The Next LEGO Ideas Set is About to be Revealed

Next LEGO Ideas Set

Just a short while ago, the LEGO Ideas blog site has been updated with a teaser about the upcoming reveal of the next LEGO Ideas set based on this year’s first LEGO Ideas Review. For 2018’s first wave of LEGO Ideas project qualifiers, we are very proud and excited to hear the results, since our Master Builder extraordinaire is one of the candidates whose project qualified. Tyler’s LEGO Ideas Stitch is a very feasible contender for this batch of qualifiers along with my other favorites, The Flintstones and Modular Arcade.

Check out the links below for the rest of the First 2018 LEGO Ideas qualifiers that are vying to be the next LEGO Ideas set.

The reveal will be announced over at YouTube and Facebook at exactly 10AM EST/4PM CEST of October 4. Be sure to turn on your notifications so you can be updated once the announcement goes live. What next LEGO Ideas set do you hope to see among these qualifiers? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

Embraer A-29 Super Tucano

5416948 01. Embraer A 29 Super Tucano Smoke Squadron aVkEACZ6R2wipA thumbnail full

SR-71A: The Final Flight

5416953 02. SR 71A The Final Flight fgPRtfEhJN Ywg thumbnail full


5416957 03. Treehouse I7VoDwhFj cK2g thumbnail full

Disney’s Stitch

5416962 04. Stitch aBFCnAA 4cKTaw thumbnail full

 Modular Arcade

5416968 05. Modular Arcade bQ0cZb7NoAIK5w thumbnail full

I am Amelia Earhart

5416972 06. I am Amelia Earhart rVTkX8G4px5MEg thumbnail full

Mystery Science Theater 3000

5416977 07. LEGO Mystery Science Theater 3000 Gz3XNX4wRAhjEA thumbnail full

Star Wars Acclamator-Class Assault Ship

5416982 08. Acclamator Class Assault Ship SGUNLhncu b6ig thumbnail full

The Flintstones

5416988 09. The Flintstones PvxXVazRvT1Fxg thumbnail full

The Vintage Motorcycle of BMW R60/2

5416992 10. The Vintage Motorcycle of BMW R60 2 ZlBNuxwMAX 53A thumbnail full

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