LEGO BrickHeadz 2019 Seasonal Easter Chick (40350) Available Now; Also Spotted at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Berlin


One great thing about LEGO is that sometimes, they don’t let fans wait too long for some upcoming great release. When we first showed the official images of the LEGO BrickHeadz Seasonal Easter Chick set (40350) last January, we expected it to arrive, if early, at the end of February.

Well it didn’t release at the end of last month, but this past weekend’s still very much ahead of the Easter season. That was when LEGO finally made the LEGO BrickHeadz Easter Chick (40350) finally available for interested figure collectors.

As is the norm with the BrickHeadz line, the set contains some quirky LEGO elements and pieces that are used to form plants on the figure’s surroundings. The cool part was how these pieces were repurposed, like the “faceless” minifigure heads serving as the flowers’ pistils. LEGO BrickHeadz sets are great sources of pieces for making model plants and flowers.

The seasonal Easter Chick set (40350) is priced at $9.99 and is available at both stores and Shop@Home online. Interestingly, while it hasn’t been listed at the German Shop@Home, BrickHeadz 40350 has already been spotted on shelves at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Sony Center, Berlin. According to German LEGO news source Promo Bricks, it’s priced at €9.99, similar to the US despite value discrepancies.

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