LEGO Worlds Free DLC Accidentally Put Behind Nintendo Switch Online Paywall

LEGO Worlds

Last month on September 18, the Online Service for Nintendo Switch was formally launched, after a dry run period of free use for owners of the popular hybrid gaming system. With the service officially online now, Switch users eventually need to pay a subscription fee to access their content. Unfortunately, certain game DLCs  or downloadable content that are supposed to be free have been put behind paywalls. As such, even DLCs that are offered free by Switch game developers have been affected. The Switch version of LEGO Worlds, a sandbox adventure game by WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales in the vein of their “mainstream” titles, already has some free DLC on offer. But the mandatory subscription requirement for Switch Online has locked it for gamers.

Paul Haan of LEGO news source Bricks to Life was the first to notice this, when the free-download DLC Showcase Collection Pack of LEGO Worlds was since barred to players unless they get a paid subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

WB Interactive confirmed the unavailability of the LEGO Worlds’ free DLC, describing it as an error that got caught up in the policy changes following the monetizing of online support for the Switch. The developers have contacted Nintendo about the situation, though they have given no updates on it since.

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