One More Amazon Deal: LEGO Creator Winter Village Station (10259)

Winter Village Station (10259)

And once again, Amazon is out with the LEGO set love. They’re sharing it of course with their loyal customers, especially those hunting for priced-down LEGO. This week already had them offer discounted entries for the Ideas and Marvel product lines; now it’s for their seasonal Holiday-themed series on LEGO Creator, the Winter Village Station (10259).

Just to be specific, that’s not the Winter Village Fire Station (10263) set that came out this year. Instead, what Amazon has got on a huge discount sale is the Winter Village Station (10259). It came out last 2017 as a complement to the Winter Holiday Train (10254) that was released back in 2016.

From its SRP of $79.99, Amazon his helpfully bumping it down to $54.99, a lovely discount of 31% for a set that barely reaches a thousand pieces in quantity. If any collectors of the near-decade old Winter Village theme on LEGO Creator expert sets are behind in getting them all, you’ll surely be hard-pressed finding a value equal to this.

In the meantime, the Winter Village Fire Station (10263) is available now for $99.99 on Shop@Home and LEGO Brand Stores. It’s the ninth entry in the Winter Village theme, just as the Winter Village Station (10259) is the eighth overall.

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