“International Space Station”: New LEGO Ideas Entry Added to 2018 Second Review Stage Makes Group “Space-Themed”

The month of June hasn’t quite ended yet, and now we’ve got another winner, sort of, in terms of having a MOC submission to the LEGO Ideas platform become sufficiently noticed. At this rate it probably won’t be long before the 2018 Second Review Stage is sufficiently “populated” with entries.

Previously, the LEGO Ideas submission to first get listed in the 2018 Second Review Stage is a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket by khehmeyer. With this new 10K support-passer, the stage seems on the verge of becoming a space-themed batch, because builder XCLD has just submitted an impressive International Space Station.

With its first modules launched and assembled in space in 1998, the ISS is the largest man-made object orbiting the Earth today. Its magnificent modular construction, highlighted by the wing-like solar panel arrays, was meticulously replicated by XCLD in his build. He’s got experience as he already made one before.

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Prior to his latest submission, XCLD already created an International Space Station for LEGO Ideas that got 10-K support in 2015 (it didn’t pass review however). His new version is composed of almost a thousand bricks and building elements (850), and also has compatibility potential with other LEGO Ideas sets.

What that means is that the space shuttle from the highly celebrated LEGO Ideas Women of NASA set (21312) is perfectly scaled to the size of XCLD’s ISS, which already has four detachable capsule options (2 Soyuz astronaut capsules and 2 Progress cargo capsules). This is a decidedly brilliant gesture.

  4856976 Ideas ISS Midi details oben hinten lvwZq1rivAmxsw thumbnail full

As it stands we are now 2 for 2 in the kind of sets being included in the LEGO Ideas 2018 Second Review Stage. We don’t think the common theme will hold long with any future 10-K support addition, but we’ll see. Perhaps the “SpaceX Ultimate Collection” can now pass?

4856980 Ideas ISS Midi details oben Eg0G9H8 L wP A thumbnail full

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