LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21038) Release Date Delayed Once Again.

It can be tough when tragic occurrences happening in the world around us affect certain events, hobbies and whatnot that we enjoy. Even LEGO isn’t immune to this. Last December they announced how the Architecture set depicting Las Vegas (21038) was delayed due to the grisly October shooting incident there.

A follow-up article earlier in January expressed optimism in getting LEGO Architecture Las Vegas finally released by the end of that month. It’s now February and that didn’t happen. Why is that? Because LEGO has decided to delay the set anew, all the way back into fall later this year.

The sad news was broken during the ongoing 2018 Nuremberg Toy Fair, as might be the case for other significant LEGO news this week. The reason, as stated, goes back to the October 2017 shooting incident in Las Vegas, where the assailant opened fire on an outdoor concert from his room in the Mandalay Bay.

21038 1

If you remember our December 2017 article, the Mandalay Bay Hotel is one of the structures depicted in Architecture set 21038. LEGO has decided to scrap that model in the set and return to the drawing board for a new Vegas building, serving as a replacement for the bloodied location.

No word has been given on what the new Las Vegas structure will be swapped for the Mandalay Bay. It’ll have to be as distinctive as its fellows: Luxor and Encore Hotels, and the Stratosphere Tower, among others. LEGO could hold a fan poll, but that might ruffle people’s sensibilities too.

Originally slated to come out at roughly the same time as LEGO Architecture Shanghai (21039), the Las Vegas 21038 set’s new release date is now set for September. Hopefully no further delays will ensue.


Thanks to Promobricks for sharing the news as it happens at the Nuremberg Toy Fair.

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