First Image of LEGO Unikitty Dr. Fox Magnifying Machine (40314) Revealed

If you need any indicator for how big LEGO Unikitty! is now, look no further than the never-ending parade of new sets and polybags depicting the cat/unicorn Master Builder and princess of the Unikingdom alongside her friends having fun in some pretty quirky set locales.

While the lion’s share of anticipation in terms of upcoming LEGO Unikitty sets lies in products like the Ultracatty & Warrior Lucy (70827) for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, there are still little items in the line to consider, much like the Unikitty Castle Room polybag (5005239). One such set is coming soon.

This is the LEGO Unikitty Dr. Fox Magnifying Machine (40314), and it’s unique in that there are no characters included; just a large (life-sized?) version of a gadget used by Princess Unikitty’s Castle scientist Dr. Fox. It’s comprised of two distinct builds, a microscope-like device and a huge petri dish.

A total of 76 LEGO bricks and elements come together to form the setup of Dr. Fox’s Magnifying Machine (40314), including disk-shaped elements depicting stuff the magnifier is supposed to enlarged, all stored in the petri dish when not in use. While the existence of this Unikitty set is now known thanks to Brickset, LEGO has yet to reveal when it’s coming out. We’ll just have to stand by for further updates.

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