“A Christmas Story” House Set is Latest LEGO Ideas Submission to Get 10,000 Support for 3rd 2017 Review Stage.

When an avid and dedicated LEGO builder wants to make his custom design to become an official LEGO set, he has LEGO Ideas as a platform to make his case for his work. Once submitted, a design needs to garner 10,000 supporters on the Ideas website before The LEGO Company will consider it for final approval.

That first part about getting 10,000 supporters can be the longest phase of a fan submission on the path to being officially part of LEGO’s countless products. Many designs are willing but only a few could get past that barrier in time for the Third Review Stage by LEGO for the soon-to-end year of 2017.

Already six submissions have “counted to 10,000” soon enough to be part of that review stage, and the latest to join that grouping is a design by LEGO Ideas member twrt0es. It’s a yellow two-story house based on the quirky 1983 comedy film A Christmas Story, starring Melinda Dillon, Darren McGavin and Peter Billingsley from MGM.

The Christmas Story House is, much in the vein of numerous LEGO house sets, a modular construction wherein the roof and the second story can be removed to reveal play areas where the minifigures and props can be arranged for action.

Now that it has gotten the necessary amount of support, twrt0es’ LEGO Christmas Story house model is now in the hands of a review team from The LEGO Group. They will be selecting a worthy new set for Ideas from that and these other entries: Pop-Up Book by JKBrickworks, Boat House DinerThe Lighthouse and The Dive Shop, all by RobenAnne, Jaguar E-Type Roadster by Ozzyeatingbats, and RuPaul’s Brick Race by SeeMarkGeek.


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