3 in 1 LEGO City Super Pack Found in UK Retailer Tesco

Tesco LEGO Super Pack

Every now and then, LEGO would go an extra mile (or set) for retailers by releasing “Super Pack” collections that bundle multiple sets into one. These sets usually belong to a common theme or line, with a little extra, and sold at a reasonable collective price. LEGO is no exception. One such deal is now available, particularly with the LEGO City Super Pack spotted in toy shelves of UK’s grocery-general merchandise retail chain Tesco. The LEGO City Super Pack carries with it the Monster Truck (60180) and Speed Record Car (60178). The third bundled set however is a delightful surprise.

Rounding out this LEGO City Super Pack 3-in-1 is the LEGO Classic Bricks on a Roll (10715), originally available via Wal-Mart as part of their celebration for LEGO’s 60th Anniversary. The bricks from 10715 might be good for building backgrounds for the accompanying LEGO City sets, which are vehicles, especially if they’re the only ones you’ve bought thus far.

Bundled together, the three sets of this LEGO City Super Pack at Tesco is priced at £40, though a quick calculation of the individual regular prices for each, total up to £42.97, meaning a savings of around 3 pounds.

If you’d rather look for the components of this LEGO City Super Pack as individual sets, then both LEGO City Monster Truck (60180) and Speed Record Car (60178) are still available online at Shop@Home, both in the UK and US.

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