One More Lego Ideas Set with 10-K Support: “The Flintstones”


From the town of Bedrock, the Modern Stone-Age Family (and their next-door neighbors) are coming forward to us now…in LEGO form. At least that’s what’s going to happen, officially, once this new 10K-support passer of a proposal in LEGO Ideas can impress enough in the Review Phase up next.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Joining the ranks of this already impressive lineup of LEGO Ideas submissions that have recently gained the preliminary 10,000 support, is an animation nostalgia gesture from Andrew Clark: a beautifully detail recreation of the main setting and characters from Hanna-Barbera’s iconic series The Flintstones.

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This Ideas set by Clark is composed of the familiar stone-slab residence of the Flintstone family, a driveway (with mailbox) where the family “foot-car” is parked, and a welcome sign for their hometown, the prehistoric Town of Bedrock (pop. 2,500).

And then we get to the included minifigures. Even somebody with a passing familiarity on The Flintstones might easily name Fred and Wilma with their daughter Pebbles, and the neighboring Rubble family: Barney, Betty and their boy Bam Bam. One glaring detail is that the Flintstone family pet Dino is absent, though Clark says a future update might fix that.

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Everything in the Ideas proposal is as cartoon-accurate as can be. The house interior has stuff like a boulder-TV, horn telephone and parrot-beak turntable. The yard also has a lawnmower with an herbivore dinosaur! And the foot-car has an optional “dino-steak” prop, just like the one shown in the credits.

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If that weren’t enough, Andrew Clark also put up this sweet video showing how his LEGO-brick prototypes come together, tangibly showing fans what to expect. It’s no wonder now how the Ideas Flintstones set got its 10K support, and we wish it well for the upcoming First 2018 Review Stage.

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