Rumored Upcoming BrickHeadz Sets Get Numbers and Prices, Still Not Officially Confirmed

News regarding the latest sets in LEGO BrickHeadz have been a prominent part of our past coverage in not just one but multiple international toy fairs. Perhaps the most important announcement for the line is the Go Brick Me (41597) set, a “blank slate” BrickHeadz figure with various customization options.

Of course, there are still plenty of upcoming BrickHeadz that are based on licensed franchises, considering the line’s reputation as LEGO’s take on super-deformed vinyl figurines by other companies. Now, with the New York Toy Fair behind us, new whispers, but with very specific details, are circling about.

The rumored Back to the Future BrickHeadz 2-pack with Marty and Doc Brown have been given a set number (41611). So too is the Minecraft double-header with Steve & Creeper (41612). But that’s not all; we’ve got a detailed rumor list of those soon-to-release BrickHeadz and their numbers too:

  • Justice League – Tactical Batman & Superman (41610)
  • Back to the Future – Marty McFly & Doc Brown (41611)
  • Minecraft – Steve & Creeper (41612)
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (41614)
  • Wizarding World (41615)
  • Wizarding World (41616) (SOLO)
  • Frozen – Elsa (41617) (SOLO)
  • Frozen – Anna & Olaf (41618)
  • Star Wars – Darth Vader (41619) (SOLO)
  • Star Wars – Stormtrooper (41620) (SOLO)
  • Star Wars – Luke Skywalker & Yoda (41627)
  • Star Wars – Boba Fett (41629) (SOLO)

For specific details, no proper names have been given to the single and 2-pack sets themed after Harry Potter’s Wizarding World, though rumor has it that the one is Newt Scamander and the other is two of the “Golden Trio”, Harry and Hermione.

All solo BrickHeadz sets are priced at $9.99, while most of the 2-packs are $19.99. Exceptions are: Wizarding World (41615), Frozen – Anna & Olaf (41618), and Star Wars – Luke Skywalker & Yoda (41627), which would go for $14.99 due to having smaller figures.

AGAIN, these listings are still RUMORS, and we are now waiting on LEGO to finally confirm or debunk it all.

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