LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 Officially Shown At This Year’s First LEGO Inside Tour.

A week ago, LEGO has pulled off the veil from its largest LEGO Ideas set to date. As a nod to the partnership that LEGO has with the space agency, the LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309) is TLG’s fitting tribute to NASA’s Apollo Space Program. The set will be officially available to the general public beginning 1st of June as revealed in LEGO’s June Store Calendar.

21309 1

Though we’re still almost a month away from the set’s public offering, LEGO was kind enough to show the actual NASA Apollo Saturn V set to a select number of visitors at the LEGO Group’s HQ in Billund, Denmark as part of its yearly LEGO Inside Tour program. Mark John Stafford was one of the AFOL’s fortunate enough to have a glimpse of the iconic space rocket and was even allowed to snap a photo of it.

Based on the photo, the set seems to be what it really is: it features a launcher that measures over a meter high, with removable rocket internships, a lunar lander and lunar orbiter. Mark further revealed a pretty neat M-Tron version of the LEGO Ideas Saturn V set that was also on display during the tour.

The first leg of the LEGO Inside Tour began last May 3 and has ended yesterday Friday. What is exciting about this once-in-a-lifetime LEGO experience other than the pretty neat tours inside the inner workings of The LEGO Group, are the rare and exclusive complimentary sets that they give to visitors. Visitors are strongly advised not to share images or videos of these sets upon receiving them since the LEGO Inside Tour runs in five batches, with the last one scheduled on October 25-27. Last 2016’s LEGO Inside Tour exclusive set was the LEGO Truck Show (4000022) – a brick-built, smaller replica of the world’s largest and most beautiful LEGO truck ever made.


In any case, we hope to hear some word about this year’s LEGO Inside Tour exclusive, but in the meantime, we will eagerly wait until we get our hands on what could be the largest LEGO Ideas set ever.




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