LEGO Pop-Up Stores Ending Operation Early January 2019

LEGO Pop-Up Stores

Last September, LEGO took a significant experimental step in bringing their products closer to customers. Why the company already has so many branded stores around the world, it feels it could do more to extend its reach. Thus were the first LEGO Pop-Up Stores opened that month, on trial basis.

If you recall photos of the Manchester, Connecticut LEGO Pop-Up Store we shared in the past, the entrance had a prominent sign counting down “112 Days Left to Shop Play”. After all, pop-up stores are temporary, and that sign means how long the Manchester store will stay open before closing.

Now, a LEGO Pop-Up Store employee going by maniac4bricks on Twitter and Instagram has revealed that by January 6, 2019 all currently open LEGO Pop-Up Stores will be closing up shop. His revelation on social media was, in his own words, done with permission from his store manager, making it authentic as any announcement could be.

LEGO Pop-Up Stores were different from the full-blown branded outlets by being of course smaller, the absence of Pick-a-Brick walls and Build-a-Mini stations, along with no mini-build activities. Apparently not being a full store has dampened customer enthusiasm where these pop-up shops opened up before.

LEGO Pop-Up Stores

With just over a month left before the LEGO Pop-Up Stores close they are, according to maniac4bricks, looking for final feedback on how best these temporary outlets served customers. Furthermore, with the clock running out, one last big call for shoppers to drop in on these pop-ups has been called.

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