South Africa Welcomes Its First LEGO Brand Store in Johannesburg

Just last week we made mention of a new LEGO Brand Store in North America, which will open November at Greenville in South Carolina, making it the 94th LEGO Store in the North America. And LEGO is obviously not stopping from there, and more upcoming stores are lined up to open their doors to LEGO fans the world over. For instance, this Saturday, South Africa finally had the distinct honor of having a LEGO Store of its own. The country’s first ever LEGO Brand Store in Johannesburg, located in  Sandton City Mall, opened its doors to greet the eager LEGO fans across the city. While the country isn’t out of reach for LEGO products on retail, having a branded store makes things even better.

Not only will LEGO sets, minifigures and assorted merchandise be available at the Sandton City LEGO Brand Store in Johannesburg, the main draw is of course finally giving South Africans a good shot at LEGO’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) products.

LEGO Brand Store in Johannesburg
This brick-built mosaic is displayed proudly inside the LEGO Brand Store in Johannesburg, depicting the country’s ‘Big 5’ wild animals.

It being a notable occasion for LEGO with its first named store in South Africa, the venue was blessed with some pretty impressive displays. Two of the most prominent are a 15,041-piece brick-built mosaic portrait depicting the “Big 5” wild animals of Africa, along with a scale model of Johannesburg built by zaLUG.

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We offer a big round of congratulations to South Africa for their first LEGO Store, and more LEGO building fun for many years to come.

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