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It is common knowledge that LEGO has more to offer than bricks and minifigs. From iPhone cases to tags and even candy and ice cube trays, you can actually ‘brickify’ almost all of your stuff. So it doesn’t come as a surprise if LEGO will opt to dabble in wearables with the discerning LEGO fashionista in mind. LEGO just recently partnered with Japanese fashion and apparel giant, Uniqlo, for its newest lineup of brick-inspired tees. Available in kids and adults sizes, these shirts doesn’t disappoint.


LEGO Tshirts adults


Having the AFOL (Adult Fans Of LEGO) community in mind, the adult versions feature designs that are not overly comical or child-like. Its subtle suggestions for the love of the brick are featured in a variety of designs that doesn’t necessarily turn you into a walking bill board. But if you’re the type that doesn’t mind flaunting the LEGO brand and its logo, and is actually proud to be seen wearing one, then there is a perfect shirt just for you.


LEGO Tshirts kids


Though listed initially at Uniqlo’s UK online store, it will not take long before it reaches the US. Pricing starts at $19 for adult sizes and $12 for kids sizes. We just hope that it will come bundled with a polybag set or a minifigure, same with what Uniqlo did in Asia, particularly in Hongkong.



A rough Google Translation shows that these LEGO themed shirts were offered by Uniqlo in Hongkong and Taiwan together with a polybag set from LEGO’s Monthly Mini-Builds namely the Space Shuttle 40127 (released in February 2015), Robot 40128 (March 2015), Koala 40130 (May 2015) and the Parrot 40131(June 2015). We can’t figure out the details on how these mini-builds were bundled with the Uniqlo apparel, other than the fact that the company’s logo was also printed on the polybags.

We hope to see the same here once these shirts hit US shores.


Which shirt do you like from this line-up? Browse through the photos below and tell us your choice.

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