And Our First 2016 LEGO Ideas Set Is…

Following the teaser of LEGO Ideas over at their blog site regarding the announcement of the results of the first 2016 Review Stage, we now have our victor among 9 hopefuls: The Old Fishing Store by Robert Bontenbal (RobenAnne) was announced as the next LEGO Ideas project that eventually received the thumbs up from LEGO’s Review Team at the LEGO HQ in Billund, Denmark. Here are additional photos from the Old Fishing Store as originally submitted by Bontenbal. Take note that this is not yet the final model as offered by LEGO.

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Bontenbal’s ‘Old Fishing Store’ is among the nine projects that reached the 10K supporter milestone between January and May of this year, including the Fossil Museum by whatpumpkin, Gingerbread House by Swan Dutchman, the Jedi High Council Chamber by lojaco, Jurassic Park Visitor Centre by LDiEgo, Modular Train Station by LegoWolf, Particle Accelerator by JKBrickworks, Rolling BB-8 by mjsmiley and artbot138, and Johnny Five by PepaQuin.


Here’s the announcement as delivered by Charlotte of the LEGO Ideas Review Team straight from Billund

Fishing has always been a central point in Robert Bontenbal’s life. This big passion, in combination with his day job as an architectural draughtsman, is what came together to create this beautiful model that is packed with lovely details and play opportunities. Its creative building style represents a unique design expression for LEGO houses that we’re all very excited about. We’re still working out the final product design, pricing and availably for the Old Fishing Store, so check back on LEGO Ideas in 2017 for details.

Congratulations once again to Robert Bontenbal and to his Old Fishing Store set and we’re excited to see this on shelves by Fall of next year. The Second LEGO Ideas Review Stage is currently on going with 12 projects that qualified within the period of May and September.


We seem to have a large number of candidates this time and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for our own personal favorites like the Voltron – Defender of the Universe by len_d69, Addams Family Mansion by afol777, and Merchant’s House by bigboy99899. We all hope for the best as the approved project (s) will be announced early next year.


What do you think of the Old Fishing Store as the next LEGO Ideas set? Will you get one for yourself once it hit shelves next year? Post your comments below or join in the discussions over our Facebook page.


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