If you’re keen in keeping tabs with the news that we’ve been posting here at the BrickShow, you may have noticed how we have kept a close watch on Mark Smiley’s LEGO Ideas entry, the Rolling LEGO BB-8. Ever since we featured his MOC a month ago, we saw how it steadily gained support for a period of just less than two months. Now that it has gained the thumbs up approval of more than 10,000 supporters, Mark’s LEGO BB-8 will now have to find its way to get the nod of the LEGO Review Board.


However, this little rolling guy’s journey has just begun, and joining him for this year’s first Review Stage are the following fellow 10K achievers:


Mark and his team made several modifications to the Rolling LEGO BB-8 since it was introduced in February. He plans to improve his MOC by lowering BB-8’s head so it sits closer to the body, adding a pair of antennas, and the possibility of giving him omni-directional movement.

We’re excited to see how these LEGO Ideas projects turn out after the Review Stage later on. We’ll keep everyone posted with the most recent developments on this side of LEGO Ideas, and from all of us here at BrickShow, congratulations to all  the aspiring builders who achieved the 10K mark!

Author: Albert Balanza

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