Force Friday’s LEGO Star Wars Darth Revan Mishap is Quite Discouraging.

We’re still a couple of hours away before this year’s Force Friday is officially over, yet it seems that it’s a wrap up already for some of LEGO’s promotional offers. After the announcement of the LEGO Star Wars Darth Revan minifigure promotional, most of us were excited, with raised hopes of having this exclusive minifig which was last offered back in 2014. We reported earlier that this hard-to-find minifig will be available for FREE for any purchase of LEGO Star Wars product. The catch? It is only offered for a day, which is, as we know, during Force Friday.

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However, things didn’t turn out well for those who opted to wait patiently via Aesthetically good as it may seem, the revamped LEGO website seemed to have issues that caused a lot of heartaches for those who were looking forward to add this elusive minifig to their collection. As it turned out, the Darth Revan minifigure is no longer available and may have run out already. A quick browse over at now reveals that the said minifigure is no longer attached as a promotional, but instead for some regions, it is the LEGO Nexo Knights Ultimate Lavaria 70335 or the LEGO Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper 30602 (if you’re in the UK), that keeps on popping up as shared by some of our Facebook visitors.


This turned out to be a huge disappointment especially for those who were waiting to purchase online the latest LEGO Star Wars Rogue One sets. Several fans lamented on the fact that the said sets were not yet available for purchase via, with only a frustrating ‘Coming Soon’ remark appearing for the first 4 to 6 hours after Force Friday officially kicked in. Unfortunately, when the LEGO Rogue One sets were finally made available for online purchase, it seems that the Darth Revan minifig has already run out which really turned off most LEGO Star Wars fans and collectors. To be fair to LEGO, they always have this disclaimer that this exclusive promotional is available only while supplies last. They will always add it in the fine print as you can see below. But technical glitches such as these do not level the playing field so to speak. We’re not sure as of the moment if this is an inventory oversight on LEGO’s part or just a technical issue with the website, but one thing is for sure: most devoted LEGO Star Wars fans were not happy.


In any case, those who still opted make their purchase online are still treated with Double VIP points in the US, and even Triple VIP points in the UK and some parts of Europe.


Were you one of those blessed souls who managed to have the LEGO Star Wars Darth Revan minifigure through any LEGO Brand Store or via Tell us about your experience via the comments below or through our Facebook page.

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5 thoughts on “Force Friday’s LEGO Star Wars Darth Revan Mishap is Quite Discouraging.”

  1. I GOT ONE! I GOT A DARTH REVAN! I logged on as soon as Force Friday started and quickly bought just a simple battlepack! BOO YAH!

  2. I was on at midnight, then 5 am, then 7am my time when Lego Customer service opened at 8 am Eastern. The site showed coming soon and I frantically hit refresh over and over. I called customer service at 7:09 am and was on hold 26 min before call dropped. I was ticked to say the least. I went to work and tried calling again at 8:15 am central time. I was on hold 15 min. I got a super friendly rep named Dan. Not only did I purchase U-Wing and AT-ST for 2x VIP points , but got Darth Revan and Lavaria. Dan said for the inconvenience he would add an additional 200 VIP points for future purchase!!! I had my confirmation email within the hour and the extra 200 points was already in my account. I’m pretty sure Revan was gone before 930 am central time. I checked back on site and Revan was not coming up in cart. Those who waited patiently on hold locked out… Those who cam after site was allowing Rogue One sets add to bag… Got shafted :(. Lego still reigns Supreme for me in customer service despite this experience.

  3. I got online at 10:30pm Mointain time and was able to order. I just got an Star Wars Advent calendar which I get each year. I’ll wait on the Rogue one sets when they go on sale. I was worried about not getting Revan – I heard of the overseas issues. But he popped up in the shopping cart with the calendar order. When I checked out, it took forever for the order to go through. A pop-up flashed saying to check with customer service. The order screen never said “done” so I closed it after 30 minutes. But when I checked late last night the order status was “In Warehouse” and then this morning it is “Complete”. Just glad I got lucky and snagged Revan with a purchase I was going to make anyway. That’s too bad a lot of people missed out. Just never know about online “deals”. Love your show and saw you at Brickfest Denver. Keep it up!

  4. Yes I was able to get 1 from the
    King of Prussia store I heard every store only had 100 polybags each

  5. I think I got three. I had serious trouble placing my order yesterday morning. Every time I’d get to the place order verification, my page would stall and tell me I needed to contact customer support. I tried this a couple of times never reaching the order confirmation page. This morning I got three separate emails for three separate order numbers/tracking numbers for shipped orders, each with the same order and each with a Revan minifigure. So, we’ll see what comes when the orders arrive. I’m guessing this type of issue contributed to the quick depletion of the promotion supply. Sorry to those of you who got hosed by these issues.

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