The LEGO Movie 2 Magazine To Be Released Next Week – Comes With An Exclusive Emmet Minifigure

The LEGO Movie 2 Magazine

Media Lab Books is set to release a promotional magazine tied up to The LEGO Movie 2. If you recall earlier last year, Media Lab Books was also the distributor of the Newsweek Special Edition, LEGO – The Toy That Changed Our Lives which was a hit among older LEGO fans since the limited-edition Newsweek magazine also celebrates the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick. This time around, the publishing company celebrates the brick once more with its special issue of the LEGO Movie 2 Magazine which is due to be out on January 22.

Media Lab Book’s first LEGO Movie 2 Magazine comes with two new posters and an exclusive LEGO Movie 2 Emmet minifigure with a special set of minifigure accessories. I know that some of you might already feel that all of these LEGO Movie 2 promotions have been suffering from an oversaturation of sorts from all the free Emmet minifigures out there. But since its free, I have no real complaints about it.  At least this freebie from Media Lab Books allows us to have additional LEGO pieces in the form of minifigure accessories. In case you want to grab a copy, the LEGO Movie 2 Magazine is now available for pre-order online, retailing for $10.99.


The adventure continues! In The LEGO 2 Movie (releasing on February 8th, 2019 and featuring Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Charlie Day and Will Arnett), the young readers meet the famous heroes of the first LEGO Movie–such as Emmet, Batman and Lucy. In each issue, three funny comics, two cool posters and exciting puzzles await the fans of the old and new characters. Each edition comes with an original limited edition LEGO Movie 2 Minifigure with accessories.

I suspect that this is not the only LEGO Movie 2 Magazine that we can expect from Media Lab Books. It is rumored that another issue is set to be released next month featuring Rex Dangervest as the minifigure freebie. If that is the case, then this might prove to be more popular since we don’t get too much of Rex as a free minifigure. As of to date, we only have one polybag dedicated to him,  and a Vest Friends LEGO Movie 2 Activity Book from Ameet Studio that comes with an exclusive Rex minifigure and a blaster accessory.

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2 thoughts on “The LEGO Movie 2 Magazine To Be Released Next Week – Comes With An Exclusive Emmet Minifigure”

    1. Its kind of exclusive because this version of Emmet comes with certain minifig accessories not found in any other set where Emmet is found. But frankly, I feel that Emmet is kind of overexposed already within the LEGO Movie 2 theme, so I guess I’ll be waiting for Rex instead.

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