UK’s LEGO Shop@Home Offers LEGO City Adventures in the Arctic Bundle (5005749)

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Our regular readers here on The Brick Show who have been following the release of LEGO City sets throughout the year would remember the wave of sets that showed a rather un-city-like setting: the LEGO City Arctic subtheme. The awesome sets that showed high-tech vehicles traversing ice shelves and even digging up a frozen mammoth would fire up the imaginations of LEGO explorers. These LEGO City sets together would make for a sprawling brick-built base where one can imagine exploring the subzero cold regions of the uttermost north. And LEGO knows this too if their latest promotional package for Shop@Home UK with the LEGO City Adventures in the Arctic Bundle (5005749).

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Included in this bundle are five out of the seven Arctic explorer-themed LEGO City sets that were introduced this year. Furthermore, being sold as a bundle means it’s priced less than all five individual sets in total. The LEGO City sets in this bundle include the following:

Arctic Exploration Team (60191)

60191 alt1

Arctic Ice Crawler (60192)

60192 alt1

Arctic Air Transport (60193)

60193 alt1

Arctic Scout Truck (60194)

60194 alt1

Arctic Mobile Exploration Base (60195)

60195 alt1

What should’ve been £175.95 is now at a more manageable £130.95 for the LEGO City Adventures in the Arctic Bundle (5005749). And it also heralds a holiday wave of more multi-set LEGO bundles coming out this month. From what we can tell though, they’re only available only in Europe so far, and are also limited in stock so it will be wise to purchase this now, especially if these sets are included in your wishlist this holidays.

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