Get the LEGO Year of the Dog (40235) for Free at LEGO Shop@Home.

LEGO Year of the Dog (40235)

Friday is the first day of the Year of the Dog in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, and in China as well as countries with a significant Chinese community present, celebrations are starting to kick-off as the world turns. Giveaways of good fortune symbols are going on as we speak. LEGO has its own Chinese New Year tradition going on, and it began when their factory in Jiaxing opened to cater to their growing Asian market. Since then, a special display set depicting the Chinese Zodiac Animal of the year has been released, the latest being the LEGO Year of the Dog (40235).

LEGO Year of the Dog (40235)

As already made known, this cute little guy is the first of the LEGO Chinese New Year sets to get an international release outside the Asian LEGO market. Collectors are sure to be drawn in, by its simple yet adorable design, which includes articulated ears and tail to pose, however.

Once February 16 hits, the seasonal LEGO Year of the Dog (40235) will be available on Shop@Home, exclusive through this special offer. For a minimum online purchase of $88, one box of this year’s Zodiac Animal will be added to your cart. This was pointed out by The Brick Fan, who notes that the $50 amount listed on the official LEGO Shop US site is a typo.

Note also that only one free set will be given to each household when buying online at Shop@Home. It’ll be up to you if the Chinese New Year Dog will be a gift to your own family members or to another.

The set box even comes with a LEGO yellow envelope similar to the traditional hóngbāo or red envelope, where you can tuck in a dedication message if you’d like. Remember that this offer is only from February 16 to 28, so get this piece of Chinese good fortune for 2018, while supplies last.

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