LEGO Ideas – Product Idea Spotlight: This Clockwork Aquarium Needs Your Support

It hasn’t been that long since we covered a new Product Idea that had just gotten 10,000 supporters and advanced into the LEGO Ideas Second 2018 Review Stage, in particular, like the Fiat 500 F by saabfan which hit the 10K mark only this Monday. This time we’ll shine a spotlight on a Product Idea that has yet to hit its milestone, but likely deserves that support. Here we have the Clockwork Aquarium by mjsmiley, a brick-built and larger-scale version of some old mechanical toys that mimicked fish moving around in a clear container that looks like it’s filled with water. And the effect here is remarkable.

Clockwork Aquarium

Most dedicatedly decorated aquariums tend to be filled with random knickknacks to simulate an idealized sea bottom filled with aquatic plants, bottom-dwellers and sunken goods. It’s no surprise then that mjsmiley filled the Clockwork Aquarium build with a diving helmet, starfish, crab, coral, fish, and even a replica of an Easter Island Moai. Needless to say, its a custom LEGO Ideas project that is a feast to the eyes. Watch how it works.

The Clockwork Aquarium itself is encased on a furniture platform with a bottom cabinet filled with prop fish-food and a net for the fish. A hand crank to one side animates the plastic fish within, causing them to swim around with clear-plastic bubbles over their heads. Even the jumping mini crab seems to have plans of its own for these unsuspecting fish.

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As of this writing, mjsmiley’s Clockwork Aquarium has garnered 4,341 supporters, nearly half of the needed 10-K mark that would propel it into a Review Stage. It’s got 473 days left to cross that finish line, and after seeing what I’ve seen I really wish it well to make it.

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