LEGO Ideas Spotlight: the “Will & Grace & LEGO” LEGO Ideas Project

The LEGO Creator Expert Aston Martin DB5 (10262) set may be based on a spy-car laden with weapons and gadgets and lots of fast-paced violence, but nonetheless, the set itself comes across as an impressive build worthy to be compared to other impressive LEGO Creator Expert sets. LEGO does have regulations on the level of content they want from licensed franchises. But this recent proposal on LEGO Ideas platform is of a potentially mature kind and of a different sort – the LEGO Ideas project Will & Grace & LEGO.

Some three months ago, NBC aired the season finale of the revived sitcom starring the most recognizable gay-hetero besties on TV, Will & Grace. Australian fan Mark Fitzpatrick was then inspired to conceptualize a set idea which eventually evolved to the Will & Grace & LEGO project based on the show.

Will & Grace & LEGO

Listed under his Ideas username SeeMarkGeek, the “Will & Grace & LEGO” set proposal is a remarkable recreation of the sitcom’s primary set location. That is, of course, the well-appointed apartment of gay corporate lawyer Will Truman (Eric McCormack), with interior designer and old friend Grace Adler (Debra Messing) as his roommate.

Not only is the set detail accurate to the show (no fourth wall for the audience and everything), the minifigures of Will and Grace, and their friends Karen and Jack, are marvelously designed.

Will & Grace & LEGO

SeeMarkGeek’s product proposal for LEGO Ideas comes across as really pushing the envelope on what franchises LEGO could render on their various sets and polybags. Will & Grace may not be violent, but its fame as a sitcom and cast of controversial characters raises the same questions that the first hints of a James Bond set did last month. At present the LEGO Ideas Project Will & Grace & LEGO has over 300 supporters. Let us see how far that goes in future. As for Ideas proposals up for review, there are now four for the 2018 Second Stage.

Will & Grace & LEGO

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