List of Character Cheat Codes Discovered (So Far) for “LEGO Disney Super-Villains”

Lego DC Villains Joker Face Cheat Screen

Have any of our LEGO-fan and gamer readers gotten their copies of LEGO DC Super-Villains yet? Are you enjoying your run as a DC baddie palling around with other big-name DC baddies? Then how about playing the game like a real villain by getting ahead of the storyline via cheats?

Days following its release, LDCSV now has quite the number of cheat codes discovered. These codes primarily consists of character unlocks for some of the many, many heroes and baddies included in the complete roster. That would be really helpful for unscrupulous power-gamers; but how do you enter cheats here?

Entering codes in the game isn’t even possible until the player completes the first storyline mission (where Joker flees by chopper). Upon getting to the “main hub” area, players should find a large Joker face in one corner. It can be interacted by pressing “Circle” (PS4) or “B” (Xbox One).

Here you can now enter specific alphanumeric codes that are spelled out in the Joker-face’s upper teeth. If you enter a legit code the associated character is unlocked…but not instantly. Some characters need to be used in their first story mission before becoming available; others need to be listed for purchasing by studs first (the cheat merely makes them “free” to buy once they’re put on the shop). Various gaming sites have listed these same codes and confirmed them viable.

  1. Adam Strange – QF7NT
  2. Atrocitus – 9RHJJ
  3. Black Canary – ND6AL
  4. Blue Beetle – 8VV5Q
  5. Clayface – YUCOP3
  6. Clock King – Z6AU7
  7. Detective Chimp – BQWSG
  8. Dex Starr – KFLQM
  9. Doctor Fate – KPTCC
  10. Dr Light – 6NWX5
  11. Doctor Poison – GWWBS
  12. Firestorm – HFMHM
  13. General Zod – D8577
  14. Green Lantern John Stewart – KNJ2P
  15. Harley Quinn – PLG1z
  16. Hawk Girl – LNSB9
  17. Jessica Cruz – S5DB6
  18. Lady Shiva – XQP2L
  19. Martian Manhunter – Y7MFR
  20. Monseiur Mallah – GM9MX
  21. Mr Mxyzptlk – NURPU
  22. Plastic Man – E6HUY
  23. Ravager – UVWHS
  24. Red Robin – JNLPY
  25. Red Tornado – CKDRF
  26. Star Sapphire – QD2GY
  27. Terra – F79GU
  28. The Trickster – YRZMS
  29. Toyman – VB5AS

Anyway, once a player has entered cheats on the Joker face at least once, then once they leave the hub they can automatically return there for more cheating by going to the “Extras” option in the Menu.

LEGO DC Super-Villains is now available in North America, with a worldwide release on the 19th, and has versions for the Sony PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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