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LEGO NEXO Knights is slated to be released this week in the UK. Immediate Media, publisher of the Chima, Ninjago and Friends magazines, will be launching this maiden issue coupled with a very sweet deal: a Lance Richmond minifigure with a round table and feast. This is somehow a rare treat considering that this is the first time that Lance is seen without a helmet and on a rather relaxed mood. Definitely, a hero needs a break every once in a while.

Lance Minifig

Like the ones before it, LEGO NEXO Knights Magazine comes with heaps of cartoons, activities, competitions, posters, and of course the above mentioned minifig. The magazine is aimed primarily at kids from 6-14, and is based on the popular LEGO theme set and animated television series that debuted on Cartoon Network in the US last December 13, 2015.

The series focuses on five valiant young knights namely Clay, Aaron, Lance, Macy, and Axl who have sworn to protect Knighton from the ruthless Jestro and his menacing Book of Monsters and legion of lava monsters. With the help of the digital wizard Merlok 2.0, and apprentice Robin Underwood, the Nexo Knights defends the kingdom from evil using their Nexo Powers.

We’re still keeping watch on when is the official release of LEGO Nexo Knights Magazine in the US, if ever there’ll be one. In the meantime, our best bet probably is either to order online or have our good old friends in the UK send us a copy.

Check out some of these sample pages courtesy of The LEGO Nexo Knights Magazine will be available on Wednesday, February 24 at shops for a price of £3.25 (US$ 4.65)

LEGO Nexo Page 2

LEGO Nexo Page 3

LEGO Nexo Page 4

LEGO Nexo Page 5

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