LEGO Ludo Game (40198) Discovered in a LEGO Berlin Store

LEGO Ludo Game (40198)

All of us who have followed the various releases of LEGO products would know, that the very concept of LEGO toys means that they could be used to build almost anything. Buildings and vehicles are all fine and all, but there have also been LEGO board games such as the case of LEGO What Am I (40161) and LEGO Iconic Chess (40174). The idea of having a multiplayer board game that you need to assemble first before playing is both engaging and fun. And the latest addition to this uncommon line of LEGO sets – the LEGO Ludo Game (40198) – has just been found in a LEGO store in Berlin.

In the familiar fashion of stumbling into a new and still to be officially announced LEGO set, this LEGO Ludo Game (40198) was discovered by Brickset user blade_guy while visiting the said LEGO brand store in Berlin. The brick-built board game is a fairly accurate rendition of the Ludo board, but using minifigures as tokens and replacing the usual 6-side die with a 6-number spinner on one side. With a total 16 minifigures included in the set, this is a very practical and cost-effective way to add to your random minifigure collection.

Information shared by blade_guy has it that the LEGO Ludo Game (40198) is priced at €40 on the Berlin LEGO Store. Thus far it’s the only location the item has been located in, but LEGO’s likely to break the news now that it’s publicly known. Be sure to keep tabs with for updates on when this will be available in the US. Thanks to Brickset for the heads up.

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