WATCH: LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Fire Station (10263) Designer Video

Winter Village Fire Station (10263) Designer Video

Along with the early VIP-access of the LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City (75222) set slated for tomorrow, September 13, it will be joined by another direct-to-consumer set which is the LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Fire Station (10263) that I wrote about last week. This year’s winter village set features the classic fire station, with several mini-builds that perfectly conveys the holiday cheers. Behind the creation of this set is Lars Joe, one of the creative minds behind the LEGO Creator theme, and the LEGO Designer of the Winter Village Fire Station. He shares some of the things that he love about this new set, and the many cool features and details that go along with it. You can hear more from Lars in this LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Fire Station (10263) designer video. Watch this.

One of the things that I like about this set is the level of details that Lars gave to it. From the features of the fire station itself, even to the small details included with the minifigures such as the nice printed sweater for the baby minifig, and the new firefighter uniforms that closely resembles the classic policeman minifigure. There’s also the inclusion of a light brick that adds to the Christmas evening vibe, and the new botanical elements made from sustainable materials adorning the fire station’s facade. It may not be as big as a typical modular building, but it is by far the tallest among the Winter Village sets, and would stand out very well together with the rest of the sets included in the theme.

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The LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Fire Station (10263) comes in at 1,166 pieces and includes 6 minifigures: 3 firefighters with new classic firefighter uniforms, ice hockey player, musician with saxophone, and a girl with a scarf. It also includes a baby minifigure with a printed sweater, a Dalmatian, and a buildable snowman with a curved top hat. It is expected to retail for $99.99 USD and will be available for LEGO VIPs on September 13, and a general public release starting October 1. You may check out for other holiday-themed sets.

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