From the Rumor Mill: LEGO iCreate Jewelry/Accessory Line to Launch in 2019

Leave it to LEGO to find a way to expand your total brand experience with them far beyond what you might expect from toys. They’ve already made significant forays into the decorative market with their line of accessory items like minifigure keychains. But now they’re kicking things up a notch with a talked about comeback of the short-lived LEGO Clikits from 2004, now rehashed and rumored to be LEGO iCreate. Apparently LEGO is cooking up this new product line based on jewelry, of all things, that might appeal to girls who might already be into sets like that of LEGO Friends. As mentioned, this would be the second attempt by LEGO to introduce a jewelry/accessory line for the said demographic following the likes of LEGO Clikits.

LEGO iCreate
The LEGO Clikits Fun Friends Hair Bands (4876), one of the many accessory lines from 2004 that is rumored to have inspired a new line of similar sets to be called as LEGO iCreate.

According to some reports shared within the LEGO community, the LEGO iCreate line has for its primary products, accessory bands that can be customized with LEGO pieces. No minifigures or similar items were reported part of iCreate.

Other potential LEGO iCreate sets include jewelry boxes that need to be assembled, and can be customized by mixing and matching components from different sets. That particular element of “personalization” is said to be one of LEGO’s key selling points for the iCreate product range.

LEGO iCreate is reported to debut sometime in 2019. For the moment however, this information on a new product line is merely a rumor. We’ll have to wait until The LEGO Group itself makes an official statement later on.

2 thoughts on “From the Rumor Mill: LEGO iCreate Jewelry/Accessory Line to Launch in 2019”

  1. There’s already a LEGO Friends set out in this type of theme. The “Creative Rings” set (853780). Comes with four rings (two colors in two sizes) and a variety of components. It has a single knob to stack LEGO pieces on. It’s a nice variety of components.

    Looks like it, or something similar, will also be a gift with purchase in U.S. stores and on-line shop in September.

    1. Yes, you’re right, Marko. The LEGO Store Calendar for September already mentioned the LEGO Friendship Ring as a promotional that will run from September 1 to 20. Check out the calendar right here:

      Though it is mentioned specifically that it belongs to the Friends subtheme, it is most likely that the iCreate line will follow a similar look and design. It seems to me that LEGO is trying to revive its Clickits sets and frankly, I’m not quite sure if the iCreate sets will be warmly welcomed and sustained by LEGO fans. Will see in time.

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