Warner Bros. Interactive Announces That LEGO Dimensions Is Canceled

LEGO Dimensions Is Canceled

Earlier this year, we ran an article discussing the facts surrounding the rumored cancellation of LEGO Dimensions. However, it seems that these rumors are now set in stone and that the curtain has finally drawn to a close to another awesome LEGO theme. It is with a sad note that we need to share with everyone that LEGO Dimensions is canceled.

If you recall back in 2015, LEGO tried its hand at the toys-to-life video game genre, alongside Disney Infinity and Skylanders, capitalizing on its minifigures depicting various licensed characters from Warner Bros. and other well known IPs. In partnership with game developer Traveller’s Tales, LEGO Dimensions brought to life a total of 64 sets and an impressive line of collectible minifigures, some of which you can never find in any existing LEGO sets. Some of these are the more recent ones including the Teen Titans GO! Team Pack (71255), the Goonies Level Pack (71267), and the Beetlejuice Fun Pack (71349) just to name a few.


While LEGO promised a line of regular set releases for three years, Warner Bros. just announced this week that they will be wrapping things up a year sooner. So it was Monday, October 23, that the sad news broke out via LEGO Dimensions’ official Twitter page.

Sadly as it turns out, the recent batch of LEGO Dimensions sets that were released last September 12 will be the very last for the video game franchise, thus formally ending the golden age of toys-to-life gaming.

Though we can expect that LEGO will no longer release additional Dimensions sets after Wave 9, they assured fans that they haven’t completely pulled out the plug on LD. The game’s servers will continue to run and provide the necessary game updates and support for still active gamers.

This development may be disappointing to fans of the video game, but understandable given that LEGO Dimensions is the last bastion of the now dying toys-to-life segment (perhaps except for Nintendo’s line of Amiibo figures), and was unwittingly competing with consumers for other LEGO branded Traveller’s Tales and WB Interactive game titles. It also means that planned expansions for Year 3, such as for The Flash and Minecraft, will remain unrealized.

Meanwhile, as LEGO Dimensions’ game servers remain active, its Starter and Expansion Packs will continue to be sold, and might even be discounted when the Holidays come, perhaps except for those highly collectible sets.

So what do you think about this piece of news from LEGO Dimensions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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