in sets being animated
  6. LEGO Designers – interview with the designers of the movie tie-in sets
  7. Outtakes & Deleted Scenes
  8. Super Cool Music Video (with Beck, featuring Robyn and The Lonely Island)
  9. Promotion Spots

LEGO Acknowledges Ideas Numbering Error on Steamboat Willie (21317), Plus Set Signing Events at Disney Parks in April

While it’s not going to be available until April 1, we already got our first good looks at the new LEGO Ideas Disney Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Willie set (21317) this week. There might have been an element of April Fools’ with the preview though, when one looks at the numbering.


By that we mean the LEGO Ideas sequential numbering in front of the box. It says this is the 24th Ideas set released. Not true. That was the LEGO Ideas Flintstones (21316) released at the start of this month. LEGO was quick to pick up the buzz and issued this apology for the accidental misprint.

Due to our excitement to get the Steamboat Willie set into the hands of LEGO fans around the world as quick as possible, an error was made on the packaging relating to the sequential set number. It was mistakenly printed as #24 and it should have been #25.

This will be corrected in future sets.

Of course what that means it that the early-run LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie (21317) set boxes will eventually become collectors’ items for the typographical flub. In the future we might be looking at inflated prices for 21317 boxes with #24 being hawked online. Hilarity ensues.

In other Steamboat Willie-related news, there are signing events lined up for LEGO Ideas 21317. Obviously they’ll be held in Disney theme parks, but the featured signatory will be the original Ideas designer Máté Szabó. American and European Disney-goers take note of these important dates:

LEGO Store at Disney Springs, Walt Disney World

Orlando, Florida

April 3, 5PM – 8PM


LEGO Store at Disney Village, Disneyland Paris

April 6, 10AM – 1PM

First US Appearance of LEGO Life-Sized Bugatti Chiron in Disney Springs, Disney World

It’s been over six month now since LEGO unveiled their proof of concept that LEGO bricks can build anything. The proof was a life-sized brick-built Bugatti Chiron, using the same elements as the official LEGO Technic Chiron set (42083) and able to actually run, powered solely by Power Functions motors.

For the rest of 2018 the 1:1 LEGO Bugatti Chiron has been on a grand European tour, appearing in racetracks, auto shows and LEGO Stores. After last hearing of it in the UK, we’ve learned that the life-sized LEGO Chiron has already crossed the Atlantic for its first appearance stateside.

When guests at the Disney Springs commercial hub in Walt Disney World, Florida noticed that open space was being prepared in front of their LEGO Store, excitement started to build. Now they can announce that the 1:1 LEGO Bugatti Chiron will be making its first US stop at Disney Springs.

In case you need a refresher, a crack LEGO design team assembled this epic e-car with over a million LEGO Technic pieces, or 90% of the total construction. The “engine” housed 2,304 Power Functions motors driving 4,032 Technic gear wheels to move its genuine tires. Considering it weighs 1.5 tons it’s a miracle the LEGO Chiron can actually manage 20/km.

The LEGO brick-built Bugatti will be parked at the Disney Springs LEGO Store in Disney World over the weekend, from March 22 to 24. Unfortunately no test drives are allowed, but guests might sit inside and marvel at it all.

New Amazon Discounts on Latest LEGO Marvel “Spider-Man” Sets

As if to achieve “product synergy” with the 2018 Holiday premiere of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” LEGO decided on an early release for their 2019 Marvel “Spider-Man” sets. Some of these were also among the first releases of the LEGO “4+” rating that replaced the now-retired “LEGO Junior” product subset.

This March, months after their early arrival, these LEGO Marvel Spider-Man sets are now available at discounted prices through a sale on Amazon. They’re great sets to collect some uncommon Spider-Man related Marvel characters like “Miles Morales” Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen.

Historical Landmark Submission on LEGO Ideas Looking for Support: Mackinac Grand Hotel by David Lorch

Travelers in Michigan State who regularly cross the Mackinac Bridge will never fail to catch a sight of, and be entranced by, the Victorian-style Grand Hotel off in Mackinac Island. Built in 1887, it boasts having the largest front porch in the world, plus a who’s who of historic guests.

One motorist who’s been enamored with regularly seeing the Grand Hotel from Mackinac Bridge is University of Michigan engineer David Lorch. A LEGO builder himself, Lorch built a 9-foot scale model of the Mackinac Grand Hotel in 2017 for their 130th Anniversary event. He now plans to remake his MOC into a LEGO Ideas submission.

As shown on the video above, the Ideas version of Dr. Lorch’s Mackinac Grand Hotel in LEGO manages to retain details of the actual building. With 710 pieces, Lorch managed to capture the look of the many pillars supporting the “world’s largest porch” as well as its blue painted ceiling.


The Mackinac Grand Hotel product idea is a fairly recent addition to the LEGO Ideas platform of submissions. As of this writing it has managed to gain about 1,241 supporters, with 428 days remaining to reach the review-ready 10-K mark.

This remarkable micro-build makes for a quaint celebration of the over-a-century old hotel which has hosted five US Presidents, Thomas Edison and Mark Twain, not to mention becoming a National Historic Landmark. It’s a great conversion of David Lorch’s original 9-foot model, just the right dimensions for a LEGO set.


Rare Unnumbered LEGO Exclusive Set Found at Singapore Changi Airport T3 LEGO Store

The thing about exclusive LEGO products is that you might need to be an international traveller to collect them all. That perhaps, or have online friends living where the exclusives are found. Among these uncommon LEGO products are the Architecture set (40199) of Billund Airport in Denmark, available only in their departure lounge LEGO Store.

Speaking of airports, there’s an unnumbered exclusive LEGO mini set that’s available for purchase only at the Terminal 3 LEGO Store of Changi Airport in Singapore. The packaging is pretty barebones: transparent sealable bag with instruction sheet and hand-packed LEGO pieces to build a scale model of Changi’s Airport Tower.


Information on this unnumbered LEGO bag set was provided to German LEGO news source Zusammengebaut, such as that the model was developed by LEGO Certified Builder Nicholas Foo. It has just enough bricks and pieces to form three main components – square base, tower shaft and control deck – that assemble to form the Changi Airport Tower.

The item was promoted on a Changi T3 LEGO Store flyer, which states that it’s free with any minimum LEGO purchase of 80 Singaporean Dollars. Each customer is also limited to 2 redemptions per day. Minimalist packaging hints that quantities are extremely limited.


The chances of this LEGO exclusive becoming available anywhere else is pretty slim. Thankfully the instruction sheet has been shared by Zusammengebaut, including a piece and element list that can be ordered from LEGO if so desired.

LEGO Ideas Disney Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Willie Set (21317) Officially Revealed

Last week, LEGO Ideas put out a teaser for the reveal of a new upcoming set, Disney’s Steamboat Willie (21317). This Monday, March 18, the wait ended and LEGO Ideas’ Steamboat Willie set was unveiled. It’s everything that original creator Máté Szabó/szabomate90 envisioned, with LEGO adding some nifty extras too.

LEGO Ideas Disney Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Willie (21317) is a beautiful rendition of the cartoon river vessel that catapulted Mickey Mouse to legendary stardom. It also demonstrates some nifty non-Technic mechanics. There are hidden wheels under the hull to facilitate the steamboat “steaming” along any surface. As the wheel turns, the paddles turn and the twin smokestacks alternately rise and fall, like in the animation.


Anyway, just as with the 1928 cartoon short directed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks the whole set’s in black, white and grayscale, with the only colors in the packaging. The new Mickey and Minnie Mouse minifigures included are truly special with touches of silver added to their color schemes.

Other features of the famous steamboat include an adjustable crane; articulated rudder wheel and brick-built bell in the bridge; “1928” tile; props like a pennant, potato bin, parrot figure, and Minnie’s guitar and musical score.


In addition, there’s also a commemorative brick plaque with the Mickey symbol and another “1928” year tile. This can serve as a standup display or a floor plate for the Mickey and Minnie Mouse minifigs. The instruction booklet will also include a section detailing the history of the “Steamboat Willie” cartoon short, plus info on both the Ideas creator and the LEGO design team that made the product idea official.

One last detail: LEGO news source and online set guide Brickset, to whom we owe these official set images, also noticed a printing error on the Steamboat Willie (21317) box. It identifies this product as the 24th Ideas set when it’s actually number 25 in sequence. The real 24th was the previous Ideas set, Flintstones (21316), which came out on the first day of this month and is still freshly available.


Fans of LEGO and totally classic Disney can expect the Ideas Steamboat Willie (21317) to arrive this April 1; and that’s no April Fools’.

Two LEGO Polybags Free Gift with Minimum Purchase, One in LEGO US and the Other in LEGO UK

With LEGO, both in stores and on Shop@Home, it’s never very long before a new promotion is announced. One can never receive too many gifts with your total LEGO purchases. Official word has recently come out on two such freebies for two major regions on both sides of the Atlantic.

For LEGO US, they’re bringing back cute polybag released last 2018 back to the limelight. This is the appropriately named Cute Pug (30542), which we also covered in the previous year. A 3-in-1 construct, this 68-piece poly can be either a turkey or koala, or an adorable bulldog with hydrant.


This LEGO Creator Cute Pug (30542) can be had once again with a minimum LEGO purchase of $35. This is the best chance to get this 2018 Creator 3-in-1 polybag if you can’t be bother to look for it at Target stores, which had been its original stomping grounds.

Over in LEGO UK, the gift-with-purchase of the moment is a new one for this year, none other than the LEGO Friends Tulips (30408) polybag. It’s easily one of the best basic flower builds released by LEGO yet, with two tulip blossoms in a pot and a helpful pollinating bee.


Shop@Home UK will see the LEGO Friends Tulips (30408) being free with every minimum total LEGO purchase of £35. This promo runs until March 31, Mother’s Day 2019. It’s practically the theme for this gift with purchase according to the UK Shop@Home page. Interested collectors better hope supplies will last.

Rumors Abound Regarding “Stranger Things” LEGO Tie-Ins Later this Year

While the new “LEGO Hidden Side” mobile game app and product line has a certain quirky creepiness to it, that pales in comparison to something like “Stranger Things.” The popular Netflix sci-fi horror series will be starting its third season this July. And apparently LEGO is tying into the bandwagon.

All this rose out of a rumor shared with our fellow LEGO News sources Brick Fanatics. The word was simple: a new LEGO Stranger Things line of sets coming out this year, coinciding with season 3. The Brick Fan in turn got its own rumor feed courtesy of Twitter, care of Cinelinx editor-in-chief Jordan Maison.

The swirling rumors would have it that the LEGO Stranger Things line will first get two location-based sets, one in the real world of Hawkins, Indiana and another in the Upside Down. Needless to say, these sets will carry minifigures of the awesome cast of “Stranger Things,” from Joyce and Jim to Mike and El.

Standard LEGO rumor disclaimers apply: until LEGO comes out with an official statement to confirm or deny these musings, keep those salt shakers within easy reach for the proverbial grain.

And another thing: Jordan Maison’s tweet about LEGO Stranger Things also includes a rumor for a LEGO Star Wars “Episode IX” tie-in. It’s supposed to be another Millennium Falcon build, but smaller, and with a new Lando minifigure. Like with the rumored sets above, the same disclaimer applies here too.

Fiffh LEGO Ideas 10K Passer for First 2019 Review Stage: Endangered New Zealand Kakapo by FlancrestEnterprises

The First 2019 Review Stage of LEGO Ideas is shaping to be a primarily building-based batch of submissions. Of the four 10-K product ideas awaiting review, three are structures (a historical building, a TV show interior set, and a classic-theme throwback). Only a quirky anatomical model’s the odd bird out.

Speaking of birds, what a coincidence! FlancrestEnterprises on LEGO Ideas has succeeded in getting a product idea up to 10,000 supporters. Said submission is a brick-built model of a very fascinating New Zealand bird. FlancrestEnterprises hopes it can increase awareness of the plight of this rare and critically endangered species.

The Kakapo or owl parrot is a flightless nocturnal parrot, endemic to New Zealand. It’s said to be one of the bird species with the longest potential lifespan. That hasn’t helped the Kakapo population, which is now numbered at less than 150, all named by observers and under close watch.

FlancrestEnterprises designed a brick-built Kakapo, with about 437 LEGO pieces of the birds’ green and brown plumage. Points of articulation include wings and tail feathers, and its printed-tile eyes were repurposed from BrickHeadz sets. Here’s a comparison of the Ideas Kakapo and the real thing.

This set does double-duty as a LEGO display piece (in lieu of creepy stuffed birds) and as an ad campaign for New Zealand’s conservation efforts to keep the Kakapos thriving. Perhaps that will give this work by FlancrestEnterprises some oomph with the reviewers, similar to the feelings of sympathy elicited by the Museu Nacional set, in honor the of the real one which burned down.