New 2015 LEGO Ideas Sets Confirmed!

Recently, LEGO officially announced the next Ideas sets. Yes, sets; plural. The most recent review has decided to give us two sets from the review stage for later this year. Which was nice of them.

For all you Disney fans out there, you’ll be glad to know that one of these sets is going to be WALL-E (, which is great for those who want a set of the lovable robot, but not so great for us here at The Brick Show, as no-one is gonna want to buy our custom STUD-E  figure anymore….

But wait, that is not all…Doctor Who fans rejoice! We will also be getting a Doctor Who set ( which is awesome, especially for me given that I am a Whovian. It looks from the pictures of the fan submitted set that we will be getting a TARDIS, a Dalek, a Weeping Angel and a Cyberman. The picture shows Tennant’s Doctor, but LEGO may update this to Capaldi. Also, for a little display stand, we might be getting Tom Baker…how odd.

(Let’s see who got that Tom Baker joke).


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