Amazon Italy Does Unplanned Reveal of LEGO Star Wars Set – “Duel on Starkiller Base” (75236)

lego 75236 banner

When Disney and Lucasfilm released “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” way back in 2015, it signaled to all fans of the space opera franchise set in the Galaxy Far, Far Away that the grand saga was really back on the big screen.

Many were intrigued and hyped when they saw what appeared to be a duel between First Order Trooper Finn and the constantly angry Kylo Ren from the trailers, only to be surprised when it was actually Rey who carried the day in that fight. This particular encounter on snow-covered Starkiller Base is being immortalized in a new, recently leaked, LEGO Star Wars set.

For a brief moment, before they quickly closed it down, Amazon Italy showed a listing for the already-announced LEGO Star Wars “Duel on Starkiller Base” action set 75236. It’s perhaps one of the most busy and mechanically ingenious sets to come out of that line.

The one photo that got out from the early reveal showed minifigure Kylo Ren facing off against Rey in the snowy forest terrain of the planet converted by the First Order into Starkiller Base. Both have lightsabers in hand (plus an optional stud-launching blaster). But the kicker is that their battleground is remarkably interactive.


As seen above courtesy of “Star Wars” news site Rebelscum, Kylo and Ren are standing on two terrain platforms. They are connected to each other by a hinge. Also, one of the tree props can collapse. All these depict the ongoing collapse of the planet following the Resistance airstrike on Starkiller Base, with the combatants trying to kill each other and have time to escape.

The LEGO Star Wars Duel on Starkiller Base (75236) has been stated on the brief Amazon listing to have 191 parts, and likely to be priced at $19.99 when it is released on April 1. Hopefully that date doesn’t have the expected connotations where this action set is concerned. It’s a nice present while waiting for December and “Episode IX.”

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