LEGO Forma Indiegogo Campaign is Almost Over

LEGO FORMA box art

Last month, LEGO wowed fans of the older spectrum that goes for big sets and the Technic line with a new theme. The ingeniously conceptualized LEGO Forma involves a stand and internal framework structure, over which goes a foil “skin” to create some truly artistic designs like some colorful fish.

What’s particularly notable about Forma was that LEGO debuted and promoted it on a crowdsourcing platform, namely Indiegogo. The idea behind this direction was that it could reasonably measure fan interest in LEGO Forma to see if consumers will be buying sets of the line for long after its release.

Of course, that was back in September. Crowdsourcing campaigns have a time limit, and that of LEGO Forma on Indiegogo is about to run down. There’s about half a month’s worth of days left, though there’s really no pressure left on the line. LEGO’s campaign goal after all has already been met a mind-blowing 1,107 percent with 5,539 perks claimed.

With the LEGO Forma campaign having two weeks remaining on crowdsourcing, only 600  and 300 Super Boxes are left to claim in the US and UK respectively. On the Super Box deal, interested LEGO fans can have the Forma Koi model (81000) plus three alternate skins, Shark (81001), Splash Koi (81002), and Ink Koi (81003). Forma on Indiegogo ends by November 6 and fans will get their sets delivered at the start of next year.

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