Get Your Flashy Airline Safety Tips From The Quirky Cast Of The LEGO Movie 2

What do movie stars do in between film projects? Star in a flashy airline safety guidelines video, of course! Well, at least that’s what the stars of The LEGO Movie 2 did. Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks and several of their costars in The LEGO Movie and sequel reprise their characters for a quirky and fun aircraft safety video for Turkish Airlines that was recently uploaded online.

It’s also one cool way to hype up the still-in production The LEGO Movie 2 The Second Part over in the Middle East, and in one of its major countries to boot. For the benefit of Turkish Airlines’ international passengers, the safety video is in English (how else to hear the voice talent?), though the video could probably be subtitled when it is issued later on for their aircraft’s use.

In true LEGO Movie fashion, there are some cool visuals all around during the nearly four-minute safety video. It starts with a LEGO Turkish Airlines plane being assembled in the background while Emmet and Wyldstyle are introducing the whole video.

Of course, actual guidelines like luggage storage and seat-belts get interspersed with fun gags like “include shameless cameos in safety video”. Cue LEGO Batman (who discusses the “No Smoking” regulation). Then comes the “flight mode/switch-off” rule for all electronic devices. We also have Lloyd and Garmadon “demonstrating” the oxygen masks.

Finally, the latter part of the safety video consists of Unikitty singing the expected “airline safety video song that gets stuck in passengers’ heads”, with the likes of Alfred and Harley Quinn as backup dancers. After that, the LEGO DC Super Heroes pitch in for the emergency landing procedure portion.

And with the mandated “earnest closing remarks”, the LEGO Movie crew, plus others, gets to sit back and enjoy the flight. After all, it’s a party in the sky with Turkish Airlines, in cooperation with Warner Animation Group for The LEGO Movie 2, coming 2019.

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