Since the release of the LEGO Batman Movie’s official teaser trailer, there has been a lot of buzz going on around the LEGO community. Such discussions are bound to happen, considering the scope of production and attention being given by Warner Bros. Pictures in terms of promoting the film. Social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) have been created as early as now to pump up the interest and hype for the movie.


One particular scene in the film has caught the attention of LEGO fans and has been the topic of discussions among forums. It was the eye-popping scene of Batman’s array of Bat costumes throughout his crime fighting career. Of course, the all-too-familiar pun and parody typical of LEGO is very noticeable in that particular shot. Here’s a brushed up photo of that scene.


Groovebricks shared a convincing argument for the possibility of new sets to be offered as an offshoot of the film. Again, this is expected seeing how Warner Bros and LEGO gave considerable attention to the LEGO Movie two years ago. According to sources, we can expect plenty of sets lined up for the LEGO Batman Movie, and it will not be a long shot to speculate a Collectible Minifigure Series (CMF) to evolve from the movie as well. If you can recall, a total of 17 sets has been released for The LEGO Movie (TLM), including the LEGO Movie CMF Series 71004. If the LEGO Batman Movie will be as successful as TLM, with its total domestic gross of more than $257 million (more than four times of its production budget of $60 million), we can further expect that LEGO will capitalize on this hopeful leverage.

IMG_4278 lego movie cmf

Groovebricks further mentioned some reliable sources in LEGO fandom that adds weight to its claims. Just2good over at Eurobricks has so far been proven to be accurate with regards to his predictions. Here’s a screen grab of what he has to say about the LEGO Batman Movie.


There is also the question of timing in terms of the movie releases. Since there is confirmation already regarding the release of another LEGO theatrical movie by 2017 this time focusing on Ninjago, LEGO might be doing a lot of balancing act here in terms of marketing and promotion. Though these LEGO movies are scheduled a good 7 months apart from each other – LEGO Batman Movie opening in theaters on February 10, 2017 while the LEGO Ninjago Movie on September 22 – fans will somehow be saturated with a barrage of new LEGO sets waiting to be released within the year. We can beg the question then of how much attention will LEGO give to the development and promotions of its 2017 theatrical releases.

Though it’s nice to think about the possibility of new sets and CMFs looming on the horizon, again, we have to hold on to our salt shakers and take things with a grain of salt. Given the scale of the efforts being dished out for the LEGO Batman Movie, and leveraging on the recent Batman VS Superman movie, we can expect that interest on these possible LEGO Batman Movie and CMF sets will further rev up any time soon.


Do you want to see a new CMF and themed sets made for the LEGO Batman Movie? What do you think is the best minifigs to include here? Share your thoughts at the comments section below.

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