Asia-Exclusive LEGO Chinese New Year Sets To Be Released First in Malaysia

LEGO Chinese New Year Sets

We’re quite sure that if you’ve been following us here on The Brick Show then you know about the incredible market-exclusive sets that LEGO is releasing in China and the Asian region: two artistic renditions of the traditional Chinese New Year celebration. While no info was given on whether these LEGO Chinese New Year sets would reach the West, we have word on where in Asia it may arrive at the earliest time.

As it turns out, Malaysia will have the honor of being one of the earliest Asian countries to offer the LEGO regional sets Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner (80101) and Dragon Dance (80102). Malaysian LEGO shoppers can start looking for these on the first day of 2019 at LEGO certified stores and local retailer Box of Bricks, likely at Sunway Pyramid and The Gardens Mall.


Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner (80101) and Dragon Dance (80102) have gotten plenty of attention for being the first LEGO sets manufactured for sale exclusively in the Asia-Pacific, and primarily in the country whose customs it ingeniously depicted therein: China.

Dragon Dance (80102)

For Malaysia, these two seasonally themed LEGO sets will be priced at over 250 Ringgit. The buzz they’ve generated in LEGO news circles will ensure fans in that country will form long lines to acquire one or both sets. As this writer might be finding himself in Malaysia either in late January or early February, here’s hoping they don’t run out of these treasures just yet.

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