LEGO Teases on its 2018 Winter Village D2C Set

Winter Village D2C

It’s that time of the year again when we excitedly count the days leading to Christmas, and what better way for LEGO fans to celebrate the occasion than to have our hands busy once more with LEGO’s next Winter Village offering. This particular LEGO Creator Expert holiday subtheme began in 2009 and has been growing steadily ever since, with each set adding seamlessly to the previous one. In fact, for two consecutive years, this particular subtheme saw a Winter Village Station (10259) and a Winter Holiday Train (10254) set that animated this humble winter village. This time, thanks to a teaser released by LEGO News, we now have a glimpse of what the next LEGO Winter Village D2C set will be. There was no specific mention of what this is, except for some close up shots of particular sections of the set.

winter village teaser 1

winter village teaser 2

winter village teaser 3

winter village teaser 4

The teaser featured some of the most common elements in a LEGO Winter Village set such as a Christmas Tree, a micro-scaled snowman, and a lamp-post. However, what is most interesting is the last teaser image that LEGO News has shared. The red telephone is quite telling, hinting on the fact that this could be part of any particular office or establishment that respond to emergency situations. Some LEGO fans even suggest that it may even be a fire station of some sorts inside the winter village. The good thing though is that this year’s LEGO Winter Village D2C set is slated to be revealed on September 9, so we’ll keep our eyes and radars open for that. Be sure to stay tuned here in our blog site for more LEGO updates.

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