Rumor: Reissues of First Two Set Seasons of LEGO Ninjago Coming

LEGO Ninjago is gearing up to have the ninth season of its animated series start airing this year (the earliest known premiere date being June 30 on Australian TV). It’s therefore surprising when rumors started popping up about the next upcoming Ninjago sets: there’s nothing “new”, they will be rereleases.

This loud speculation sprang out from a post on the discussion forums of Eurobricks just this Wednesday, July 4. The poster, Eurobricks Vassal Bentonton, noted that an anonymous LEGO dealer told him that the company was planning a reissue of all LEGO Ninjago sets included in seasons 1 and 2.

Specific details provided by this unnamed source have some of the sets and minifigures alleged to be coming back: early Ninjago baddies the Serpentine, the Ninjago dragons and Fire Temple. All this information is nebulous at best, though Bentonton says his LEGO dealer informant has actually ordered said sets already.

With regards to what might change from the original LEGO Ninjago S1-2 set releases to these rumored reissues, the likely path will be that there are going to be cosmetic changes to the brick structure, akin perhaps to the alteration of the exclusive Billund Airport set from original to rerelease.

And what will happen to the Ninjago animated series? There’s also been talk that season 9 could be the conclusion to the whole story. The possibly modernized reissues could either signify that the show’s good to go on for longer, or a last hurrah for a big finale. We really don’t know at the moment.

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