LEGO Creator Tower Bridge (10214) Now On Sale at Walmart

LEGO Creator Tower Bridge (10214)

The LEGO sales at Walmart are starting to come out of the woodwork again, after some action in earlier parts of the year with the retail giant’s participation in LEGO’s 60th anniversary promotional events. While the last two we touched upon here were of the Star Wars line, this new one’s for a LEGO-original theme.

And if you think the previous Walmart sale of the LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder (75144) was “old” enough and somehow poised to be retired, then you might be surprise to know that the LEGO Creator Tower Bridge (10214) is still available. First released in 2010, this set’s about eight years old now, and can still be purchased at LEGO Stores both online and in-store.

But if you’re a LEGO fan with an architectural bent who would still hesitate at the Tower Bridge (10214) regular price of $239.99, then you might want to consider Walmart’s offer for the set, listed at $194.99, an 18% discount as of this posting.

LEGO Creator Tower Bridge (10214)

Once again, Walmart has made a great price cut for another LEGO set, this one in particular being one of the oldest still available on retail that has yet to be retired. The new price for the LEGO Creator Tower Bridge (10214) is a better value for a 4,287-piece structural construct with extra micro-build vehicles. However, if you’re planning to buy this set while minding your LEGO VIP points, then you just have to check LEGO Shop@Home and add this 4,00o-piece set to your shopping cart.

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