The Curtain Finally Closes for LEGO Nexo Knights

Since last year, it seems that the fate of our heroes from Knighton has been hanging by the thread, particularly when the news of the apparent cancellation of the LEGO Nexo Knights theme has been reported by Blocks Magazine. Truth be told, there have been times that the theme seemed to have rebounded, with even two consecutive waves of new sets released since then. It was somehow rather sketchy if the news really has some weight on it, or were just another rumor that has to be dismissed.

However, it looks like that the Nexo Knights’ fate is now finally set in stone, when LEGO announced the end of the line for this three-year-old theme during the on-going 2018 Nuremberg Toy Fair. Zusammengebaut is on Nuremberg right now covering all the events that are happening inside the LEGO Booth and reports that the LEGO Nexo Knights theme will no longer continue beyond the six sets that we currently have. Furthermore, there will be no more product development beyond this line, which means LEGO has completely closed the curtain for this short-lived theme, and will now divert its resources and talents to other projects.

Fan reception towards Nexo Knights was a bit mixed so to speak. The younger generation of LEGO fans completely fell in love with the theme, which was made more appealing with the introduction of the Nexo Knights mobile in-app game. It’s like introducing a new way of playing with LEGO sets when children or adults for that matter, can scan the shield pieces that come with the official LEGO sets using the said mobile gaming app.

Unfortunately, the reception for the actual LEGO Nexo Knights sets was not that all positive, with some even pointing out that LEGO seems to be trying hard to create a Castle and Space hybrid theme. Of course, Nexo Knights also managed to have a following during its short-lived run, but at the end of the day, it will always be a numbers game for the LEGO Group, living with the harsh reality that the theme simply did not sell well with the general public.

As I said before, it’s always kind of sad to see an endeared LEGO theme fade away, but we can be assured of the fact that LEGO is about, and will always be, expressing your creativity with whatever pieces you are dealt with. In case you haven’t picked up the latest LEGO Nexo Knights sets, then don’t worry since they are still up, both in-store and online at Alternatively, you may also check with Amazon by clicking on the links below.

Lance’s Hover Jouster (72001)

72001 1

Twinfector (72002)

72002 1


Berserker Bomber (72003)

72003 1


Tech Wizard Showdown (72004)
72004 1


Aaron’s X-bow (72005)

72005 1


Axl’s Rolling Arsenal (72006)
72006 1

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