This Custom LEGO Fried Chicken Stop-Animation Video Just Went Viral

For our LEGO MOC of the Week, check out why this custom LEGO Fried Chicken video became an instant hit. 

Food videos that capture the online world’s attention often fall within specific categories like food discovery, street cuisine, unconventional recipes, extraordinary dining experiences, and culinary shortcuts.

However, a new trend is taking the internet by storm, and it’s anything but ordinary. Surprisingly, it doesn’t involve real food; instead, it’s a mesmerizing display of creativity and video editing skills using good old-fashioned LEGO bricks.

The Custom LEGO Fried Chicken Culinary Journey

The mastermind behind these captivating videos is Andrew, a stop-motion animator and video creator, who shares his unique culinary creations on Instagram under the handle @hypnomotion.

From burgers and pizzas to hot dogs and French toast, Andrew crafts lifelike custom LEGO food items, and one video, in particular, has garnered a substantial following: ‘LEGO Fried Chicken And Fries.’

Watch this.


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A post shared by Hypno Motion (@hypnomotion)

How to “Cook” a Delicious Custom LEGO Fried Chicken

In this mouth-watering video (in case you’re a minifigure in disguise), we can see a pair of hands carefully dipping a pinkish LEGO chicken leg into a red mixture made of LEGO tiles. The leg piece is then ‘coated’ with beige 1×1 plates, simulating breadcrumb crust.

The next step involves placing the LEGO fried chicken into a pot filled with ‘hot oil,’ and well, as you can guess, represented by popping trans yellow studs LEGO studs. Once ‘cooked,’ the LEGO fried chicken pieces have now been transformed into an appetizing trio of golden brown leg pieces.

custom lego fried chicken
Photo credits: Andrew via @hypnomotion from Instagram

The culinary journey doesn’t stop there; strands of french fries have been deliciously recreated using yellow LEGO pieces. These faux fries are then placed alongside the custom Lego fried chicken on the plate, completing the tasty illusion.

custom lego fried chicken and fries
Photo credits: Andrew via @hypnomotion from Instagram

A Viral Craze

Though this remarkable video first appeared in August, it continues to captivate audiences worldwide. To date, the reel has amassed an astounding almost 3.7 million likes and almost 60 million views on Instagram.

Comments have flooded in, offering a variety of reactions. Some viewers are in awe of the video editing skills, while others find it “oddly satisfying” to watch. A handful even humorously mistook these LEGO food items for the real deal.

And speaking of custom LEGO food pieces, you may also want to check the delectable custom LEGO food pieces that are currently on sale at our official storefront over at The Brick Show Shop. We just restocked our famous B3 Custom pieces such as the Candy Pack Series, cereals, and more. Be sure to check this out as well.

Your Thoughts?

What are your impressions of this viral custom LEGO fried chicken video? Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below and join in the conversation! And while you’re at it, be sure to explore the rest of Andrew’s food-inspired stop-motion LEGO animation videos.

The LEGO Ideas Celebrate the Wonder of STEM is Your Next Opportunity to Become a LEGO Fan Designer!

The LEGO Ideas platform has launched a new building challenge in collaboration with retail giant Target. Similar to the LEGO Ideas Disney Magic building contest, the LEGO Ideas Celebrate the Wonder of STEM building challenge lets you render in LEGO bricks your coolest ideas in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

The Idea Intake stage for this contest is until October 19, so you still have time to bring out your bricks. Let’s delve deeper into what this latest LEGO Ideas competition has in store for you.

LEGO Ideas Celebrate the Fusion of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

The domains of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math have one thing in common: they all call for innovation, creativity, and problem-solving. These skills will set you on the path to becoming the next LEGO Ideas Fan Designer if perchance your original creation makes it to the cut in this latest building challenge, the LEGO Ideas Celebrate the Wonder of STEM.

LEGO Ideas Celebrate the Wonder of STEM
Physics is Fun by EvLeFri.

If you want to put your brick building to the test, then your entry to the LEGO Ideas Celebrate the Wonder of STEM should celebrate at least one of the STEM themes. But don’t hold back: you can explore and showcase all four if you feel a little more inspired by the sciences.

LEGO Ideas Celebrate the Wonder of STEM
The Water Cycle Marble by OneLittleSpark.

Unleash Your Imagination with LEGO Ideas Celebrate the Wonder of STEM Challenge

To spark your inspiration, here are some STEM-related themes that you explore:


Let your building inspirations dive into the realms of biology, chemistry, and physics. Your original brick creation can explore the mysteries of the animal kingdom or set your sights on the vast expanse of the solar system. Science offers a rich tapestry of possibilities.


While we often think of technology as a futuristic concept, it’s important to remember that even the simplest inventions, like the wheel, are technological marvels. And what better way to let your imagination roam and bring technology to life than with a set of LEGO bricks and pieces?


Engineering isn’t just about buildings and engines. It’s about making things move, serving a clever purpose, and pushing the boundaries of innovation. Use your LEGO-building skills to redefine the art of engineering.


Mathematics, the universal language, underpins all STEM fields. It’s the secret sauce that powers innovation in science, technology, and engineering. Let your next LEGO creation model be the embodiment of mathematical brilliance.

LEGO Ideas Celebrate the Wonder of STEM – Guidelines for Submissions

If you are ready to take on the LEGO Ideas Celebrate the Wonder of STEM challenge, then here are some important guidelines to ensure your entry is eligible:

  • Avoid any references to intellectual property (IP) or individuals in the STEM fields.
  • Create entirely new LEGO creations; pre-existing or expired Product Ideas won’t make the cut.
  • Use a LEGO element count ranging from 50 to 1,000, approximately. Entries falling outside this range may be disqualified at the discretion of the judges.
  • Only a maximum of five entries will make it to the fan vote after undergoing a meticulous judging process.

The Path to Recognition

A panel of esteemed judges, comprising members of the LEGO Ideas Review Board and representatives from Target, will handpick the entries that will participate in the Fan Vote. Similar to the previous ‘What does family mean to you?’ challenge, any entry that advances to the Fan Vote phase has the potential to become the next LEGO Ideas Product.

LEGO Ideas Celebrate the Wonder of STEM
Anatomy of the Brain by Martin_Studio.

What Happens If Your Design Gets Chosen?

Should your design be selected for this LEGO Ideas Celebrate the Wonder of STEM challenge, you’ll be handsomely rewarded, as per the LEGO Ideas Product Idea Guidelines. Your sweet rewards will include:

  • 1% of the total net sales of the product
  • 10 complimentary copies of your LEGO Ideas set
  • Recognition and a biography in the set materials as the LEGO Ideas Fan Designer

Moreover, entries advancing to the Fan Vote stage will also receive the following LEGO Ideas sets:

The Viking Village (21343)

21343 alt1

The Insect Collection (21342)

21342 alt1

Tales of the Space Age (21340)

21340 alt1


Don’t Miss the Deadline for the LEGO Ideas Celebrate the Wonder of STEM

You have to hurry though. The deadline for submitting your entry is October 19, 2023, at 6:00 a.m. EST. This is your moment to shine and let your passion for STEM flourish through the colorful world of LEGO. Keep on building!

LEGO Ideas Disney Magic Set Coming Soon!

Here’s another LEGO set to watch out for – the Disney-inspired LEGO Ideas Disney Magic set. 

If you happened to miss it, the LEGO Ideas platform hosted a thrilling building challenge back in May this year. The challenge beckoned members to cast their votes for the most captivating Disney-inspired MOCs (My Own Creations), including enchanting dioramas and meticulously crafted brick-built characters. All of this is to commemorate Disney’s incredible century of enchanting fairy tales. Now, following the collective tally of votes in July, it seems we’re in for a treat with the forthcoming official LEGO release – the LEGO Ideas Disney Magic set, slated to be released soon.

The LEGO Ideas Disney Magic is the Next LEGO Set to Watch Out For

The grand prize was awarded to the phenomenal creation, the LEGO Ideas Disney Magic, masterfully conceived by fan builder 2A2A. This creation offers us a glimpse into what the final LEGO set might look like once it graces the market.

lego ideas disney magic
LEGO fan builder 2A2A’s version of the unofficial LEGO Ideas Disney Magic.

Within this enchanting set, you’ll find a Sorcerer Mickey from the classic Fantasia film, meticulously built using LEGO bricks. Surrounding him, an array of minifigure versions pay homage to the iconic Disney characters that have been an integral part of our childhood:

1. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

2. Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian from The Little Mermaid

3. Pride Rock from The Lion King

4. Sultan’s palace and the flying Carpet from Aladdin

5. Pumpkin coach from Cinderella

6. Stitch riding the wave from Lilo and Stitch

7. Elsa from Frozen showcasing her ice magic

8. Pinocchio and the wooden raft from the chase with the whale Monstro

As mentioned by 2A2A, selecting a single Disney classic story that captures a century of Disney magic posed quite a challenge. The hope is that this soon-to-be LEGO Ideas set can effectively convey the plethora of timeless classics that have graced the world over the years. Ultimately, it aims to offer a truly magical tableau, one that will captivate the hearts of both Disney aficionados and dedicated LEGO fans alike.

Availability and Release Date of the LEGO Ideas Disney Magic

lego ideas disney magic 2

This submission, which marks LEGO’s latest collaboration with retail giant Target, will be joining an illustrious lineup of other products currently in development.

Stay tuned as I’ll be regularly updating you with the latest news on how to get your hands on this set. While we don’t have a confirmed release date just yet, it’s reasonable to speculate that it might hit the shelves sometime in the first quarter of 2024.

It’s also worth celebrating the remarkable achievements of the other runner-up winners in the Fan Vote. Their contributions were outstanding and deserve hearty congratulations for a job well done. A huge congratulations to ChaMi for the runner-up entry, Just a Little Bit of Pixie Dust, and Fantasia (1940) – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by BrickStability

“Stand Aside, I Must Apprehend These LEGO X Men”

These minifigure versions of the LEGO X Men can expect a difficult time with this towering heavyweight. This article is reposted to share this awesome LEGO X Men Sentinel MOC from LEGO fanbuilder extraordinaire Henry Pinto. 

This LEGO X Men and Sentinel MOC is Welcomed Throwback!

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of LEGO and the iconic X-Men universe, where nostalgia meets innovation in the most spectacular way! If you’ve been following our blog, you already know about my fondness for the late 80s and 90s, an era that holds a special place in the hearts of many fellow AFOLs.

This beloved animated series graced our screens for a remarkable five-year run from 1992 to 1997, capturing the imaginations of viewers young and old. Amidst its captivating characters and thrilling storylines, the Sentinels emerged as one of the most iconic elements of the X-Men franchise.

The animated series ran for 5 years from 1992 until 1997. One of the things (or villains) that impressed me the most in the series are those towering mechanical monstrosities called Sentinels.

Before we had their modern, shape-shifting iterations as seen in MCU’s X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), the classic Sentinel was more menacing both in size and sheer power. That kind of wonder and awe for such a powerful villain, whom the X-Men buckled every now and then, really left an impression on me. Much so that we are expecting a comeback of this formidable foe once the modern retelling of the classic X-Men animation is streamed over at Disney+.

So imagine my delight when I stumbled into this minifig scale LEGO X Men Sentinel MOC (My Own Creation) of the infamous colossus created by Henry Pinto for the Sydney Brick Show.  Needless to say, it’s a true homage to the X-Men legacy.

A Closer Look at this Custom and Colossal LEGO Sentinel MOC

Henry’s incredible brick-built Sentinel is a towering presence, standing at a jaw-dropping 101cm (almost 4 feet) in height, with a wingspan of 45cm. It’s not a lightweight either, tipping the scales at an impressive 7.5 kilograms. To fully appreciate the scale of this creation, take a look at the images Henry shared on his Facebook post.

lego x men sentinel moc

Love how those LEGO X Men minifigures look so puny in comparison to this mechanical behemoth. The balance and articulation of this LEGO X-Men Sentinel MOC are outstanding considering its weight and dimensions.

What truly sets Henry’s LEGO Sentinel apart is the meticulous attention to detail. Every aspect of this fearsome mechanical beast has been recreated with precision. From the iconic pink and metallic blue color scheme to the stunning light effects, this LEGO Sentinel exudes authenticity and menace, reminiscent of its animated counterpart.

What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that Henry constructed this LEGO MOC without relying on LEGO Digital Designer (LDD), a digital tool commonly used by LEGO builders for planning and designing their creations. Furthermore, he modestly confesses that he hasn’t kept track of the number of LEGO pieces used. This underscores the power of pure talent and unbridled creativity!

I guess sheer talent and creativity do not necessarily need to have a building manual.

lego x men

lego sentinel

lego x-men sentinel moc

lego x-men sentinel moc

Like This LEGO X-Men Sentinel MOC?

For those who want to dive deeper into the creation process of this LEGO X-Men Sentinel MOC, you’re in luck. Henry has generously shared an extensive collection of photos on his Flickr site, chronicling the evolution of this monumental project. It’s a treasure trove of insights into the dedication, creativity, and sheer joy that went into bringing this iconic X-Men foe to life using LEGO bricks.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to Henry for sharing his awe-inspiring, brick-built masterpiece with the world. His LEGO X-Men Sentinel MOC not only pays tribute to the X-Men animated series but also showcases the limitless potential of LEGO as an artistic medium. Whether you’re a devoted X-Men enthusiast or simply appreciate the magic of LEGO, this creation is a must-see marvel!

In the realm of LEGO X Men, Henry’s LEGO Sentinel MOC stands as a towering testament to the fusion of nostalgia, artistic ingenuity, and a deep love for the X-Men universe. It’s a work of art that is sure to continue inspiring and captivating LEGO fanbuilders for generations to come.

Custom LEGO Brickarms Now at 20% Over at The Brickshow Shop!

In the bustling world of LEGO enthusiasts, BrickArms LLC stands out as a unique and cherished gem. This small toy company, based in Redmond WA, specializes in crafting original, custom-designed LEGO-compatible weapons and custom minifigs. What sets them apart? Right now, you can get their fantastic custom LEGO BrickArms products at an incredible 20% discount here at our Brick Show Shop.


Custom LEGO Brickarms Now At 20% Off!

20 custom lego brickarms

The Story Behind BrickArms LLC –

In case you’re new to the LEGO hobby, and wish to have a better understanding of LEGO MOCs, let’s have a bit of a background of what BrickArms is all about.

BrickArms LLC’s journey began with a simple request in 2006. Will Chapman’s youngest son, then just nine years old, asked for World War II weapons to complement his LEGO creations. Little did they know that this innocent request would spark the birth of a custom LEGO BrickArms business that would capture the hearts of collectors worldwide.

A Family Affair

One of the most endearing aspects of BrickArms LLC is that it’s a true family effort. Will Chapman, a long-time Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL), is the proud owner and operator of the company. But he’s not alone in this adventure. His wife and three sons are all actively involved in the business of making, packaging, and distributing some of the best custom LEGO BrickArms pieces.

They contribute by designing toys, trimming them from the sprues, packing orders, and addressing packages. It’s a heartwarming team effort that makes custom LEGO BrickArms what it is today.

The World of Custom LEGO BrickArms

PKD2019 Gallery 2

BrickArms LLC’s product range is a LEGO enthusiast’s dream. They produce hundreds of different custom LEGO BrickArms weapons, accessories, weapons packs, and custom minifigs, all of which are prized possessions for collectors worldwide.

Originality and Quality – the Custom LEGO BrickArms Experience

One key aspect that distinguishes BrickArms is its commitment to originality. Each of their custom LEGO BrickArms pieces is an original design, meticulously crafted to fit perfectly within the LEGO world. Quality is of paramount importance, ensuring that every piece is not just visually appealing but also built to last.

Custom LEGO BrickArms and Constant Innovation

AKtion Pack1 V2 Gallery 1

BrickArms LLC is not content to rest on its laurels. They are continually pushing the boundaries of creativity. With a commitment to innovation, they regularly release new items, minifigs, and packs that keep LEGO enthusiasts eagerly anticipating their next release. So, for those who are already fans or looking to start their collection, there’s always a new custom LEGO BrickArms piece waiting to be discovered.

BrickArms LLC is not just a toy company; it’s a testament to the power of family, creativity, and passion. From their humble beginnings to becoming a sought-after name in the LEGO community, their journey is a remarkable one.

And now, with a 20% discount on custom LEGO BrickArms pieces over at our store, it’s the perfect time to dive into the world of LEGO MOCs and custom builds.

FAQs: Your Burning Questions Answered

Q: Are BrickArms products compatible with official LEGO sets?

Absolutely! BrickArms products are designed to seamlessly integrate with official LEGO sets, allowing you to enhance your LEGO creations with their unique accessories.

Q: How can I take advantage of the 20% discount over at The Brick Show Shop?

To enjoy the 20% discount on BrickArms products, simply visit our official storefront over at The Brick Show Shop. The sale will run for 24 hours, so better hurry and grab this offer for great custom LEGO BrickArms pieces.

Q: Are BrickArms products safe for children?

Custom LEGO BrickArms products are designed with collectors and enthusiasts in mind. Though they’re non-toxic, we strongly discourage giving these small pieces to younger children since they can be a choking hazard.

Q: Can I purchase BrickArms products internationally?

Yes, The Brick Show Shop ships internationally, so LEGO enthusiasts from around the world can enjoy high-quality custom LEGO BrickArms products.

Q: What materials are used in making BrickArms products?

BrickArms products are made from high-quality, durable plastics, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of play and display.

Q: Are there any limits to the 20% off promotion?

The 20% off promotion is valid for a limited time (for the next 24 hours only) sitewide. Be sure to check our website for specific details and exclusions.

This Custom LEGO Sauron Bids For You To Submit… and Get Its Free Building Instructions!

This post about our Custom LEGO Sauron building instructions was originally published back on August 10, 2019 and has been updated here to reflect The Brick Show Shop’s latest update on this free offering. 

Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic understand the significance of the coveted One Ring, created by the Lord of Darkness, Sauron, who relentlessly seeks its power.

Created by the Lord of Darkness himself, Sauron will never stop until he gets his hands once again to his source of power and existence. And Sauron’s feeling of morbid triumph and diabolical satisfaction is perfectly captured by builder Aaron Newman in this retelling of one of the literature’s vilest characters.

This Custom LEGO Sauron Bids You To Take A Second Look!

The Dark Lord of Mordor is relentless in making sure that the One Ring finds his way back to him. In fact, we see Sauron even wield the powerful Ring in the first scenes of the blockbuster film, Lord of the Rings. This moment was excellently rendered in bricks in his custom LEGO Sauron as you can see below.

LEGO Sauron

Aaron’s creative vision for this custom LEGO Sauron drew its inspiration directly from the iconic 2001 film, where audiences witnessed the armor-clad behemoth relentlessly hammering away at the overwhelmed forces of Middle-Earth.

The beauty behind this LEGO masterpiece lies in Aaron’s skillful use of metallic grey and silver pieces, a deliberate choice that bestows upon this brick-built, diabolical figure an aura of sinister grandeur. These carefully selected elements, with their gleaming sheen, imbue this custom LEGO Sauron with an air of malevolent royalty, capturing the essence of his character in every meticulously placed brick and detail.

Furthermore, this custom LEGO Sauron features a realistic build that is very imposing coming in at 13 inches in height. The details on Sauron’s helmet and mace are spot-on, with Aaron effectively using those new LEGO Ninjago blade pieces to Sauron’s advantage.

This Imposing Custom LEGO Sauron MOC Stands at 13 Inches!

The rest of the body is also properly scaled, giving this custom LEGO Sauron a deceitfully fragile look as the antagonist would like to make his enemies believe. Its slim figure is basically compensated with its heavily armored garb, complete with a pair of capes and a destructive mace.

If you’re eager to gain deeper insights into the meticulous design process that brought this remarkable custom LEGO Sauron MOC to life, I invite you to delve into Aaron’s blog entry. You’ll discover a treasure trove of information, unveiling the creative journey, innovative techniques, and artistic inspirations that shaped this extraordinary build.

Aaron’s blog is your portal to a behind-the-scenes adventure, where the magic of LEGO craftsmanship unfolds, offering you an intimate glimpse into the artistry that birthed this exceptional masterpiece.

Creator of the Custom LEGO Sauron MOC Debuts in LEGO Masters US

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Aaron is one of the strong contenders in the currently running, LEGO reality TV show, LEGO Masters US. He’s now giving back to the LEGO community by sharing this FREE Custom LEGO Sauron building instructions through The Brick Show Shop.

Yes, you read it right – we are giving it away for free! Just head over to our official storefront and download the building instructions in PDF format, including its parts list, plus a template for creating Sauron’s cape. So forgive me if I can’t overemphasize it enough – it’s simply too good to give a pass.

Consider adding these fantastic custom LEGO Lord of the Rings Oliphant and Balrog MOCs to your LOTR collection as well. Tyler and Sean at Build Better Bricks have made the building instructions for these sets available, along with a convenient file for easy part sourcing at Bricklink.

What Lord of the Rings moment would you like to see re-created in LEGO bricks? Share what you think in the comments below.

LEGO Ideas Third 2022 Review Results Officially Announced!

In case you missed it, the LEGO Ideas team has officially announced the LEGO Ideas Third 2022 review results. If you recall, the Third 2022 LEGO Ideas Review Stage commenced early this January, with 35 product ideas vying for that top spot to become an official LEGO Ideas set. Read on to know which of these product ideas will become official sets as we announce the LEGO Ideas Third 2022 Review results.

First off, our heartfelt congratulations go out to the talented members of the LEGO Ideas community who have achieved the remarkable feat of garnering 10,000 supporters for their exceptional product ideas. From early September 2022 to early January 2023, there were a total of 35 impressive LEGO fan submissions. And after more than 4 months, we can now finally see which fan submissions will be included in the LEGO Ideas Third 2022 Review results.

Upcoming LEGO Ideas Sets to Watch Out For

But before we go into the details of the LEGO Ideas Third 2022 Review results, let’s look back at the 9 LEGO Ideas sets that are currently in the pipeline, undergoing development. The LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age (21340) is now available with the rest of these upcoming sets slated to be released at some varying points.

LEGO Ideas Third 2022 Review Results – New Sets to Watch Out For

Let us now delve into the details of the LEGO Ideas Third 2022 Review Results and celebrate the exceptional creations that have made their mark:

JAWS – An adrenalin-pumping brick Masterpiece

lego ideas third 2022 review results

Congratulations to LEGO fan designer Jonny Campbell, known as Diving Faces, for his remarkable tribute to the timeless, pop icon film,  JAWS. Jonny’s deep admiration for this cinematic masterpiece shines through in his creation. Every intricate detail has been expertly captured, perfectly encapsulating the thrilling and suspenseful atmosphere that made the film a classic. The overwhelming attention and support received by this project from the LEGO fan community prove that this 80s-inspired set is somewhat long overdue.

CAT – A Playful Companion in LEGO Form

lego ideas third 2022 review results

A round of applause also goes to LEGO fan designer Damian Andres, (aka The Yellow Brick), for his beautiful brick creation of a household pet. The CAT draws inspiration from Damian’s beloved feline companion. A cross between a Siamese and a Birman, Damian has meticulously crafted a LEGO model that beautifully captures the playful essence of these wonderful creatures. The intricate details of the final model are a testament to Damian’s dedication and creativity.

LEGO Ideas Third 2022 Review Results – Their Design, Pricing, and Availability

The final product design, pricing, and availability for these upcoming sets are still currently being worked on. We understand the excitement surrounding these creations and we just have to stay tuned and keep abreast with the latest developments until their eventual launch dates. To stay informed about the latest product releases and more, be sure to subscribe to our blog site for future notifications.

What’s Next After the LEGO Ideas Third 2022 Review Results Are Out?

While celebrating the accomplishments of the LEGO Ideas Third 2022 review results, the evaluation process for the next batch of LEGO Ideas product ideas is now on its way. This review has once again shattered records, with an astounding 71 impressive designs achieving the milestone of 10,000 supporters between early January 2023 and early May 2023. The LEGO Ideas First 2023 LEGO review results will be announced in the fall of 2023, as we eagerly await another wave of exceptional creations to captivate our imagination.

lego ideas first 2023 review qualifiers

The LEGO Ideas community continues to astound us with its boundless creativity. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and let your imagination soar with LEGO Ideas! For now, be sure to watch the full announcement presented by LEGO Ideas Engagement Manager Hasan Jensen and LEGO Model Designer Laura Perron.

LEGO Ideas First 2023 Review: 71 Projects Set New Record

In a remarkable feat that has LEGO Ideas fans buzzing with excitement, the LEGO Ideas First 2023 Review Stage has achieved a groundbreaking milestone. With an unprecedented 71 projects qualifying for this highly anticipated review stage, LEGO has once again proven its ability to captivate the imaginations of builders worldwide.

Although initially, 73 projects were in the running, two were unexpectedly archived, leaving us with an impressive lineup of 71 projects that are poised to make their mark in the LEGO community.

LEGO Ideas First 2023 Review Stage Finalists – A Diverse Showcase of Creative Brilliance

The array of LEGO product ideas that have made it to the review stage is nothing short of astonishing. Spanning from January 2023 to the present, these projects have garnered an overwhelming amount of support, each surpassing the coveted 10,000 supporter mark.

What’s truly impressive is the diversity showcased within this selection, featuring a mix of original creations and adaptations inspired by beloved intellectual properties (IPs). While it’s impossible to delve into the intricacies of each project here, LEGO enthusiasts can explore the full spectrum of these 71 projects on the official LEGO Ideas announcement.

Which Projects Will Emerge to Become an Official LEGO Ideas Set?

With such a high number of projects up for review, the burning question on everyone’s minds is which of these exceptional ideas will be chosen to join the prestigious ranks of official LEGO Ideas sets. Speculation and excitement run rampant as fans eagerly await the final verdict. The coming weeks promise a thrilling rollercoaster of emotions as LEGO unveils the results of the LEGO Ideas 2022 Review

banner third 2022 lego ideas qualifiers

LEGO Ideas Continues to Inspire Creative and Innovative Builders

The LEGO Ideas platform continues to serve as a catalyst for creativity and innovation, allowing fans to showcase their unique designs and transform them into tangible sets with the support of the community. The overwhelming success of this latest review stage is a testament to the power of collaboration among LEGO builders worldwide.

Check out the complete list of LEGO Ideas First 2023 Review Stage finalists.

  1. DR. SEUSS AND LEGO by LegoFan_506
  2. SWEET HONEY by RobertVII
  3. THE BOTANICAL GARDEN by Goannas89
  8. THE STARGATE by Captain Mutant
  9. MEDIEVAL SEASIDE MARKET by bricks_fan_uy
  10. BRICK BOULEVARD by Bricky_Brick
  11. RETRO COMIC STORE by LEGOverwatch
  12. SHREK’S SWAMP – 20TH ANNIVERSARY by The Real Ashnflash
  13. BABY GREEN SEA TURTLE – KINETIC by QuaintWolf082
  14. HUMPBACK WHALE by Les Briques de Loic
  15. SHREK’S SWAMP by danielbradleyy
  16. BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: 99TH PRECINCT by BenFankhauser
  17. LED LAMP by Castor-Troy and Max Brich
  19. OGEL CREEK SAW MILL by Krackenator4
  21. LEGO GODZILLA by MattE720
  22. CLAUS TOYS by Bricky_Brick
  23. WHERE’S WALLY/WALDO? by Iyan Ha
  24. TWILIGHT: CULLEN HOUSE by LobsterThermidor
  25. V.&T.R.R. #12, GENOA by SgJess
  26. RIVER SIDE LODGE by terauma
  27. DAFT PUNK – THE ROBOTS by eliot.obrien
  30. ILJINAI FAMILY HOUSE by Rock the Brick
  31. MULTI-TOOL by Tall Guy Bricks
  33. LEGOLAND CENTRAL STATION by Mind the Brick and Patgeo
  34. E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL by Brickester
  35. AMETHYST GEODE by gman13579
  36. THE SCREAM by Spacemanship
  37. U LIOTRU – ELEPHANT FOUNTAIN – CATANIA by giovannimirulla
  38. LEGO ASTRONAUT: NEVER GIVE UP by legotruman
  39. THE IRON GIANT by hachiroku24
  41. BLUEY! AGAIN! by Monkey Scout
  43. DUCKTALES: THE MONEY BIN by sxavalentine
  44. BIONICLE: TOA HEAD STATUE by yannickbuildsthings
  47. CLASSIC TELEPHONE by Brick Dangerous
  50. STARDEW VALLEY FARMHOUSE by fourbrickstall
  51. PARKS AND RECREATION by SJs Workshop
  52. ANTIQUE CABINET by terauma
  53. GILMORE GIRLS by marodipietro
  56. HARRY STYLES – HARRY’S HOUSE by BrickHills14
  57. BLACKPINK: HOW YOU LIKE THAT by The Power of fusion and BangtanBricks
  58. LANTERN IN THE WIND by QuangTran1993
  59. THE ADDAMS FAMILY by Yang Yang
  61. BRICKLINK-LEGO COLOR TABLE by PancettaSublime019
  62. THE MOON: EARTH’S COMPANION by SharkyBricks
  64. ICE CREAM PARLOR by Bricky_Brick
  65. ELF THE MOVIE by Johnathan1986
  66. DOUBLE HELIX COASTER by Nachapon_L_e_g_o
  67. EDA’S OWL HOUSE by t-brick
  68. WIZARD’S HUT by J.K.Brick
  69. THE HOURGLASS by Brick Dangerous
  71. VINTAGE RADIO by dimexart
The LEGO Ideas First 2023 Review Stage Breaks Records Once More

The LEGO Ideas First 2023 Review Stage has surpassed all expectations, with an astonishing 71 projects coming from the LEGO fan community. The breadth of product ideas presented is simply awesome, a testament to the incredible talent and ingenuity of LEGO fans worldwide. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the LEGO Ideas landscape. And be sure to keep tabs on our blog site and add to your bookmarks as well.

LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age (21340) is a Retro Sci-Fi Masterpiece

After almost six months of waiting, the latest LEGO Ideas set is finally here! The LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age (21340), is officially revealed, and it’s a true masterpiece. With 688 pieces, this set features four vivid vignettes that capture the essence of classic sci-fi in a retro style.

LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age

The LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age Tells a Story

Each of the four post-card-like vignettes included in the LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age tells a different story, all inspired by the 80s stories of space exploration, myth, and posters. Each vignette display piece is full of character and tells its own unique story, making this set a true work of art.

Customizable Display Options

One of the most impressive aspects of the LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age is its versatility. The four scenes can be displayed separately or connected together to create a cohesive display. Additionally, each scene can be displayed standing up or hanging on a wall, making it easy to find the perfect spot to showcase this stunning set.

Availability and Release Date

LEGO VIP members will have exclusive access to the LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age starting on May 5, 2023. The set will be available for general release on May 8, 2023, and will retail for $49.99

A LEGO Ideas Success Story

Based on an original LEGO fan submission of Jan Woznica (aka JohnCarter over at LEGO Ideas), the LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age was chosen in the First LEGO Ideas 2022 Review Stage, and it’s easy to see why. Jan’s submission perfectly captures the nostalgia and excitement of classic sci-fi, while incorporating LEGO’s signature design elements. I’m personally glad and excited to see this set come to life in such a spectacular way.

Check out the set’s official product images and descriptions. You may add this latest LEGO Ideas set to your wishlist by clicking on the affiliate link below.

LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age (21340)

688 pieces | $49.99 | Coming Soon on May 8, 2023

LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age 21340 alt4

LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age 21340

21340 alt6

LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age

Turn off your thrusters and let your mind drift into space with this LEGO® Ideas Tales of the Space Age (21340) building set. It features 4 connectible brick-built 3D postcards, each depicting scenes inspired by 1980s sci-fi myths, movies, books and posters. Create cool minimalist LEGO brick representations of an observatory for viewing comets and shooting stars, a moon base and lunar eclipse, a shuttle blasting through space, and a black hole.

Build together, display together
A stellar gift idea for space, astronomy and art lovers, the buildable postcards look great freestanding on a table or shelf or hung on the wall. The models are also easy to connect for displaying together. The set comes with separate building instructions for each postcard, making it an ideal group activity to enjoy with family or friends.

Welcome to your zone
Explore LEGO Sets for Adults, a carefully curated collection of exciting models. Whatever your passion, there is a building project waiting for you.

  • 4 connectible, space-themed 3D postcards (21340) – Tell Tales of the Space Age in LEGO® style with these buildable postcard models, inspired by 1980s sci-fi myths, movies, books and posters
  • Original designs – Build colorful images of an observatory for viewing comets and shooting stars, a moon base and lunar eclipse, a space shuttle and a black hole
  • Recreate different constellations – The pink/purple postcard features star elements that can be arranged to mirror the Ursa Major, Cepheus, Ursa Minor or Cassiopeia constellations
  • Display together or individually – The postcards can be connected in any order. Display them on a flat surface or mount them on the wall using the hangers on the back of each one
  • Gift idea for adults – Treat yourself or give this 688-piece LEGO® Ideas build-and-display model as a birthday, holiday or surprise gift for lovers of space, astronomy and art
  • Home decor – Each buildable postcard measures over 5.5 in. (14 cm) high, 3.5 in. (9 cm) wide and 1 in. (3 cm) deep and can be displayed freestanding or hung on the wall

The Brick Show Shop Easter Sale 2023 Still Up!

In case you missed it, our official storefront is currently running a sales promo to celebrate Easter. As of press time, the Brick Show Shop Easter Sale 2023 is still running where you can get up to 20% off all of the products sitewide.

Easter sale 2023

There are several new premium custom LEGO pieces from our partner Build Better Bricks that are now listed at a 20% discount. These include custom-printed tiles, barrel pieces, LEGO polybags, and more. Needless to say, these are some of the most amazing deals on custom LEGO pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. There’s still time to catch the sale though, so hurry and check out this Easter sale 2023 promo by clicking on the links below.

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custom dk barrel

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custom black spice barrel

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