LEGO What Am I? Board Game 40161 Revealed at LEGOLAND Billund


LEGOLAND is full of surprises, and that is exactly what Zusammengebaut further discovered when he paid a visit to LEGOLAND Billund in Denmark. Hot off the trail from his post about the LEGO Friends Heartlake Performance School 41134 which he discovered at the shelves of the LEGO Store, comes another find that will get LEGO board game enthusiasts excited.

Similar to the popular guessing game “Guess Who?” by Hasbro, LEGO What Am I? 40161 follows the same game mechanics, but with a fun LEGO twist. We’ve heard about this set for quite some time now where it was initially sighted at the newly opened LEGO Certified Store in Arese Shopping Center, Milan, Italy. Given that it is not seen yet at any retailer outside of LEGO, chances are we might get to see more of 40161 as a LEGO Store exclusive, though it is not yet listed at as of this writing. Take a look.

lego-what-am-i-was-bin-ich-exclusive-set-box-40161-2016-zusammengebaut-andres-lehmann-945x554 lego-what-am-i-was-bin-ich-exclusive-set-box-back-40161-2016-zusammengebaut-andres-lehmann

What’s really nice about this set is the fact that it comes with plenty minifigures, 16 to be exact, with 8 mounted on each side of two separate baseplates plus other brick-built pieces. Perhaps other than being a great way to kill some time like any other board game, the greatest selling point of 40161 is the large amount of minifigures that it offers. If you look closely at the video, these minifigures are somewhat from the LEGO City theme, each with its own accessory. The only catch is that each minifigure comes in pairs since you must have two of the same minifig in order to play the game. As in any other LEGO board game, you are free to use your own minifigs and be creative in adding your own customizations. Watch this video for a better look.

According to Zusammengebaut, the shelf price of LEGO What Am I? 40161 equivalent to 60 Euros or roughly $68 USD. With 536 pieces and tons of minifigures, I definitely have no qualms in getting this set.

What do you think about the LEGO What Am I 40161? Are you excited to get one of these sets? Drop us a note in the comments section below.

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