First Look at the LEGO Movie 2 Emmet’s Builder Box (70832) and Lucy’s Builder Box (70833)

LEGO Movie 2 Emmet’s Builder Box (70832)

After spotting the names of some new, and upcoming LEGO Movie 2 sets over at a Polish online retailer website, we now have a first look at two additional tie-in sets: the LEGO Movie 2 Emmet’s Builder Box (70832) and Lucy’s Builder Box (70833). These new sets were spotted over at eBay by Minifigure Price Guide, with both sets featuring a nifty toolbox design.

The LEGO Movie 2 Emmet’s Builder Box (70832) comes in at 125 pieces and allows you to create multiple minibuilds such as a facade of Emmet’s home, a bulldozer and a mini-version of Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech (70814) from the first LEGO Movie. The set also includes an Emmet minifigure and a Duplon figure made up of Duplo bricks.

Lucy’s Builder Box (70833) on the other hand features Lucy and Unikitty, and several mini builds as well. It includes a mini concert stage, a motorbike and ramp, and somewhat of a play area for Unikitty. This set comes in 141 pieces and as mentioned, includes a new Lucy minifigure and the usual brick-built figure of Unikitty.

Since these images have already popped-up on eBay and are now being sold over at the secondary market, we can somehow expect that other LEGO Movie 2 sets might already be out there particularly with other retailers. We can also expect that more info (and hopefully more official images) will come in towards the end of the year especially by January. LEGO has already revved up promotions with the reveal of additional characters like Rex Dangervest (voiced also by Chris Pratt) and the brick-built Watevra Wa’nabi (voiced by Tiffany Haddish). The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is slated to hit US theaters on February 8, 2019.



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